Healing the Heart with Crystals

The Heart Chakra is the most important chakra because all of the other chakras first flow through the heart before flowing in and out of the body. It is like the control system of our very beings. We want to make sure that it is always open, balanced and clean to best give and receive the energy of love – self-love, love of humanity, divine love. 

When there are heartaches, we can physically feel our hearts aching. When there is joy, we can feel our hearts leaping with joy. Many of us have unknowingly allowed our heart energies to be blocked, whether it is from failed relationships, loss, abandonment, jealousy, etc… 

Love Crystal Recommendations

First, determine if your heart carries more yin or more yang energy

  • Yin energy would be passive energies of depression, loneliness, disconnected, fear, any feelings of helplessness and weakness.
  • Yang energy would be aggressive energies of jealousy, anger, hatred, violence, revenge, blaming others for your problem.
  • If you feel you have a mix of yin and yang energies blocking your heart, use both crystals to alleviate these energies.

Easy ways to open our heart energies with crystals

(Remember to clean, charge and program all of your crystals before use)

  • Program a Rose Quartz or Aventurine (yin energy for a yang blockage) or Malachite or Rhodochrosite (yang energy for a yin blockage) crystal for opening up your heart chakra. Place the crystal over your heart while lying down, eyes closed. Place two Quartz points facing away from you body to allow the blocked/negative energies to be released from the heart.

  • Glue a Rose Quartz or Agate crystal onto an Malachite plate. Place it over your heart and vibrate it into the chakra with a tuning fork (best if someone else does this for you)

  • Surround your body with Obsidian (for both yin and yang energies) to make a crystal layout. Hold two Obsidian pieces in your hands and place one over your heart. Allow the Obsidian to absorb and transmute any negative energy blocking your heart. Obsidian is excellent for letting go of old, unwanted thoughts and patterns to open you up for future progress.

  • Pendants and Necklaces worn over the heart are an indirect method of opening the heart chakra when you are busy in daily life. Just remember to focus it to work for Heart balance! 

  • Crystal Hearts are an excellent shape to place over your heart when doing these crystal layouts. They have the energy of the crystal, they are smooth and flat to place on your body and they remind you of your focus: your heart!