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Carnelian the Energy Vampire Slayer

carnelian the psychic vampire slayer

Ugh! Do you feel utterly exhausted and completely drained around certain people? These soul-sucking individuals are called Psychic Vampires, and they need to be stopped. Carnelian is your strongest ally, your greatest guardian, and your Vampire slayer.

Psychic Vampires, also known as Energy Vampires, feed off your life force. These are the people who hang around because they want to take something from you- whether it’s your energy, your money, your status, your happiness.

The main issue is, they take and take with selfish intentions and never give back. That is bad not just for their karma, but also yours!

Carnelian crystal is to Psychic Vampires as garlic is to Mythical Vampires- the ultimate protective talisman to keep leeches and troublemakers out of your aura forever.

What is a Psychic Vampire?

A Psychic Vampire is someone who's a user or abuser of others. They gain energy and a false sense of excitement by feeding off of your energy. Most Psychic Vampires are not even aware that their actions are hurtful to others, and have no intention to change their behavior.

We all want to lend a hand some times. We also need a shoulder to lean on sometimes. That's not the same as being a Psychic Vampire.

In a perfect world, giving and taking balance each other out. We should at least try to give as much as we take. It is what puts the humanity into humans.

Yet we encounter so many people who don't have this sense of balance and responsibility. They just want things from us, and they don't want to spend the time, money, or energy to fulfill our needs in return. That's where Carnelian comes in handy. Wear a Carnelian necklace to protect you from Psychic Vampires; at the very least, it's less stinky than a garland of garlic.

carnelian the vampire slayer

Let's explore the types of Psychic Vampires

Emotional Vampires

Do you have that one "friend" who loves to chat on the phone for hours on end? That can be so much fun! But there's a fine line between fun and foul. If this person is constantly dumping their problems on you or telling you what to do and how to live your life, maybe the phone calls aren't so fun after all. 

An Emotional Vampire gives and gives you all their problems. When it's your time to talk about your feelings, they suddenly vanish.

Here are some signs of Psychic Vampires who drain you emotionally:

  • Love to talk about their problems but not listen to yours

  • Don't share in the joy or excitement when something good happens to you, and in fact, may trivialize it or be jealous 

  • Manipulate you into doing things by making you feel guilty or as though you owe them something

  • Babble on and on about themselves with no pause for you to get a single word in

  • Put you down privately or in front of others, directly or "jokingly"

  • Give you the silent treatment if they don't like something

  • Crush your dreams instead of encouraging them

Materialistic Vampires

Some Psychic Vampires are after your material things. They could be blatant gold diggers with no shame in flaunting their selfish intentions. Or they could be coworkers who disguise themselves as your buddy but are waiting for you to fail so they can trample over you for a promotion.

Even family members can be Psychic Vampires. Do you have a second cousin who lives on your couch, rent-free? They leach on you when they are in need, but once they strike it big, they drop you like a rotten tomato.

A Materialistic Vampire only pretends to care about you because you have money or things that they want.

Here are some signs of Materialistic Vampires:

  • Orbit around you when your status is in good standing, but ditch you when you need a hand

  • Take things from you (food, money, living space, etc) without the intention to repay you or, at the very least, be thankful for it

  • Act friendly to you when you have money but don't care about you otherwise

  • Ask questions like "What car do you drive?" or "Where do you work?" when they meet you- not out of interest but to gauge your status and judge you accordingly

  • Pretend to be nice, but trample on you when you're down so they can get what they want

Physically Demanding Vampires

Do you know a couple that is one-sided? Does one person run around doing the grunt work while the other dictates from the sofa?

That dynamic could be okay if they balance it out in other areas of the relationship. But if one person is always receiving and never gives back, this person is a vampire.

An example of the Physically Demanding Vampire might be seen in a high school clique. The Queen Bee gives orders and the minions run around implementing them.

If you find yourself doing things for someone with nothing coming back in return, they may be using you because they are either physically lazy or just find it more convenient to have you do the hard work. This leaves you physically and emotionally drained.

Here are some signs of Physically Demanding Vampires:

  • Like to give orders rather than have discussions 

  • Have other people do chores and less desirable things for their convenience, and never reciprocate in any way

  • Make major decisions based on their interest and not the interest of the group

  • Effortlessly say "no" when you suggest something

  • Punish you or get revenge if you don't meet their demands

carnelian pyramid for protection

How does Carnelian protect me?

Carnelian is your Psychic Vampire slayer. It vibrates at a frequency that repels these ill-willed individuals and keeps you safe. Psychic Vampires resonate at a low and terse vibration that clashes with the positive and protective vibrations of Carnelian.

The protective powers of Carnelian were recognized early on in history. Artifacts from 6,500 years ago reveal decorative Carnelian and its uses. Carnelian was considered a stone of courage and physical power, worn by soldiers going into battle.

Hieroglyphics from the Egyptian Book of the Dead were engraved on Carnelian, and they describe how Carnelian was placed in tombs for life after death. King Tut's funeral mask included Carnelian stones. Even the Hebrew and Arab cultures used Carnelian to ward off illness.

Carnelian's power to protect you has become even stronger with each generation. It has built up a history of good karma and is energized more than ever.

