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Your Crystal Horoscope for June 2022

word June over ruby stoneThis June, you're all about the Moons. The Full Moon and New Moon have a secret to share... find out more if you dare.

You'll be ecstatic to know that Mercury leaves retrograde. He gave you a hard time last month, and he wants to make it up by fast-tracking your finances. Catch it while you can. 

While Venus tangos with Uranus, your love life sparks with dramatics. Is it new love, old lovers, or social circles that dominate your stars? Not a dull moment for you this month.

All zodiac signs benefit from Royal Ruby throughout June. Ruby is a high-vibrating crystal for intense and elite souls like you. Embrace all the ups and downs with Ruby gems and jewelry at your heart.

Read your horoscope now to find out what's in the stars for you. How can you get your crystal horoscope delivered to your email every month? By joining the Satin Crystals VIP Club and never missing out again. 

Crystal Horoscope by Zodiac Sign  

Aries Zodiac Sign

Aries Monthly Horoscope

March 21 - April 19

There's a lesson hidden in the stars for you this month. After Mercury ends retrograde on June 3rd, he enters your Communication Sector for the next 10 days. Venus then follows on the 22nd. These planets will give Aries the skills to be an excellent teacher and student.

What kind of wisdom can you offer the world? What kind of information do you seek? Your lessons may have a philosophical theme because the June 14th New Moon lands in your House of Spirituality.

Ruby Kyanite is the perfect crystal for Aries in June. Kyanite opens your communication center and your Third Eye. Ruby gives you a rush of ideas and the energy to connect with others. Keep Ruby Kyanite near your upper chakras and transform into a master mentor.

When Venus enters Gemini, you are reminded that your thoughts create your reality. If you share your feelings deeply with your partner, you will find a deep bond. Ruby Kyanite helps you do so.

A New Moon in your Domestic Chart on June 28th means your family life shall flourish. Pay attention to the ones you love and you will be rewarded with unmatched happiness. Place a Ruby Kyanite crystal in the center of the home to keep harmony.

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Taurus Zodiac Sign

Taurus Monthly Horoscope

April 20 - May 20

After a rocky month, stability is back in your stars. As Mercury retrograde comes to an end, you gain a grip on your thoughts, choices, and finances.

Mercury enters your House of Money on June 13th and the next day a Full Moon follows. You're going to feel large-and-in-charge of your budget. You'll have a keen eye for investments and business matters and a new confidence in finances.

With Venus joining the team on June 22nd, you can profit if your play your cards right.

A Ruby Fuchsite ball is exactly what you need for maximum financial benefit this month. Pick Ruby Fuchsite spheres for rolling abundance. Ruby is the royal gemstone of wealth while green Fuchsite rakes in prosperity. Place that ball in your business and money area and let the good times flow.

Excellent news awaits in your Love Charts as well. With Venus hooking up with Uranus on June 11th in Taurus, sparks fly. Your romantic life goes bonkers. Your Ruby crystal ball stimulates romance and physical passion. Place it in the bedroom for out-of-this-world experiences with your lover.

Recommended for Taurus this Month: 


 Gemini Zodiac Sign

Gemini Monthly Horoscope

May 21 - June 20

As Mercury snaps out of retrograde early this month, you have a sudden realization about your love life. Something has been stopping you from reaching your full potential; the answer will dawn on you. With inner reflection and crystal healing, you can heal and pursue better relationships from June 13th forward. That's a big step!

Major manifestations require the help of crystals. Gemini needs all the Red Ruby stones and jewels they can get a hold of!

Red Ruby is an intense healer of the Root chakra and Heart chakra. It is a royal love gemstone. Wear Ruby jewelry to get to the heart of the issue and become a better partner. Use Ruby crystals during your healing sessions, meditations, and affirmations to improve your love life with precision and speed.

When the Full Moon hits your Partnership Chart on June 14th, you will be able to form a deep connection with someone important. Unless, of course, you didn't change your habits. Don't fall back into the same old patterns of destruction.

Venus will enter your sign on June 22nd to give you a helping hand. Be sure to charge your Ruby stones and jewelry under the Full Moon so you can be a winner in love. Say goodbye to the past and say hello to the new royal you with Ruby. 

Recommended for Gemini this Month:



Cancer Zodiac Sign

Cancer Monthly Horoscope

June 21 - July 22

You are just plain old tired of all the work and stress of everyday life. This June, Cancer must prioritize self-care! You may wish to be superhuman but that doesn't mean you can carry the whole world on your shoulders. The Full Moon of June 14th makes it abundantly clear that you have been doing too much and you need a vacation. If you heed the advice of the cosmos, you'll feel better in no time!

Make it about you, Cancer! Treat yourself to Ruby jewelry in June. Ruby is the stone for royal kings and queens. It's time for you to know your worth. Ruby jewelry restores your depleted energy while lavishing your outer beauty. You deserve to feel pretty.

When the New Moon in Cancer comes on June 28th, you'll feel another fresh burst of energy. This event brings opportunity and fresh starts. A new love connection could happen on June 11th when Venus meets Uranus. Momentum accelerates through June. Charge your Ruby jewelry under the Full and New Moons to infuse them with a love energy that breaks the norm. Expect some magic and enjoy it too!

Recommended for Cancer this Month: 


    Leo Zodiac Sign

    Leo Monthly Horoscope

    July 23 - Aug. 22

    Does your love life become a soap opera in June? This could be the case when the Full Moon of June 14th highlights your Love Charts and reveals several issues gone awry. Some Leos will find crisis and chaos in their stars while others will find a love connection greater than ever before.

    Do you want to be a Leo lucky in love rather than lonely and loveless? Ruby Fuchsite is the crystal for you this month. Royal Ruby opens you to the greatest love in history while green Fuchsite excites the Heart chakra. You want romance and passion. Leo should work with Ruby Fuchsite stones for phenomenal results.

    Leo will have a busy social life when Venus enters your Friendship Sector on June 22nd. You love being the center of attention.

    Venus and Uranus deliver good vibes on the 11th when they bless your House of Careers. Expect an opportunity to knock. Keep the positive luck going with Ruby Fuchsite in the home and office. Not only is it a stone of love and connection, but Ruby Fuchsite will rake in the prosperity you deserve!

    Recommended for Leo this Month: 


    Virgo Zodiac Sign

    Virgo Monthly Horoscope

    Aug. 23 - Sept. 22

    Yay for Virgo! Your work-life gets a boost this month. Mercury returns course on June 3rd and invigorates your House of Careers on the 13th. You'll have a surge of ideas and the confidence to convey them. Clients and colleagues will be impressed with your talent, especially around June 22nd when Venus joins your team.

    Virgo connects best to business success by placing a Ruby Fuchsite egg in the workplace. The Royal Ruby will have you standing out like an elite, highlighting your skills for all to see. Eggs help you hatch new ideas and start lucrative projects.

    In your home life, unexpected news could drop during the June 14th Full Moon. You might need the help of friends and family to get through an issue. Or it might be that you start a home repair project, engage in relocation, or are in a spat with the neighbor. Keep your Ruby crystal egg in the home to keep cool and comfortable, like a chick in a cozy nest.

    The New Moon of June 28th brings in a flood of social activity. You might see a thriving friendship, bustling love life, or both! 

    Recommended for Virgo this Month:



    Libra Zodiac Sign

    Libra Monthly Horoscope

    Sept. 23 - Oct. 22

    You're in the money, Libra! With Venus and Uranus joining forces in your House of Cash, you are in for lucky prosperity. You could be the benefactor of an inheritance, the winner of wise investments, and the receiver of financial credits.

    Relish this rich luck by wearing Ruby Zoisite jewelry. Dark green Zoisite attracts money to your realm while royal red Ruby jettisons you to noble status. Ruby Zoisite bracelets bring success through your actions, necklaces enrich you through personal connections, and earrings bring you million-dollar ideas!

    With Venus blessing your Education Sector on June 22nd, you may find a love interest that is intellectually captivating. Those in relationships can embark on a soul-stirring adventure together, such as exotic travels or a new hobby. Single Libras can find the lucky one. Wear your Ruby Zoisite jewelry to keep the green Heart chakra open and the red Root chakra in a state of passion.

    June 28th's New Moon activates your Work Chart. Something good is happening in your career, a new opportunity that you can't miss. Let your wise Ruby Zoisite lead you to the top.

    Recommended for Libra this Month:



    Scorpio Zodiac Sign

    Scorpio Monthly Horoscope

    Oct. 23 - Nov. 21

    This month could be an emotional rollercoaster for Scorpio. With Venus and Uranus doing the tango in your Love Charts on June 11th, you'll be floating on Cloud 9.

    Then, when Saturn comes crashing in, something will bring you down again. The fun feeling turns serious. 

    It is wise for Scorpio to wear a Ruby Zoisite bracelet that brings balance to the game of love. Ruby will keep you passionate while grounding you at the Root chakra. Zoisite will keep you loving while lifting you at the Heart chakra. Wear the bracelet to attract a lover that will complement your soul.

    On the bright side, your financial fortune is thriving. The June 14th Full Moon ushers in monetary stability. You'll find that your talents and skills are paying off in the workplace and through other special projects. You're getting paid for your creativity. Let your royal ideas flow into action through the Ruby Zoisite bracelet on your hand.

    When Venus joins your Income Sector on the 22nd, a large financial reward can be yours! It could be a direct payment through a lucrative contract or an indirect win such as a loved one getting promoted. Wear your Ruby Zoisite bracelet throughout the month to maximize profits and elevate your class.

    Recommended for Scorpio this Month:



    Sagittarius Zodiac Sign

    Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope

    Nov. 22 - Dec. 21

    Love is a central theme for Sagittarius this month. With the Full Moon of June 14th landing on your Relationship Sector, emotions are running high. There's a blockage of energy that you need to discuss with your partner- or something you have to deal with yourself if you're single. It is time to decide if this relationship is worth it. If it is, then things will pick up by June 22nd when Venus brings her healing heart to your scene.

    It may be a heavy time for Sagittarius. You'll get through faster with the help of rough Ruby stones. Raw Ruby will uplift you and heal you when your emotions are running raw. It is a gemstone of divine status that helps you attract the love you deserve.

    The New Moon of the 28th aligns with your Income Chart. You might hear good news regarding a contract or bid. A direct monetary gift may be in your stars. To maximize your wealth, keep real Ruby gemstones in your pocket, purse, money area, and financial corner. It's no coincidence that Ruby is the stone for the rich and noble. Now it's your turn to prosper! 

    Recommended for Sagittarius this Month: 


    Capricorn Zodiac Sign

    Capricorn Monthly Horoscope

    Dec. 22 - Jan. 19

    Sparks are flying in Capricorn's heart. Remember to look before you leap. With Venus and Uranus forming a magical bond on June 11th in your House of Love, you might feel like overhauling your entire relationship status. It is truly exciting!

    However, decisions should be made when you're feeling calm and logical rather than hyped up on emotion. If you do make a rash decision in your relationship, you may regret it when Saturn faces Venus on the 18th. Hold off until the end of the month. The New Moon of the 28th is a better time to see clearly and make big changes in love.

    Your heart is jumping but you also need to remain grounded. Ruby polished stones will help to balance your love life during this turbulent time. Ruby stones give you weighty grounding earth energy to keep you anchored. Make the right choices with Ruby love crystals guiding you in June. Place them in the bedroom for the best effect.

    The Full Moon of June 14th is a time for introspection. Landing in your Spiritual Sector, you are meant to reflect upon your present situation. The theme of your thoughts should be based on acceptance and peace. Use your Ruby polished stones to lift you to a higher status in your spiritual meditations and contemplations.  

    Recommended for Capricorn this Month:



    Aquarius Zodiac Sign

    Aquarius Monthly Horoscope

    Jan. 20 - Feb. 18 

    Sometimes you experience heartbreak through the loss of friendships. This could happen to Aquarius in June. The Full Moon of June 14th exposes your Friendship Chart and you drift apart from a pal or two. It could be sad to let go but it's also a part of life. To help you overcome the feeling of loss, wear a Ruby pendant on a chain that lands near your Heart chakra. Ruby is a high heart healer that will help you manifest new relationships that match your energy.

    Your love life fairs better with Venus making a grand appearance in your House of Romance on June 22nd. She opens the door to new love, exciting experiences, and sweet satisfaction. You'll feel the birds and bees fluttering around your aura. Be sure to wear your Ruby pendants to attract the noblest royal lovers. You won't settle for anything less!

    The New Moon of June 28th is a good time to do something different work-wise. Are you looking for a new job or position? The stars are with you. Go for it!

    Recommended for Aquarius this Month:



    Pisces Zodiac Sign

    Pisces Monthly Horoscope

    Feb. 19 - March 20

    You're ready to move up and ahead in your career. With the Full Moon of June 14th on your side, now's the perfect time to set the gears in motion. Keep your eyes open for a path that emerges in your workplace. You might feel like changing jobs or taking steps to enhance your success. You want to be fully satisfied with what you do. It's in your purpose.

    Ruby crystals greatly benefit Pisces this month. Ruby pummels you to a new status and higher position, it is a stone of royalty after all. Surround yourself in elite Ruby gemstones and soon enough elite opportunities will appear. You're ready to step into a premier lifestyle.

    The New Moon of June 28th accentuates your House of Love. Single Pisces can attract great partners. Committed Pisces will see an expansion in the family. Good times can be yours.

    Place Ruby crystals under the New Moonlight to charge them with love. Then place them in the bedroom for romance and around the home for happy vibes. 

    Recommended for Pisces this Month:



    How's Your Year Going?

    What kind of crystal healing rituals have you done this year? What kinds of successes have you experienced? How did you match healing stones with your astrological signs?

    We love to hear about all of your experiences. Feel free to comment below on this blog.

    Disclaimer: The metaphysical information provided is for entertainment only. See full disclosure.

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