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Free USA shipping on Orders $50+

Sun Crystal Ball Showcase

hands holding sandstone sphereA rare Solar Eclipse is on the horizon. The rays of Apollo will resonate across Earth on June 21st. 

Harness the mighty healing power of the sun through the forever-perfect crystal sphere. Charge your glistening globe under the Solar Eclipse to transform it into your personal mini sun. 

Sun Spheres for Solar Eclipses

Sun spheres brighten your disposition, are motivational and pleasing to the eye. Get your crystal orbs in time for the June Solar Eclipse so you can channel the power of Apollo into your palms.

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What a fantastic way to celebrate the Solar Eclipse, Summer Solstice, and Father's Day!

Solar Spheres for your Healing Collection

Here are 5 must-have sun spheres to add to your collection:

#1 Sunstone Spheres of Sol

Gleaming with a sparkling sheen, Sunstone spheres are your absolute perfect choice for channeling the magic of the Solar Eclipse. This gift from the Sun God Sol connects you with the mightiest ruler of the Milky Way. Become the master and creator of your own word with the empowering vibrations of Sunstone spheres.

Learn more about Sunstone Spheres.

#3 Solar Citrine Abundance Balls

Earth is thriving thanks to the sunbeams that bestow us with the gift of life. Citrine crystal orbs channel sunny abundance into your own life. They bring out your creative spirit and emotional joy. When you follow the true path of your stars, you are rewarded with fulfillment and prosperity. Keep these clear sunny spheres in your studio, finance area, and work desk.

Learn more about Citrine spheres

#4 Calcite Happy Sunshine Orbs

Some days are darker than others, but you can always count on the sun to rise and set. A new day brings bright new opportunities. These amazing Calcite crystal spheres heal your soul and replace pain with hope. The golden orbs of optimism glisten and gleam with personality, and remind you to embrace your own rainbow and inner strength. Happy Sunshine Orbs are for cherishing every moment of every day.

Learn more about Calcite Sunshine Orbs

#5 Sandstone Sunrise Spheres

The sun shines high above our heads and sometimes feels so out of reach. These Sandstone spheres bring a grounding presence to the solar energy you desire. Giving tribute to a desert sunrise, this crystal ball balances Earth and Sky elements. The Sandstone Sunrise Sphere reminds you that you are an earthling, but your spirit has no limit. Soar to the sky and reach your dreams with Sandstone crystals. 

Learn more about Sandstone spheres.

Boost Your Powers

Want to know more about Sun Crystals and all the other wonderful healing stones in the world? Make sure you are part of the Satin Crystals VIP Club to receive the information in the comfort of your inbox.

Meanwhile, here are other related links to follow: 

Are you energized by the Sun?

Do you charge your energies with the Sun? Have you used any of the sun crystals mentioned above?

We would love to hear your thoughts, stories, and questions. Feel free to post them here on the blog below and we'll get back to you! 

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Lisa Satin - August 31, 2020

Hello Meg,

Thanks for writing to us. It’s unfortunate that your family is going through a rough time. I’m excited to hear that you are looking for an Obsidian Ball. Obsidian is my personal favorite stone, and balls are my favorite of all the crystal shapes :)

Sounds like you have done a little bit of research since you are aware that Obsidian is an excellent pick to help transmute the negative energy to a positive mindset.

Here are some further references on Obsidian and Crystal Balls:

Power of Obsidian

How to Use Crystal Balls

We are currently out of stock on plain Black Obsidian balls. If you want to be placed on the notification list, we can tell you when they are back. However, I recommend you check out the Rainbow Obsidian and Sheens, they are excellent protectors and fan favorites. They look black until you hold them to the light.

Check out all the spheres in Obsidian:

Yes, we do ship to the UK. I believe it’s about $40 for priority shipping, and when you check out it will be available to you.

Let me know if you have any other questions, we’re glad to assist.

Lisa Satin

Meg - August 31, 2020

Hi Lisa & Sheila,
I’m emailing from Berkshire in the UK. Having seen your wonderful crystal balls I’m fascinated, hooked and so excited. I obviously need to understand more and look forward to learning about their healing and other details.

