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Crystal Gifts for your Love

hand holding two pink and black rhodonite heartsWho do you love? Is it your mother, your sister, your husband, your best friend, your child? Crystallize your love by gifting them unique crystals from Mother Earth. 

Imagine their reactions as they open their new gemstone gifts. Every time they wear it, look at it, or use it, they will be reminded of your powerful connection. 

In this gift guide, we highlight the top crystals and jewelry pieces to solidify your love. Refer to it every birthday, anniversary, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, or whenever you need a special present for the person you care about. 

Top 7 jewelry gifts for the ones you love

Crystal jewelry makes it easy for your loved one to keep healing energy in their aura. Not only will they benefit from the energy of the stones you have picked out, but they will look stylish and bask in a shower of compliments they get while wearing these pieces. 

Here are our top 7 crystal jewelry pieces gifted to loved ones: 

#1 Moldavite Out-of-this-world Love Necklace

When your love is beyond words and as infinite as the universe, gift them a genuine Moldavite necklace. This galactic treasure was created after a mysterious meteorite impacted the earth around 15 million years ago. This darling symbol of love will show them how you feel: that they are simply out-of-this-world! 


#2 Rhodochrosite Sweethearts Bracelet

From the heart of Mother Earth to theirs, this precious Rhodochrosite bracelet is meant for soulmates and sweethearts. Bold pink beads inspire sonnets of love and good vibrations. Strengthen your relationship with your loved one by gifting this gemstone treasure. Better yet, wear matching ones for an eternal connection. 


#3 Chrysoprase Refreshing Love Necklace

Like a blade of green grass growing from rich brown soil, this Chrysoprase necklace honors the foundation you have built to develop your love. Gift this necklace and your loved one to refresh your healthy relationships. It flutters awake their Heart chakra like a butterfly born anew to the world.


#4 Malachite Double the Love Ring

Double up on your proclamation of love by gifting this ravishing Malachite ring. The green gemstone duo is a stunning statement and will show them you care. Rock their world (twice) with this Malachite knuckle duster jewel. 


#5 Moss Agate Flower Earrings

Show your loved one how they brighten your life with Moss Agate flower earrings. These large, but lightweight, hoop earrings will have them blossoming with delight. Symbolizing the circle of life, they will know that you are with them through this lifetime and beyond.


#6 Romantic Rose Quartz Cufflinks

Keep your eyes focused on love by gifting Rose Quartz cufflinks. These gold-framed gemstones give a wink and nod to romantic love. Spread the much-needed vibration into your loved one's life by sending them these beautiful pink crystal accessories. 


#7 True Love Bracelet Set

Light up their beautiful Heart chakra with this sparkling trio of love. The Rose Quartz, Rhodonite, and Chrysocolla-Cuprite bracelets capture the warmth of togetherness. Wear your heart on your sleeve and attract the loving life you desire when you gift this twinkling stack of healing crystals.


Top 7 crystal gifts for the ones you love

In addition to adorning your loved ones with jewelry, you can infuse their space with the healing energies of crystals.

These are the top 7 crystal gifts to show them your heart and spirit: 

#1 Rose Quartz Dancing Love Sphere

Love, Love, Love is in the air with this pretty pink Rose Quartz ball. The Star Madagascar Rose Quartz sphere helps rekindle relationships and fire up new ones. Rose Quartz balls are the perfect gift for the lovely occasions that celebrate the people you cherish the most.


#2 Rhodonite Bonded Soul Hearts

This pair of lovely pink Rhodonite hearts symbolize the bonds you have with your best friends and lovers. Feel eternally connected and honor your love by gifting these gemstone hearts. Gift the healing set as a present or keep one for yourself while sending the second to a special someone.


#3 Ruby Fuchsite Field of Love Sphere

This precious Ruby Fuchsite ball has red gems thriving in a rich, green field. The polished treasure mixes the power of Ruby and Fuchsite to form a super love stone that draws together soulmates. It is a must-have gift for dreamers and romantics. It sweeps them off your feet and into a fairytale land of love and romance. 


#4 Amethyst Sparkling Love Heart

Whether you're looking to win the heart of a special soul or show a loved one you care about, this Amethyst heart says and does it all. The jaw-dropping beauty wins the love and affection of your intended. This natural geode cluster is shaped into a precious heart and sparkles with pure love. 


#5 Rhodochrosite Soulmate Sphere

This sweet pink Rhodochrosite sphere is the ultimate symbol of your love. Gift it to your loved ones to symbolize your partnership. No matter how crazy the outside world, you will always be connected, heart-to-heart. This genuine crystal ball retains your loving bonds and can be used in their ongoing manifestations and meditations. 



#6 Chalcopyrite Golden Love Egg

When you want to show them that they are your gold-star, gift them this brilliant Chalcopyrite egg. This shiny crystal awakens their zest for life. Its metallic composition makes it weighty- super satisfying to hold during healing. Bling their space and their soul; they will love you for it! 


#7 Rose Quartz Love of Truth Pendulum

If your loved one is a seeker of the truth and a healer at heart, choose this divine Rose Quartz pendulum. Gift this natural gemstone pendulum and point them in the right direction on their spiritual path. The faceted stone showcases a real sterling silver chain- an upgrade beyond their typical healing tool.


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Sheila Satin - March 7, 2021

Hi Margaret, welcome to the world of crystals. Rose Quartz is a great starting point. We just did a whole educational series on Rose Quartz in case you missed it:

If you have any crystal questions or need help with your order, let me know.

Sheila Satin

Margaret - March 7, 2021


I am new to crystals and I do not know too much about them. I think my favourite crystal is Rose Quartz but only because that was the first one I have researched into.

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