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Animal Spirit Guardians: Symbols & Meanings

cat walking among crystal bear figurinesWhat does your animal spirit mean? What do they symbolize for your life path? Check out the metaphysical meaning of popular animal guardians below.

Do you want to dive into your emotional waters with the alligator? Do you want to take control of your life with the energy of the bear? Do you wish to hop with luck and happiness with the rabbit? 

Use animal carvings in your meditations and crystal healing practices to align with the attributes that you seek. Natural stones are carved into figurines to help you connect with the animal's spiritual energies. 

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tigers eye tigers and sodalite dinosaurs

Animal Symbolism & Meanings

Connect with the power of your spirit animal when you use these crystal figurines for manifestation and shamanic journeying. Benefit from the energy of your new buddy- be it the virility of the bull, the cunning nature of the cat, or the prosperity of the pig. 

Alligators and Crocodiles

Alligators and crocodiles are water animals that help you dive into your emotional world and find the strength to go through your life with  balanced energy. This creature is hidden and in control of its environment, never wasting energy on the unnecessary.

Work with your alligator and crocodile guardian animals to find balance and self-control. 


Armadillos are well known for their armored shells, reminding you to protect and guard your inner self. Armadillos display detachment and objectivity, which are great attributes to have in a world full of different attitudes and stances. These attributes allow you to see the big picture and consider all sides of a situation with neutrality.

Work with your armadillo guardian animals for protection and impartiality. 


Bats have been misunderstood because of their connection with death. However, they symbolize death the things that no longer serve your life's goals. Bats remind you to let go of the irrelevant and move forward, staying balanced in the present moment. They encourage spiritual growth by letting go of your ego and listening to your subconscious mind.

Work with your bat guardian animals when you want to trust your instincts and let go of the baggage. 


Bears symbolize thoughtfulness, independence, and reflection. When you are overwhelmed with everyday life, your bear spirit guardian reminds you to take a break, relax, and regenerate. The bear also reminds you to be self-sufficient; rather than relying on or blaming others, you should take responsibility and quickly learn from your lessons. 

Work with your bear guardian animals when you want to be independent and overcome life hurdles. 


Birds symbolize inspiration, freedom, and spirituality. Flying close to the sky, birds serve as messengers from heaven. In Feng Shui, birds bring new opportunities. Place bird figurines in your healing space, or office, or hold them during meditation and the law of attraction.

Different bird species have special symbolic meanings:


Ducks can fly, walk, and swim. They remind you of your multi-faceted talents. These birds represent sensitivity and honesty. Ducks can be graceful when at peace, but aggressive when confronted with unwanted energies.

Work with your duck guardian animals when you want to access your potential and live in a state of peace.


The owl is associated with wisdom, foresight, and sacred knowledge. The owl teaches you to see beyond the superficial and to the true meaning of words and actions. The owl, like the bat, is the announcer of death, but this is a symbolic death of the unnecessary aspects of your life, making room for change and transition.

Work with your owl guardian animals when you want to see beyond deceit, illusions, and masks.


The penguin is a bird that does not fly. The penguin shows you that you do not have to conform to the mainstream. You can follow your dreams without worrying about the norm. Penguins are also very social creatures, encouraging teamwork and cultivating relationships for a fulfilling life.

Work with your penguin guardian animals when you want to adapt to your environments while remaining unique.


Roosters are used to ward off evil, waking up early in the morning to disperse the darkness with their crow. The rooster is courageous and confident as king of the roost. It shows you that you can command your space and be proud of your accomplishments. 

Work with your rooster guardian animals when you seek a sharp and efficient mindset.


The buffalo lives in harmony with the world around it, moving slowly and enjoying the path of life. Buffaloes help you to connect with Mother Earth and Father Sky. Buffalo spirit guardians teach you to be grateful for everything you have to attract more of what you desire. 

Work with your buffalo guardian animals for gratitude and the law of attraction.


Bulls have been worshiped in many cultures because they are icons of virility, power, and regal presence. They are associated with a strong work ethic, teaching you that with hard work and patience, your rewards will come. The bull shows you that you have the power to accomplish your dreams. 

Work with your bull guardian animals when you seek confidence and determination.


Butterflies are the ultimate symbol of transformation. These beautiful creatures remind you to keep improving yourself while keeping faith in the Universe. Through all of your struggles and lessons, the butterfly helps guide you through your transitions. 

Work with your butterfly guardian animals when you are going through change and new beginnings.

tigers eye and sodalite cat carvings and jade circle


Cats are said to be the secret keepers of the vast knowledge of the metaphysical world. Meditate with cat figurines to access this mysterious knowledge with grace and serenity. Cats symbolize independence, cleverness, and curiosity. The sometimes aloof nature of the cat reminds you to step back from an emotionally engaging situation and look at the big picture.

Different cat species have special symbolic meanings:


Lions are the majestic leaders of the wild. They symbolize power and wisdom. The lion is an old soul, reminding you to forge into the future having overcome the lessons of the past. The lion shows you how to harness your inner strength and trust your instincts. 

Work with your lion guardian animals when you want to move past the past with confidence.


Tigers symbolize passion, power, and grace. The tiger is detail-oriented, seeing all the aspects of its surroundings before pouncing. This spirit guardian reminds you to open your eyes, mind, and heart to get what you want. 

Work with your tiger guardian animals when you want to focus on your priorities.


    If you are seeking to tone down your aggressive nature, the deer is your guardian animal. Deers represent a kind and gentle energy. Embodying the deer's energies allows you to calm your emotions and connect with your Higher Self. 

    Work with your tiger guardian animals when you want to alleviate anger and anxiety.


    Dinosaurs are prehistoric animals symbolic of your younger days, your childhood, or even your past lives. They help you decipher the positive aspects of your past and let go of the outdated ideas that are holding you back. 

    Work with your dinosaur guardian animals when you want to harness the lessons of your past for a bright future.


    Dogs symbolize loyalty and friendship. They remind you to care and listen to others if you want to strengthen your relationship with friends and family. These animals provide protective energy based on their determination to guard their comfort zones.

    Work with your dog guardian animals when you want to strengthen love and friendship.


    Dolphins are much more evolved than many of us humans in terms of spirituality, brotherhood, and love. Dolphins remind you to focus on qualities like generosity, playfulness, harmony, intelligence, and friendship. Dolphins live a dual life as both fish and mammals. Using Dolphin crystals in your practice can help you to harmonize the worlds of spirit and earth.

    Work with your dolphin guardian animals when you want to heighten spirituality and appreciation.


    The dragon symbolizes a strong male/yang energy. Associated with emperors, the dragon represents power and majesty. In Feng Shui, dragon crystals can be placed in the Fame area of your space to connect with fame, reputation, and career.

    Work with your dragon guardian animals for yang energy and to feel on top of the world.

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    Dragon Turtles

    The dragon turtle is a celestial being from Chinese legend. Dragon turtles represent prosperity, success, longevity, and good luck. The mythical creature taps into your imagination and opens your mind to a world of possibilities. 

    Work with your dragon turtle guardian animals for long-term luck and prosperity.


    Elephants are an ancient symbol of strength and majesty. The gentle giant is the largest land animal on earth today, but its energy is kind and wise. Elephants with their trunks up especially call in good luck. Elephants intertwining their trunks with another symbolize love and friendship. Elephants with their trunks down symbolize strength, pushing through obstacles, and warding off enemies.

    Work with your elephant guardian animals for long-term luck and prosperity.


    Fish represent abundance, going with the flow, and water elements. If you are drawn to the seas, fish animal guardians are for you. Instead of fighting the current, fish help you ease onto your life path. 

    Work with your fish guardian animals for an easy-going mindset and a call of abundance.


    The fox is a playful animal who loves to create mischief. It reminds you to be vigilant against tricksters and deceptive relationships. The Fox teaches you to be aware and use your wits in dealing with obstacles in your life, but not to take things too seriously. 

    Work with your fox guardian animals to sharpen your wits and have some fun.

    two green aventurine frogs


    Frogs symbolize good fortune and potential. The Frog can jump an incredible distance, helping you realize that you too can make it through tough times and come out a winner. Instead of obsessing over other peoples' success, the frog reminds you to use that focused energy on improving yourself. 

    Work with your frog guardian animals when you need luck and opportunities in your life.

    Fu Dogs

    The Fu Dog is a mythical lion-like creature used for protection. It is placed facing entrances to your space to guard your property and ward off negativity. Similar to both the protective lion and dog, this creature is all about your well-being.

    Place Fu Dogs in the space you want to protect from intruders, physical and metaphysical.


    Giraffes have an advantageous view from the top thanks to their long necks, symbolizing their ability to see the big picture. Giraffes remind you not to be bogged down with the mundane details of your situation.  Giraffe animal figurines also represent gracefulness in action.

    Work with your giraffe guardian animals when you are developing grace and patience.


    Hedgehogs symbolize rejuvenation and Spring. The nocturnal creature also symbolizes intuition, psychic ability, prophetic dreams, and visions. The Hedgehog's quills are soft when it is happy, reminding us to enjoy life and let go of stress. Its quills are needle-like when it is scared, teaching you to keep your guard up when something doesn't feel right. 

    Work with your hedgehog guardian animals to connect with your Higher Self and trust your intuition.


    Hippos symbolize a combination of intuitive water energies and practical earth energies. Hippos remind you to keep grounded to properly deal with emotional imbalances. These great creatures spend most of their time in the water, which links them to the spiritual, artistic, and healing aspects of life.

    Work with your hippo guardian animals when you seek emotional balance and creativity.


    The horse reminds you to let your spirit roam free and to break away from the obstacles in your life. Don't let yourself be corraled by the things that are not bringing you joy. When not running wild, the horse is a social being, representing energy to adapt easily to different circles. 

