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How to Use a Crystal Ball

sheila of satin crystals holding a pink rose quartz ball for healing

Crystal Balls are quite alluring with their perfect shapes and their powerful energies. But how do you use crystal balls? What do stone spheres do?

Here we will reveal how you can use these natural  spheres both Metaphysically and in Everyday Life. 

What does a crystal ball represent?

The crystal ball represents the most perfect shape in the Universe because it is equal on all sides. When using natural healing stones as crystal balls, this allows the energies emit equally through the whole ball. Whereas if you are using a pointed crystal, the energy may just direct through the tip.  

Who uses crystal balls?

From our ancestors of the ancient past to the modern healers, all kinds of people have used and still use crystal balls. Here is an interesting read about the history of the crystal ball through the ages. 

Throughout history the crystal ball has been used for gazing, prophecy, scrying, fortune telling, and status.

The crystal ball has made such a lasting impact on the world that it is now even an emoji on the smartphone. If you use this emoji, can you say you've used a crystal ball?

Lisa's Personal Experience with Crystal Balls

Crystal balls are my favorite! If I could open up a crystal museum, it would feature a crystal ball of every variety I could get my hands on, displayed regally. Imagine all the colors and healing benefits that would be energizing that amazing room!

Why do I love crystal balls, and why are they my all-time favorite shaped stone? Crystal balls are perfection. They are equally uniform on all sides, with no sharp edges to deal with. They feel amazing to hold, smooth and symmetrical. Crystal balls are pleasing to the eye and pleasing to the touch.

I once taught an entire class on crystal ball gazing. We had such an incredible time extracting images and messages from our higher selves and divine beings.  I have also lead several guided meditation sessions with all kinds of crystal balls in my hand.

I've gazed into Rainbow Quartz Balls, Smoky Quartz Balls, and clear purple Amethyst Balls. Getting lost in a globe full of minerals, inclusions, rainbows, and sheen make it easy to let go of your thoughts and enter a deeper state of mind.

I've even gazed opaque spheres like Picture Jasper and Lapis Lazuli that is highly ornamented with Pyrite. Vivid opaque stones like this are enchanting and draw you in with their picture patterns.

There is a giant Tiger's Eye ball in the middle of my dining table. There is a Clear Quartz ball and a Silver Sheen Obsidian ball above my kitchen counter. In my office, there is a small Aventurine ball.

Not only do I love Crystal Balls, but I adore them. That is why I continue to find the best and rarest spheres to offer at Satin Crystals, to get you a billion balls to choose from!

What is Scrying?

Scrying is the act of gazing into a reflective or translucent object to open your intuition. This allows the scryer to gain information they may not have access to in their conscious mind. 

Scrying can be done with hundreds of reflective surfaces, but the most popular way (perhaps thanks to history), is through crystal balls. 

Why do Fortune Tellers Use Crystal Balls?

Of all things, why do psychics use crystal balls? Crystal balls are used for scrying and gazing because they are uniform all around and form a spherical lens. Because of its shape, any clear ball (such as Quartz crystals or glass) will have a curvature that bends the rays of light to form a focal point. 

Since crystal balls have no edge like traditional lenses do, the focal point is omnidirectional. This makes it ideal for gazing. No matter which way the crystal ball is positioned, it is perfect for looking deep within.

How does a Crystal Ball work? 

When we say "crystal ball", most people conjure up the image of a gypsy sitting in front of a magical clear sphere. So, naturally, we wonder how does this mysterious orb tell your future? In actuality, the stone itself is not telling you anything. It is the Seer, the Scryer, the Fortune Teller that is receiving information from gazing into the sphere. The information is most likely coming from their spiritual connection to their Higher Self.

In other words, they are receiving Universal knowledge from their subconscious minds. This is a knowledge that we are all connected to, but some of us are much more open-minded that it makes it easier to access this element of "magic". 

sheila of satin crystals' hand holding up a white calcite sphere

How can you tell if a Crystal Ball is real?

The market is flooded with glass balls that are called crystal balls. Some people prefer these because glass is clear. It is also much cheaper. You can tell that a crystal ball is not really crystal if it is perfectly clear, has small air bubbles, or is a lower price than natural crystal.

A real Quartz Crystal Ball will have inclusions, tiny dips on the surfaces, and a higher price tag. If you are looking to benefit from the healing properties of crystals, then you must go with a natural and real crystal ball.

What comes to mind for most people is Quartz because we associate crystal with being clear. In reality, other delights such as Bloodstone Balls, Chrysocolla Balls, Cuprite Balls, Jade Balls, Onyx Balls and Rhodonite Balls are all natural crystals as well. Each has its healing benefit.

Although gazing and scrying can be done in a glass ball, we at Satin Crystals prefer natural Quartz Crystal balls of course. They are much more interesting to look at, with rainbows and inclusions and patterns unique to the individual piece. Crystal balls often take thousands of years to form, so they hold the energy of Earth, history ,and ancestry as well. All these things help summon up positive energy and imagination while you gaze.

