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Emerald Stone Meaning

sheila of satin crystals with a hand full of raw emerald stretch bracelets What is an Emerald?

Emeralds are the rare gem-quality specimens of the Beryl family. Unlike most other crystals which can occur in a variety of colors, Emeralds MUST be green. Don't be fooled by Yellow Emeralds or deceptive sellers hawking Emeralds in exotic colors. If they are not green, they can be be Emerald.

Emeralds in the mainstream have been associated with the translucent green gemstone set in fine jewelry. Gemstone quality Emeralds are valued on color and clarity. They have a distinct rich green color we all so love.

However, raw Emerald stones look much more earthy. They vary in their green hues and are usually seen with black shale or limestone inclusions. These are real Emeralds that may be mistaken for inferior stones because we have been so programmed as to what an Emerald should look like. 

Lisa's Personal Experience with Emerald

I had never really been attracted to tiny gemstone Emerald, but when I discovered Emerald in raw crystal forms- I was sold!

I remember my first encounter with the beautiful green gem was when we used to shop in India. We would often bring back shimmering strands of diamond cut emerald necklaces to offer in the Satin Crystals store. I loved the diamond cut sparkle effect and the stunning bold green color of Emerald. Wearing Emerald will make you feel like a Queen.

My next fond experience of Emerald is with a ring I found at a gem show. A large slice of Emerald had been embedded into a chunky golden metal artisan piece. I still have that ring, and wear the funky treasure from time to time. It makes me feel so Royal. I suppose that's because Emerald is the stone of Royalty.  When I wear my Emerald ring, I feel empowered and confident. 

A year ago I stumbled into a few Emerald spheres. I hadn't seen such a thing before. Of course in the sphere form you get to see the green gem suspended in their black iron matrix. Actually, the vendor who sold them to me thought they were Aventurine, but I knew better. What powerful and incredible pieces! When I held these spheres, I felt like I was being taken back to a time of Kings and Pharaohs, Queens and Goddesses. The energy of Cleopatra is strong in Emerald, as it was her favorite.

You can find a couple spheres in our store at the moment. They are true centerpieces. Emerald is just the best.

Emerald is not commonplace so I don't get to touch it as often as I'd like. But my eyes are open and I await my next passionate fling with the Emerald King.

Sheila's Personal Experience with Emerald

I was never attracted to Emerald because I always had it in my mind that it was an overly-processed gemstone for the mass market. If you know me, you know that I am anything but mainstream. My sister Lisa always rolls her eyes when she sees me collecting the raw clusters and rough rocks for Satin Crystals.

When I came to find out that raw Emerald was actually a motley green and black stone, I was immediately drawn to this version of the popular gemstone. Rough Emeralds just vibrate much closer to my Heart Chakra; perhaps because I am an Earth sign through and through.

In the jewelry department I now create Emerald stretch bracelets for you. These are still pricier than other crystal healing stretch bracelets, but a very affordable, and in my opinion more intriguing, version of the super-polished Emerald gemstones.  

Metaphysical Meaning of Emerald Stone

As one of the 3 Big Gemstones (Emerald, Ruby and Sapphire), Emerald has been a coveted prize throughout the ages. It is also coveted for its healing properties. 

Emerald corresponds with the Heart Chakra and is known as a stone of Royalty, Success and Love. Some metaphysical healing properties of Emerald include:

  • Emerald brings wealth, abundance and riches

  • Emerald encourages unity

  • Emerald encourages unconditional love

  • Emerald helps form and strengthen friendships

  • Emerald encourages loyalty in relationships

  • Emerald encourages domestic bliss

How to Use Emerald Stone

Emerald is a powerful and precious stone. There are several ways to harvest the power of Emerald to benefit your everyday living situation.

Here are some ways to use Emerald:

  • Place Emerald in the finance section of your home or office to use it as a money magnet

  • Place Emerald in a place of business for successful sales

  • Meditate with Emerald for money manifestation

  • Meditate with Emerald in your hand for bringing love to your life

  • Place Emerald on your heart chakra during crystal layouts

  • Wear Emerald as a necklace close to your heart for emotional healing

  • Wear Emerald as a jewelry to feel like royalty and gain confidence

  • Display Emerald stones around the home for Feng Shui

  • Display an Emerald ball in your workplace to command attention

Emerald Birthstone Information

Emerald is the Birthstone for those born in the month of May. It makes the perfect gift for loved ones who were born in May. Those born in other months admire and appreciate Emerald as well!

Emerald for Proposals, Weddings and Anniversaries

Traditionally, Emerald is the gemstone to gift to your partner at your 55th Anniversary. That's how you know that Emerald is truly exclusive and a prize of love - not too many people will reach their 55th anniversary!

Nowadays as people turn away from Blood Diamonds, fine gemstones like Emerald are becoming a popular and much more meaningful replacement. Rings and bands with Emerald, or even other jewelry, are replacing diamonds. Emerald gemstones are actually more rare than clear diamonds, although the value of Diamonds are generally higher due to marketing efforts.

Emeralds in Culture and History

Cleopatra was known to indulge herself in Emeralds. She used these sacred gemstones to adorn herself and the palace, and gifted emerald to visitors as a show of her own prestige.  

Emeralds were also important in traditional Indian culture. Hindus offered the gemstone to the god Krishna in hopes of receiving blessings and a way to Heaven. Hindus have a gemstone for each of the (previously) nine planets, and Emerald symbolizes the planet of Mercury.

On the contrary, Western tradition associates Emerald with the goddess Venus, and hence the planet Venus.

Where are Emeralds Found?

Currently, the major Emerald mines are in Zambia, Brazil, and Columbia.  These places produce the best quality gemstones. Emeralds are also found in the United States, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Russia, and Australia.

The Price of an Emerald

Due to the different qualities of Emerald, the price range is vast. A gemstone quality Emerald sells for market value, which starts at $500 per karat. Emerald gemstones are also valued according to clarity, color and cut.

Meanwhile, a raw Emerald rock of one inch size can be found for $50. They can range from low end chunks in a black matrix to high-quality museum pieces. 

Ready to buy Emerald?

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What is your Emerald experience?

Did you know the difference between the gem-quality and the raw Emeralds? Do you use Emeralds for healing? Do you have any interesting Emerald stories to tell? 

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