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Grounding Exercises with Crystals

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Have you become disconnected from the Earth? What does that even mean? Let's learn about the Grounding phenomena and how you can feel more grounded with some easy mental exercises, healing crystals and long overdue trips into nature. 

What does Grounding Yourself Mean?

"Grounding" means to be connected to your physical reality. It means that you are living fully in the present moment rather than feeling “spaced out” and dwelling on the future or the past. It means making a strong physical presence in your life rather than fading away into the background.

How do you Ground Yourself Earthing?

Grounding energy comes from the Earth. Like an electrical outlet, you want your body to plug itself into the Earth. This is called spiritual Earthing. 

Any physical activities will help in your grounding goals, especially when you are bare-footed and connected directly to the Earth's surface. Running barefoot on the beach, ambling through the forest, walking in the grass and being with nature are all great ways to get Earthing.

Best Grounding Crystals

Crystals are an excellent source of grounding energy because they are a physical reminder of your intentions. Holding grounding crystals will allow your mind to float back to reality. Placing these crystals at your Root Chakra or on your feet helps to activate your physical energy center. Wearing grounding jewelry can keep you relaxed in the present moment throughout your day. 

Here are the best healing crystals that you can use in conjunction with your favorite grounding exercises:

How do I know that I need Grounding?

  • You feel unfocused

  • Feel lethargic, unmotivated, drained

  • You are indecisive

  • You daydream too much

  • You feel spaced out

  • You are unsure of your place in the universe

  • You attract emotional leeches

  • Your ideas aren’t being implemented

  • You've just conducted a healing session or meditation

Why is Grounding Important in Meditation?

After energy healing rituals and meditations, your head can find itself “in the clouds”. Your energy body is floating above your physical body. You are "ungrounded" and misaligned.

To realign yourself to the Earth, try this simple grounding exercise: Drink a glass of water, hold a grounding crystal and either jog or just stamp your feet on the ground. 

Spiritual Grounding Exercise

Perhaps you are in an airplane, stuck in a hotel highrise or sailing the high seas and can't get your feet on the Earth. Here is an exercise to get your spiritually grounded:

  • Sit with your feet on the ground, your eyes and mouth closed. Breathe in and out of your nostrils.

  • Breathe fully from the bottom of your stomach, expanding your lungs completely but easily. Your abdomen should be expanding noticeably; don’t be shy about that! As you breathe, be aware of your spine. Feel your base bone on the seat of your chair. Feel the length of your spine as you bring breath to every vertebra. Allow yourself to gently sway with the breath, rising slightly with the inhalation and sinking slightly with the exhalation.

  • Imagine that a heavy red cord extends from your spine downwards, through your chair, through the floor, through the floors below. A red energy cord from your spine to lowest level you can imagine. Now imagine the cord traveling further down through the layers of the Earth. First a reddish layer, then a grayish layer, through rock and finally rooted firmly into the core of the Earth.

  • You are now solidly fastened to the Earth through the red energy cord from your spine to the core of the Earth. 

  • Now, leaving the red cord solidly implanted in the earth, send your breath up from the base of your spine, through your Heart and up through the Crown of your Head. Imagine your Breath as a Silver Energy Cord extending from the bottom of your spine up through the top of you head.

  • Imagine this Silver Cord growing upwards with each exhalation, extending from the Crown of your head up to the ceiling, up through the ceilings above, up through the roof, out into the sky, to the clouds, to the Heavens and out into the Universe.

  • Breathe, and with every exhalation, feel the connection between the red energy cord in the earth and the silver energy cord in the heaven becoming stronger and stronger.

  • If you have any unwanted/negative energy, send it away merely by imagining it leaving through your Red Cord into the Earth, send it out through the souls of your feet and through your fingertips.

  • If you need extra, positive energy, breathe it in through the silver cord. This is the unlimited source of energy from the Universe.

Come Back to Earth

Even just reading this tutorial, your mind may have wandered with all the great ideas that you can now implement to get yourself grounded. So although it's great to have an active mind, just don't forget to keep it balanced.

Visit Satin Crystals for the best grounding crystals and start on those Earthing exercises. Here are more resources for your grounding journeys: