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How to use Crystal Balls for Gazing

sheila of satin crystals ball gazing into a clear white calcite stone sphere

Have you heard of Crystal Ball gazing?

Spiritual leaders have crystal ball gazed throughout the centuries as a means to enter a meditative state. When you are in a trance, you can channel visions and messages from the higher spirit. The act of gazing into a translucent or reflective surface is called scrying.

Scrying is possible with many different types of stones and surface types. Nostradamus used a big fancy Obsidian mirror for his predictive fortune telling work.

If you are a beginner, start with clear stones like Quartz or Smoky Quartz. A Quartz crystal ball makes a great tool because it allows you to look deep into its layers of natural inclusions. You can then experiment with different stone spheres to find what works best for you.

Read on to discover how to use crystal balls for gazing. If you want to know what else you can do with your natural crystal healing spheres, visit our extensive article on How to use a Crystal Ball.

Watch the Crystal Ball Video

In this video on How to use Crystal Balls, Lisa Satin explains how to use natural stone spheres in your healing practice.

Basic steps for Crystal Ball Gazing

1. Clean and charge your crystal ball before beginning. This clears your sphere of pre-existing visions and memories that it picked up from people who have handled it before. Do the cleaning and charging at least 24 hours before your session.

2.  Although it can be done anywhere, find a clear and positive quiet space if possible. Cleanse the space with sage or incense. Form a protective grid of crystals around the room, and send out the intention that you are only inviting positive energies to participate in your activity.

3.  Hold the ball in the center of both palms, as your hand cradles the stone. If you are using a large sphere, you can place it on a stand on the table in front of you. Making contact with the sphere allows you to connect with its energies, so it is still recommended that you place both hands on the sphere.

4.  Breath deeply in and out 3 times, and say the word "relax" to yourself with each breath out.  

5. Continue breathing intentionally with your awareness on your breath, and allow thoughts to subside into the background of your mind.

6. Make and hold a gaze with your crystal ball.  Keep the gaze for several minutes.

7. Allow visions and messages to enter your head.  Do not force thoughts onto the ball, rather be the receiver. You may see actual shapes and forms within the quartz inclusions, or images may pop up in your mind. Some people hear or even read messages from the Higher Spirit. This can be done for several minutes or even hours depending on your mental state and expertise level.

8. Once your scrying is complete, thank the higher energies for their wisdom and communication.  

9. Take three deep breaths and say the word "awake" to yourself with each exhale.

10. Emerge from the trance. Allow a few minutes to realign your energies back to this reality with a quiet reflection of your experiences and holding your favorite grounding stones like Moqui Marbles and drinking water.

Guided Crystal Ball Gazing Video

Need a jumpstart in your crystal ball gazing practice? We have recorded a Crystal Ball gazing session for your convenience. Listen and follow along...

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