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Christmas Jewelry Gift Ideas

Green Malachite and white Selenite beaded necklace on a red jewelry tree branch.

A guide to Christmas jewelry

Let’s get all decked out this Christmas like the playful ornaments on our trees. Be a walking celebration this holiday season with the colors of Christmas and the energies of crystal healing jewelry. Here are the some of the Christmas jewelry pieces we recommend this year:

Blue Angelite earrings on gunmetal chains.

Angelite Cloud Jewelry

Let the sweet angels sing through the clouds with your new Angelite jewelry. These angelic blue gemstones remind us to spread the gentle energies of the holidays throughout the realms. Angelite cloud jewelry can be worn separately or together in necklace and earring formation. Additionally, stack up a whole bundle of Angelite stretch bracelets and you’ll really get that sweet angelic soprano in motion.

Blue Aquamarine beaded round necklace with gunmetal toggle clasp

Aquamarine Necklaces

As the fires start to roar and the chocolate starts to get hot, keep yourself cool with the icy blues of Aquamarine. Aquamarine is a calming gemstone, beautiful to wear as a necklace through the hectic holidays. Pair your Aquamarine necklace with Aquamarine bracelets and enjoy the cooling energies without being cold.

Round Indian Bloodstone beaded necklace with gunmetal toggle clasp

Bloodstone Necklace

Bloodstone has been revered throughout the ages, said to represent Jesus Christ’s sacrifice at the cross. This rich green healing stone usually shows highly-sought red “blood” spots. Wear Bloodstone necklaces to honor the spirit of Christ and everything that is honorable in humanity.Christmas Jewelry set with red Jasper and green Bloodstone beaded stretch bracelets

Bloodstone & Jasper Bracelet Set

Nothing says Christmas like red and green, and this bracelet set says it well. The Bloodstone is a dark green color merry in its red, white and yellow ornamental inclusions. The Jasper is a rich red stone with its own unique patterns. This natural set of earthy Christmas colors can be worn together or one on each wrist.

Oval dark green Nephrite Jade in copper adjustable ring

Green Jade Rings

Jade has long been a symbol of prosperity, and that is exactly the energy you want for the holidays. Christmas is a time of abundance in family, food, gifts and merriment. Wear Green Jade rings and celebrate this time of indulgence. Don't just settle for one ring, pile them up on each finger; and don't forget the fingers of your friends!

White and gray Howlite round beaded necklace with silver metal beads

Howlite Necklace

Even if your Christmas is not a snowy wonderland like that of fairy tales and story books, your jewelry can be. Howlite is a Snow White gemstone trickling with soft grey veins. Wear Howlite necklaces to transport you to the innocent world of Frosty the Snowman and A Christmas Story.

Green Malachite & white Selenite round beaded necklace with silver toggle clasp

Malachite & Selenite Necklace

When silky snow layers itself upon the green trees, you know that 'tis the season. This glowing white Selenite crystals cool the deluxe green Malachite stones in your unique new Christmas necklace. The beaded crystal necklace combines the energies of strength and regeneration, perfect for healing through the holidays.

Translucent dark green Moldavite in electroplated silver pendant on sterling silver necklace

Moldavite Necklaces

Keep your vibrations on a high level this Christmas season with Moldavite necklaces. We earthlings were blessed with Moldavite when the ancient meteorite came down to us from space. Today we can wear Moldavite jewelry to celebrate the green of the season and buzz at a level beyond the chaos of family drama.

Green Zoisite with Red Ruby spots and black mineral inclusions faceted into beads and wire wrapped on gunmetal earrings

Ruby Zoisite Earrings

What if Rubies fell from the skies like snowflakes? Could you capture the spirit of the holidays on your nose and eyelashes? In these Ruby Zoisite earrings, you can capture the occasional red Ruby, each inclusion unique in its green Zoisite host. The fascinating gemstones are faceted to reflect the red and green warmth of Christmas time.

Christmas Jewelry in the Boutique

Indulge in the merriment of the holidays and add to the festive occasion with your new Christmas jewelry. Surround your own aura and bring joy to the aura of others with these crystal healing jewels. These Christmas jewelry pieces can all be found at the Satin Crystals boutique.


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Lisa Satin - November 22, 2020

Hi Kathy,

We don’t have anything like that, unfortunately. You can try for charms and trinkets.


Lisa Satin

Kathy - November 22, 2020

I am looking for white soapstone squirrel charms for jewelery making.

Ketty - March 18, 2019

I was searching for a perfect gift for my niece and your blog has sorted that problem .Great blog I must say …..

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