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Labradorite Polished Stone 11 Golden Rainbow Potato Chip Fine Cut Translucent Crystal 2.4"

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  • Measures: 2.4"x1.2"x0.2"
  • Weighs: 0.75oz
  • Labradorite deflects unwanted energies. It helps generate motivation and enhances the rainbows of your personality. An excellent tool for those practicing metaphysics and the supernatural.
  • Your crystal is made from pure labradorite of Madagascar. This incredible piece has a thin and fine potato chip cut, with sleek curves. The thing and attractive slice boasts incredible rainbows. When held to the light, you will notice that it is semi translucent. Natural lines and veins are present as Mother Earth has intended. One of a kind treasure, hand picked by Satin Crystals to you. Receive the exact one featured when you order from Satin Crystals.
  • Includes: Gift box when purchased from Satin Crystals