On the contrary, glass balls that are sold as crystal balls are mass manufactured straight from a factory in China. They just don't have the same appeal or power. We recommend you work with a Satin Crystals real Crystal ball and see for yourself! 

Metaphysical Uses for Crystal Balls

The following are just a few ways you can use your crystal ball in metaphysical practices. If you have other ways, please do share!

1. Scrying, Gazing

As we discussed earlier, scrying or gazing into a crystal ball is the most popular historic and now mainstream way to use the divine orb. This can be done with any color stone that you are attracted to. Some people are drawn to the clarity of a clear Quartz ball, while others to the mystery of the volcanic Obsidian ball. 

2. Meditation

Similar to scrying, meditating with crystal balls helps take you into a hypnotic state. The spherical shape makes it easy to hold the crystal ball while meditating. Depending on what stone you choose to meditate with, you can incorporate the healing energies into your session. For example, you may choose a Charoite sphere for a direct line to your Higher Self or a Shungite sphere to keep you protected while your mind travels on its meditative journeys

3. Feng Shui

Place the right crystal ball in the right spot in your space to balance the Feng Shui. These are different than the faceted man-made crystals you see so commonly hung in the home by Feng Shui practitioners. By placing actual natural crystals in your bedroom, family room or office, you are reaping the benefits of the stone's healing vibes. 

4. Crystal Healing

With all this talk of healing stones, what better way to use your crystal balls than in a crystal healing session. It's easy to have your client hold a crystal ball in their hands while you focus on your healing session.

Alternatively, you can hold the sphere over the client's chakras for activation of the blocked energy centers. You could also choose select crystal balls to create a grid around their aura.

5. Group Harmony

Place your crystal ball in the center of a room, table or meeting for group harmony. Perhaps you're organizing a seance, a focus group or a study group. Because it is said to spread energies evenly, the crystal ball can equalize your space and create an environment of cooperation and compromise. 

sheila of satin crystals gazing into a big red jasper sphere

Everyday Uses for Crystal Balls

For those of you who are not into the spiritual side of life or you just want to know what else you can do with your crystal ball, here are some everyday ideas to get you started: 

1. Massage

Choose the more durable stones for your crystal ball massage. Some stones can even be used with massage oils and lotions. Rolling crystal balls over your tense muscles, will provide a cool and soothing effect.

Crystal ball massage can be done on yourself, but of course it's always nice to have someone else do it for you. Speaking of massage, I could use one right now...

2. Stress Balls

You have seen cheap metal stress balls, but now it's time to upgrade to real stress balls. Like fancy fidget spinners, these natural stones can be used to relieve your stress and worries.

You will want crystal balls in the 1 to 2 inch range, depending on the size of your palms. You will want a comfortable fit in your hands. Keep them handy at your desk or carry them around in a protective pouch in your pocket. 

3. Interior Decorating

Wow your guests (and yourself) with the magnificence of crystal balls. Whether you are decorating your home, office or garden, natural stone spheres will provide a colorful and earthy addition to your designs.

In this regard, we say the bigger the better. Fill up your space with unique crystal ball style. Place your orb on a fancy stand, a candle holder or a plush piece of fabric. 

How do you cleanse and charge a crystal ball?

You can cleanse and charge your crystal ball just like you do your other stones. And, just like your other stones, the methods will vary depending on what material your sphere is polished from. For example, if you have an Angelite or Selenite sphere, you will not want to cleanse it in water because of their fragile structure. However, if you're using a Quartz or Amethyst sphere, it's perfectly safe in water and even with organic glass cleaners. 

How Do I Buy a Crystal Ball Online?

We have made it very easy for you to buy crystal balls online by creating a video showing you the different sphere sizes. Sometimes you can't visualize a measurement when it's just written down, so watch the video and become an expert on what size spheres you desire! 

In the past, people would be nervous about buying crystals online. Now that it has become common practice, Satin Crystals customers buy crystal balls online from our collection fearlessly. The good news is that we have a very high satisfaction rating. Even if you do end up with a sphere that is not meant for your after all, we are happy to help you find the one that is! 

To know which crystal ball is right with you, please check out our massive Satin Crystals sphere collection. We have Agate Balls, Amethyst Balls, Calcite Balls, Fluorite Balls, Gabbro Balls, Garnet Balls, Jasper Balls, Moonstone Balls, Obsidian Balls, Pyrite Balls, Quartz Balls, Rhodochrosite Balls, Rose Quartz Balls, Serpentine Balls and many, many more.

You can find out the healing properties of each stone sphere and see which ones will benefit your energies. Alternatively, let your intuition guide you to what is the most beneficial for your soul at this moment. Gaze into the photos and see which ball calls.

You and Your Crystal Ball

Do you have any crystal balls? What do you do with them? Have you tried any of the tips in our article?

We'd love to hear from you, whether you have personal stories to share or questions about your gemstone sphere. You can email us directly or reach out in the contact box below. 

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