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Earrings Guide

Earrings Guide - Sizing and Types - Satin Crystals Jewelry Boutique

Balance your yin and yang energies, the left and right sides of your brain, the duality of life with fresh crystal healing earrings. Besides their healing energies, genuine gemstone earrings provide an added adornment to the place where people will be admiring you the most: your face! Shop for dangle, stud and hoop earrings at the Satin Crystals boutique. Find a generous flow of unique designs, natural stones and a myriad of colors for yourself and your friends from in our earring collection.  

Measuring your earrings

Here at Satin Crystals, we provide you with the total length of an earring, top to bottom, unless otherwise stated. 

Earrings Guide - Sizing and Types - Satin Crystals Jewelry Boutique

Learn about earring styles

  • Animal EarringsCarved stone animals and animal charms hang from your new crystal healing earrings. Balance your energies with your spirit animals and keep these adorable critters at the forefront of your day.
  • Cage Earrings: Cage earrings keep your natural stones secured but visible.
  • Dangle EarringsDangle earrings provide a balanced crystal healing energy for your aura. These earrings are designed to flow down from the bottom of the earlobe and can range in size from a small bead to a long flowing chain dangling beyond the shoulders. Dangle earrings hang from french hooks, closed kidney wires and even posts. Match your new beaded dangle earrings with similar stretch bracelets.
  • Feather Earrings: Let the energies flow free with your new feather earrings. Choose from feather earrings adorned with natural stone beads for jewelry with a wild flair.
  • Heart EarringsThe ultimate symbol of love, wear and gift heart earrings for uplifting feelings of joy, friendship and harmony.
  • Hoop EarringsNatural stone hoop earrings combine bold fashion with crystal healing energies. Hoops earrings are circular or semi-circular designs adorned with natural stones and may hang from ear lobe from french hooks or posts. Pair you new hoop earrings with bold gemstone cuff bracelets.
  • Long EarringsAt Satin Crystals, our long earrings measure over 3 inches long. Long earrings provide a sophisticated look. They are especially dramatic set against a background of flowing long hair. Choose from long earrings created with varying crystal healing stones.
  • Spiritual Earrings: Spiritual earrings feature a symbol from the metaphysical world, may it be a revered Deity, a lightworkers Cross or a beloved Angel. 
  • Star EarringsShine as bright as your favorite star in the sky. Choose to wear earrings with star stones and star charms.
  • Stud EarringsKeep the crystal healing energies close to your skin with natural stone stud earrings. Stud earrings appear to float on the earlobe as the post is hidden behind the ear. Because stud earrings are usually small, they are perfect to pair with bold statement necklaces.

Are gemstone earrings heavy or light?

Good question! A lot of gemstones do have a bit of weight to them compared to plastic beads. However, not all. Jet stone and Amber are two examples of extremely lightweight gemstones.

If you are sensitive to the weight of your jewelry, I'd stick with small and lightweight stones (contact us if you're not sure about the average weight of the crystal you are eyeing).

If you are used to wearing earrings regularly, you should not have a problem with the weight. All of our earrings are tested by Sheila Satin the designer and our earring models, so they are comfortable for wear.

Some will be more comfortable to wear long term than others. Larger hoop earrings or extra long earrings may get in your way after a while if you are doing a lot of movement. Some heavier stone earrings like Pyrite may creep up on you after a few hours. 

Because earring weight is a relative term, contact us and we are happy to advise you on a case by case situation.