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How to Use Happiness Crystals for Confidence

happiness crystalsHave you ever mentally spiraled into an abyss over one negative comment? Do things start to go wrong after just one annoying thought? Prevent falling into the endless pit of doom by using happiness crystals.

Keep your energies floating in an uplifted cloud with healing crystals that promote a happy atmosphere. Don't risk slipping into the rabbit hole of misfortune. When you choose to keep happiness crystals vibrating in your aura, you start to experience the positive side of life.

With happiness in yourself and others comes confidence. Nourish your self-esteem and see your talents shine! Choose your Happiness Crystals and begin your path of joyous discover. 

Crystals for Self-Esteem

You probably know the saying: "Nobody can make you happy except yourself". So we shall start here.

Think of all of the things that make you happy. Think of all the positive things you do have in your life. Your situation can be a thousand times worse. Just watch the news or read a story about the less fortunate and you will realize how lucky you are. 

These crystals help you see that you already have a lot to be happy about:

citrine for self confidence

Citrine: The golden halo of the Quartz family, Citrine is a stone of self-confidence. It builds you up so that you can be proud of yourself, both physically and spiritually. This healing crystal helps to balance your emotions so that you can resolutely get through obstacles. It is a pillar of strength when you are feeling doubtful, shy, or self-deprecating. 

sunstone crystals for confidence and happiness

Sunstone: As its name suggests, Sunstone is a bright and happy crystal. It wakes up your cells and excites your aura. Rather than falling victim to the drama in your head, Sunstone helps you see that the world is not against you. By not worrying what others are thinking, Sunstone helps you reveal your sunny inner smile. 

jasper for happiness
Red Jasper: Bright and bold, you never see the color red associated with "shrinking violets". This crystal is all about activating your dynamic personality. You don't have to be loud or extroverted, but as long as you feel full of happiness and zest for life, Red Jasper has done its job. 

How to use Crystals for Confidence
  • Wear them as jewelry

  • Hold them when you feel a downward spiral coming on

  • Lie with them on your Solar Plexus chakra to calm your emotional center 

Crystals for Happy Relationships

Whether you are dating, best friends or part of a married couple, happiness can come and go through your relationship. Through the good times and the bad times, you want to remember the reason you chose to be with your partner. 

Here are some crystals that can strengthen your bonds and relationship happiness:

rhyolite crystals for happinessRhyolite: Instead of trying to change the other person, Rhyolite is a stone that focuses your thoughts on your powers. This stone shows you that every relationship is unique and you need to adapt and flow with the changes so that you can find eternal happiness with your partner. 

emerald for happinessEmerald Also known as the stone of domestic bliss, Emeralds are all about soothing the tensions in your relationships. Disagreements, annoyances, and frustrations come up, but keep them small and let them pass with the help of this healing stone. Instead of holding grudges and unwanted negativity, Emerald helps you realize that what you have is a pot of gold; you don't want to lose it. 

moss agate for happinessMoss Agate: Like network of green roots within Moss Agate, this crystal helps you focus on connections with your partner. You want to keep the bonds strong, while not becoming co-dependent. Moss Agate energizes each person's life energies independently before bringing them together in a web of happiness. 

How to use Crystals for Happy Friendships & Relationships
  • You and your partner can wear or carry the same stone to match vibrations

  • If your partner is not a believer, carry or wear the stones yourself. Focus on your attitude of compromise and acceptance

  • You and your partner can place the same stone on each of your bed stands at night to align frequencies and remain connected, even if you are not together physically.

Crystals for a Happy Home

You can feel when your space if getting stale. Lift up the droopy energy in your home with happiness crystals. Fill it with joyous spirit, positive encounters, cozy nights and peaceful vibes. 

Here are a few crystals to bring happy energy into your home:

chrysanthemum stone for happy homesChrysanthemum Stone boasts flowery patterns that bring you a burst of love, joy, and abundance. These are all valuable energies for your home. This healing stone also helps you overcome obstacles to your happiness. Have a pesky neighbor? Noisy children in the street? Troublemakers in the neighborhood? Let Chrysanthemum Stone melt these annoyances into the background so that you can focus your happiness within your home. 

calcite for happiness in the home
Yellow Calcite is a cheery gemstone. It can't help but light up the warmth in your hearth and home. As guests arrive, they notice this happy crystal putting a smile on their faces. Coming home from a long day at work? Getting back after an arduous international travel? Family coming in for the holidays? Let Yellow Calcite pick up the mood in your house with its uplifting energies. 


tigers eye for a happy home
Golden Tigers Eye grounds the energy of your home and radiates it out in a glorious light. This stone focuses on bringing down the anxious tensions in your space. Is there a frantic air, a tense atmosphere or a frenzied feeling in your home? Calm it down with Golden Tigers Eye. This healing stone balances the Solar Plexus chakra and restores peace and happiness throughout your house. 

How to use Crystals for a Happy Home
  • Place stones in a bowl for people to touch

  • Place carvings and figurines and large clusters for display in the home

  • Hang happy crystals like pendulums and amulets in the window sills

  • Place raw and tumbled stones in your planters

  • Place crystals in each corner of the house programmed for your happy intentions

Your Journey to Confidence

Ready to begin the journey to confidence? Shop the Happiness Crystals Collection or find your favorite stones right here:  

How happy can you be?

Have you used any of the happiness crystals we mentioned above? If you have any questions, stories or comments, contact us through the form below. We are happy to hear from you. 

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Disclaimer: Crystal healing information is for fun and entertainment only. It is not a replacement for medical treatments.