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New Sandstone Spheres Take You on a Nostalgic Journey

four sandstone balls - natural gemstone healing spheres for energy gazing at satin crystalsSatin Crystals brings you new, whimsical Sandstone Spheres that boast bright desert landscape pictures. Just looking upon one takes you on a shamanic journey through time and space.

Crystal Ball Gazing

Let the crystal ball guide you through the enchanted desert lands, where the sun beats its strength, camels thrive, and nature exists beyond human tampering.

As you gaze even deeper, you may slip back to the Biblical era. Sandstone conjures up images of Jesus Christ, Prophets, Kings and Wise Men. The spiritual events of the Holy Land are forever encased into the fabric of time and revealed in this magical sphere.

Continue to be enchanted by the energy of Sandstone, and soar above the ancient Pyramids of Egypt. Channel Pharoahs and Queens; watch as they summon their sacred Gods and Goddesses.

When you turn the orb the other side, a new pattern awaits to whisk you to a prehistoric adventure. Visit a time where the Dinosaurs roamed and ruled the land and skies. 

Limited-Edition Sandstone Spheres

Let Sandstone instill a deeper appreciation of Planet Earth and the excitement of each eon past, present, and yet to come. These spheres are a part of a very limited Satin Crystals collection.

Grab yours today and see what mysteries will be unveiled.


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