My family and I have been through some bad times recently, which is why the black obsidian crystal ball is the first I’d like in my home. I also realise its one of the more expensive crystals and owning one to fill the palm of my hand may not be possible right now, so I need to be realistic. At the same time my friends will be fascinated and could become interested too.

Please can you provide any specialist knowledge you have on quality, size, and what stand I would need to purchase, and also how expensive it is to post to the UK.

Kind Regards

Lisa Satin - August 1, 2020

Hi Ella,

This is Lisa Satin. I’ve had experience with crystal ball gazing, and I understand your concerns with glass vs. crystal.

That’s why I have addressed some of these questions in our informational page called How to Use Crystal Balls.
If you haven’t already done so, please check out this link:

You can find some information there, especially under the sections called “Why do Fortune Tellers Use Crystal Balls?” and “How can you tell if a Crystal Ball is Real?”

Long story short, you can definitely use your glass ball. Just note:
“Although gazing and scrying can be done in a glass ball, we at Satin Crystals prefer natural Quartz Crystal balls of course. They are much more interesting to look at, with rainbows and inclusions and patterns unique to the individual piece. Crystal balls often take thousands of years to form, so they hold the energy of Earth, history, and ancestry as well. All these things help summon up positive energy and imagination while you gaze. On the contrary, glass balls that are sold as crystal balls are mass-manufactured straight from a factory in China. They just don’t have the same appeal or power. We recommend you work with a Satin Crystals real Crystal ball and see for yourself!”

The good news is that you can gaze using any crystal material you choose. Clear stones like Quartz, Optical Calcite, Smoky Quartz etc are easiest to start off with.

Please check out our large selection of Crystal Balls. As a first time buyer you can get an instant 10% off coupon once you enroll in the free mailing list.

Here is the link to crystal ball shop:
Here is the link to the free VIP club:

If you have any questions at all about certain spheres or materials, let me know and I’ll be more than happy to help.


Lisa Satin

Ella - August 1, 2020

Hi! I’m a HUGE fan of your website and shop and I recently got into crystal ball/gazing ball practicing, and I had a couple questions I was wondering if you could help me answer. The ball I have now is just made of glass, but it’s tinted purple so it has connection with the the third eye and crown chakras, and I’ve mostly been using it to meditate which I’ve found really helpful. However, I’m really interested in using a crystal ball for scrying and divination. First of all, do you think it’s even possible to scry using a glass gazing ball? I’ve read some mixed information online, with some people saying it’s only possible with a real crystal ball, and others saying that since scrying is a form of meditation the glass orb should also work well. Secondly, if I was looking to purchase a starting crystal ball from your online store, what would be one you’d suggest in terms of affordability (unfortunately I can’t spend a ton of money right now) and helpfulness with scrying? Thank you so so much for helping, I love your store and can’t wait to get my first realcrystal ball from you!!

Lisa Satin - July 9, 2020

Hello Isaac,

Thank you for your question.

It is absolutely not a bad thing to have a crystal ball in your home. There are so many wonderful ways to use a crystal ball.
Some of our customers like the good energy it gives off. Others like them because they are rock collectors, or because they are nice to look at.

I think you will enjoy this page about How to Use a Crystal Ball, as it can give you more ideas on the positive powers it brings.

They happen to be my favorite shape of crystals and I have used them a lot. I think you will enjoy it too. Let us know if you have any other questions,

Lisa Satin

Isaac - July 9, 2020

Having a crystal ball in your home, is that a bad idea? Is it considered sorcery?

Very Respectfully, Isaac

Sheila Satin - June 24, 2020

Hi Patti, we would recommend Quartz or Obsidian for your first crystal ball experience if you are beginning with crystal ball gazing.



If you are looking for crystal balls for other purposes like meditation, massage, or decoration we have additional recommendations:

Sheila Satin

Patti - June 24, 2020

What crystal would u suggest for a beginner using a crystal ball

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