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Earrings with Lucia & Baby

mother and daughter earring photoshootYou are invited to join us for an exclusive, behind-the-scenes look at our latest Satin Crystals Earrings Photoshoot with Lucia and her adorable baby.

Who said mothers can't do it all? Our radiant mother Lucia manages her baby duties with her modeling ones!

Click to watch the video below:

You may have seen Lucia in our previous photoshoots and her pictures popping up on our website. She is a Satin Crystals enthusiast, full of positive energy and a loving spirit.

She stopped by to help us out for an hour although she had to rush back home to pack and get ready to haul two small children to her home country of Slovakia. Thanks Lucia! 

Lucia & Baby, 4 Years Later

The above photoshoot was created in 2019. Four years later, Lucia is still one of our top models. Not only does she juggle two small kids but she includes them in her work. We once again honor Lucia's dedication by featuring her latest photos on Mother's Day.

Here you see Lucia and her daughter modeling together. Now this is a mother-daughter duo with class and crystal style!

mother and daughter in crystal jewelry

More for Mothers

What crystals do mothers love to wear? We have hundreds of styles to choose from because each person is unique. 

Discover fun gifting ideas: 

Disclaimer: The metaphysical information provided is for entertainment only.

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