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9 Grounding Crystal Jewelry Ideas

Use this guide to focus on finding the right jewelry for grounding energy. We all have those moments when our minds are wandering in the space instead of focusing on what is happening here on Earth. Enter: grounding energy. Grounding energy is the energy that keeps our aura connected to the present moment and the physical body. This energy can be harnessed through healing stones that are vibrating at the Root Chakra level.

Jewelry for Grounding Energy

Here are 9 Grounding Jewelry Ideas for yourself and your spacey friends:

Black Tourmaline - 9 Grounding Crystal Healing Gift Ideas - Satin Crystals#1 Black Tourmaline Faceted Jewelry

Not only is black a fashion staple, but it is also a popular crystal color for grounding energies. Black Tourmaline is one of our most popular grounding stones. It comes straight out of the Earth in a dramatic dark tone, but even after it is polished for jewelry, Tourmaline retains its organic veins and craters. To elevate your gift giving, choose the faceted versions of Black Tourmaline bracelets and necklace, as these brilliantly reflect the light despite the stone's moody blackness.

Obsidian Anklets - 9 Grounding Crystal Healing Gift Ideas - Satin Crystals#2 Obsidian Medley Anklets

Let them feel the magma rumbling from deep within the earth. Obsidian is a crystallized lava that cools into a glass-like stone upon reaching the surface of the earth. Depending on the minerals present during the cooling process, you will find different versions of Obsidian. Obsidian jewelry is used for grounding energy, and wearing the beaded stones as anklets gets right to the source of the Root Chakra. This eccentric Obsidian anklet set will allow you to gift three versions of the grounding stone: a pure black Obsidian, a gray spotted Snowflake Obsidian and a red spotted Mahogany Obsidian.

Pyrite Skull Earrings - 9 Grounding Crystal Healing Gift Ideas - Satin Crystals#3 Pyrite Skull Earrings

For those fascinated with skulls, these grounding Pyrite earrings will make a captivating gift. Pyrite is a weighty metallic gold stone that helps pull our energy bodies to the Earth. These earrings hang with charming carved Pyrite skulls on gunmetal chains. You can gift these Pyrite earrings in different lengths. Plus, if the jewelry lover you are gifting has multiple ear holes, they will enjoy layering up for the ultimate gothic look.

Lava Jewelry- 9 Grounding Crystal Healing Gift Ideas - Satin Crystals#4 Lava Jewelry Set

By now you may know that organic Lava stones make excellent aromatherapy essential oil diffusers. Gifting Lava Jewelry provides a double impact with the crystal healing energy of grounding plus the uplifting spirit of scent. Organic Lava stones come in a rusty red and a pure black color and you can choose from both here at the Satin Crystals boutique. Adorn them in a whole set of Lava earrings, necklaces and bracelets.

Jet Earrings - 9 Grounding Crystal Healing Gift Ideas - Satin Crystals#5 Jet Earrings

Choose from sterling silver or 14 karat gold earrings hanging with genuine black Jet stones. Jet is formed from the waterlogging of ancient trees. This petrified black coal is excellent to ground you to the reality that has existed on Earth since the beginning of time. Jet is a surprisingly lightweight crystal, making these grounding jewelry pieces easy to wear throughout the day. 

Mica Necklace - 9 Grounding Crystal Healing Gift Ideas - Satin Crystals#6 Mica Necklace

Mica crystals form in paper thin sheets. When polished and stabilized into crystal healing jewelry, Mica shows glimmers of its original folios. Not a common stone, gifting a Mica beaded necklace will have your recipient in awe of the subtle yet magnificent jewelry. Easy to wear with any outfit, Mica is also a great grounding crystal, keeping the wearer balanced in their daydreams and reality. 

Black Onyx Cufflinks - 9 Grounding Crystal Healing Gift Ideas - Satin Crystals#7 Black Onyx Cufflinks

Not just for the scarce formal occasion, cufflinks can happily be incorporated into the every day jewelry collection. As long as your intended giftee owns a shirt that will allow cufflinks, they will be happy to receive such a unique idea. For grounding cufflinks, we recommend going for the Black Onyx version. Black Onyx is a popular grounding and protection stone.

Tigers Eye Bracelets - 9 Grounding Crystal Healing Gift Ideas - Satin Crystals#8 Tiger's Eye Bracelet Trio

Don't you love it when there are so many versions of the same stone to admire? Tiger's Eye is one of these multi-faceted stones and this set allows you to find the perfect fit and bestow a triple gift in one. In this Tiger's Eye stretch bracelet trio, you will be gifting iridescent golden brown, deep red and a bluish-black version of the stone known as Hawk's Eye. Tiger's Eye helps to ground the emotional center, making it easier to focus on solutions rather than problems floating loosely in the air.

Smoky Quartz Bracelets - 9 Grounding Crystal Healing Gift Ideas - Satin Crystals#9 Smoky Quartz Stretch Bracelets

If wisps of brown Earth were crystallized in clear Quartz, you would get Smoky Quartz, our last grounding crystal recommendation. Smoky Quartz ranges from just a touch of wispy brown tint to a deep, dark color touching on the verge of black. Smoky Quartz is a great crystal for grounding energies, pulling our feet chakras back to the Earth, where they belong.

Gift this grounding stone in bracelet form; it is easy to stack them up from light to dark tones.

A Plethora of Grounding Jewelry

The above nine grounding crystal jewelry ideas are the most popular at the Satin Crystals boutique as of this writing. We also have a plethora of healing stones and jewelry designs to choose from and will continue to provide you with original jewelry for your gifting pleasure. 

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