    Work with your horse guardian animals when you seek freedom and socialization.


    Iguanas remind you that everything comes in due time. You can relax and enjoy the journey of life. When unwanted energies present themselves, the iguana is quick to escape or camouflage into its surroundings, teaching you to adapt and survive. Iguanas reiterate the message: what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger.

    Work with your iguana guardian animals when you seek faith in the Universe and adaptation skills.


    Lizards empower you with sun energies. They remind you to seek the healing energies of the sun for grounding, relaxation, and physical regeneration.

    Work with your lizard guardian animals when you are doing solar healing rituals and basking in the daylight.


    Monkeys represent intelligence, playfulness, and caring. This animal reminds you to strengthen your social circles and make time for entertainment. The monkey spirit welcomes everyone to join in on the revelry and pulls in those who are feeling outcasts. 

    Work with your monkey guardian animals when you want to feel loving bonds and playfulness.


    Pigs symbolize fertility and abundance, reminding you to celebrate life and share with others. If you are looking to produce more positivity in the world, pigs will help you manifest prosperity. 

    Work with your pig guardian animals when you seek abundance and generosity.

    porcupine crystal carving

    Porcupines help you overcome grief, guilt, and depression to renew joy and imagination. Like the hedgehog, the porcupine's quills are soft when it is happy, reminding us to enjoy life and let go of stress. Its quills are needle-like when it is scared, teaching you to keep your guard up when something doesn't feel right. 

    Work with your porcupine guardian animals when you seek joy and happiness.


    Rabbits symbolize luck, happiness, and a positive outlook on life. They remind you of how fun life can be. Rabbits are always on guard, if they sense dangerous obstacles, they will hop away for greener grounds.

    Work with your rabbit guardian animals when you need to lift your spirits and leap forward in life. 


    The Rhino has a deep connection with the earth, roaming open expanses in deep contemplation. The large animal provides you with grounding energy, symbolizing confidence, steadiness, and solidity.

    Work with your rhino guardian animals when you feel empty, spacey, or  need substantial power.


    After accidents, Salamanders can regenerate limbs and tails, thus symbolizing regrowth and renewal. The salamander reminds you to keep going through the losses you may experience. They show you how to adapt and live with the decisions you have made. 

    Work with your salamander guardian animals when you want to bounce back from tough situations.


    Snakes are connected to primal energy, operating from pure instinct. Serpents remind you to trust your intuition. Snakes shed their skin, representing your ability to let go of your inhibitions and focus on your subconscious and true self. 

    Work with your snake guardian animals when you want to listen to your subconscious and connect with your true self.


    Spiders represent mystery, power, and growth. Thanks to their beautiful webbing, they are linked with feminine yin energy and creation. Spiders remind you to connect with your creative powers and weave the life you want to live. 

    Work with your spider guardian animals when you need more yin energy and creativity.


    Squirrels remind you to balance fun and work. They are all about practicality, going about their business gathering their winter fare, but also all about playfulness as they chase each other up and down tall trees and telephone lines. These guardian animals are energetic, taking full advantage of each moment of life. 

    Work with your squirrel guardian animals seeks work-life balance and a playful attitude.


    Turtle figurines represent the ability to stay grounded even in chaos. They remind you to slow down, pace yourself, and follow your life's path in peace. Turtles are associated with yin or feminine energies of calm harmony. 

    Work with your turtle guardian animals when you want to slow down and live in serenity.


    They say only a pure soul can see the mythical unicorn. Unicorns symbolize divine love and blessed energy. 

    Work with your unicorn guardian animals when you strive to live with pure integrity.


    Whales symbolize your emotions, from what you show on the surface to the true feelings in the depth of your soul. This guardian animal reminds you to acknowledge all emotions and let your true self shine. This magnificent creature is a sight to behold, representing good fortune and endless might. 

    Work with your whale guardian animals when you want to expand your aura and balance your emotions.


    Wolves are a symbol of untamed freedom and unbridled energy. The mighty wolf represents your inner self. Although you may now classify yourself as a civilized animal, the wolf helps you get in touch with your primal nature. 

    Work with your wolf guardian animals when you want to break free of limiting expectations and tap into your inner self.

    jadeite crystals and elephant carvings

    How do you find your spirit animal?

    Some of us may have one constant spirit animal guiding us throughout our lives. Others have various animals guardians that come and go at certain stages of life.  

    A skilled shaman or reader may help you tap into your spirit animal. Your spirit animal is never too far from your aura.

    You can connect directly with your spirit animal by summoning it when you are in a deep state of meditation or self hypnosis. We have a Animal Spirit Guide Meditation to help you.

    You could also do crystal ball or mirror gazing to reach the higher state of consciousness, where you can connect with your spirit animal and extract messages. Try 7 crystal balls that call in your spirit guardians. 

    Your animal kingdom

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    What are some of your favorite animal guardians? Do you have experiences to share? We'd love to hear from you. Whether you have personal stories or questions about crystal healing, you can comment below. 

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