Carnelian the vampire slayer is ready to serve as your guardian now and forever, cutting off the freeloaders from your life.

Protective Carnelian Jewelry

Wear it well and wear it often. Psychic Vampires lurk in every corner of the world, some disguised as prefect little princesses until you discover their hidden agenda. Carnelian jewelry give a refreshing pop to your ensembles while serving as an important protective crystals all day long. Here are Satin Crystals fan favorites:

A Garland of Carnelian Necklace is the Ultimate Protector against Vampires

carnelian necklace

Carnelian Earrings keep Psychic Vampires from messing with your head

carnelian earrings

Carnelian Bracelets remind you not to give in to Vampires without a fight

carnelian bracelet

Carnelian pendants guard your heart from Emotional Vampires

carnelian pendant



How do I use Carnelian to Slay Energy Vampires?

Carnelian is the less stinky and more attractive version of garlic. But don't let its lustrous and bright beauty fool you, Carnelian is a vampire slayer.

If you have vampires draining your energy, you want to start using these crystal techniques.

Even if your life is vampire-free, be proactive so that no such energy-sucking ghouls can sneak into your life.

carnelian jewelry for protection

Wear Carnelian Jewelry as a Protective Talisman

Wear a garland of Carnelian (aka necklace!) to ward off the Psychic Vampires. Jewelry such as Carnelian bracelets, earrings, even cufflinks are an excellent way to keep you protected from the abusers. 

Carnelian jewelry at work wards off the Emotional Vampire Coworkers who smile at you from the surface but are seething with jealousy within. It may even help subdue the Physically Demanding Vampire of a boss who has you running around like a headless chicken. 

As you return home, these same Carnelian accessories could help you avoid a talkative neighbor who babbles on with no purpose, as well as another neighbor who wants to borrow things but never returns them.

Carnelian jewelry is stunning to see and is a powerful slayer day and night, publicly and privately. As a bonus, it's a shiny and noticeable stone that garnishes admiration and will have genuine compliments coming your way.

Vampires lurk at every turn, and Carnelian Jewelry is here to blast them off your path.

Grid your Home with Carnelian Stones

Vampire activity can happen within your own home, and it needs to stop.

Crystal gridding is an excellent way to keep your space safe with protective Feng Shui. You can arrange Carnelian crystal stones into nice artistic formations around the house.

You could also place Carnelian crystals in the corners of a room to keep the vampire energy out. Grid the entire house and garden if you need it. 

Place Carnelian Statues in the Office

If you're lucky, you might get away with gridding your office or workspace without getting awkward stares or reprimands.

If you're looking for something more discreet, place an eye-catching Carnelian stone, statue, or sphere in your workspace. It serves as a fine, natural, elegant art piece, as well as a secret vampire slayer.

For best results, make sure your Carnelian piece is visible from the door (or cubicle entrance) so that it can directly eliminate bad vibes from anyone who passes by or enters your space.

Meditate with Carnelian Crystals

If you're constantly attracting Psychic Vampires into your life, then there must be some sort of vibe you are giving off or some sort of behavior that's enabling them to cluster around you.

Meditate with Carnelian crystals and reflect on your personality traits. Are you afraid of saying no? Are you not strong at setting limits? Have you become too comfortable at self-sabotaging? These are all questions to reflect upon as you meditate with Carnelian stones or gaze into a Carnelian crystal ball. 

If the answer is yes, and you are enabling vampires to enter, also reflect on how you can put a stop to this.

carnelian the vampire slayer

Give Carnelian Crystals to the Energy Vampire

We all know that you can't force a person to change, no matter how hard you try. Yet each person is capable of change if he or she wants it. Maybe, just maybe, the energy vampire is in the cusp of changing their ways and needs one more push towards the light.

Psychic Vampires love to receive things for free. Gift a Carnelian stone or jewelry piece to the Psychic Vampire in your life. Charge, clean and then program the stone beforehand with your intention that you'd like the Carnelian to assist this person on their spiritual path and development. You could say something like "Help (name of person) live a life of balanced karma and kindness." 

Don't tell the Vampire that you're gifting them Carnelian to cure them of this condition- you'll stoke the fire of their wrath even further. Give the Carnelian out of kindness, in hopes that it helps them find a happier path. Have hope, but no expectations.

If there is no indicator of change ahead, make sure you still keep a far distance as not to become a victim of their Psychic Vampire ways.

Carnelian Vampire Slayer Stones

There's nothing like a sleek piece of Carnelian to brighten up the energy of the room. Vampires are repelled by brightness and by your happiness. These are the perfect treasures for grid making, space feng shui, gifting and meditation.

carnelian polished stones


Carnelian Pyramids protect your room, home, or office from Psychic Vampire infiltration

carnelian pyramid

Carnelian hearts protect you from emotional abuse of Psychic Vampires

carnelian heart


Carnelian Balls are good for deflecting Vampires out of your space or for meditating upon your own behavior

carnelian ball

carnelian wand

Carnelian Closes the Deal

Yes, you CAN slay the Psychic Vampires of your life with Carnelian. It's time to stand up for yourself and say "enough is enough." Carnelian is here to give you hope, happiness, and a vampire-free existence.

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