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How to Unblock Your Heart Chakra on Valentine's Day

unblocking the heart chakra

Valentine's Day is Around the Corner

Some people believe the holiday is too commercialized or superficial. Do you?

Not me! I love to celebrate Valentine's Day no matter what my relationship status.

Past the commercial surface, Valentine's is a time to stop and appreciate the special people who I take for granted. Sure, we all know that gratitude and gratefulness are supposed to happen every day- but sometimes we get so caught up in our own lives that we forget.

Valentine's Day is the perfect reminder to stop and smell the love in the air.  It is also a time for introspection and self-care.

Raise your hand if your Heart Chakra is Blocked

We often associate blocked Heart chakras with people who cannot find love nor healthy relationships. This is true in many cases. However, plenty of people in relationships, marriages, and close-knit families can get blocked Heart chakras too.

In this article, we will discuss both circumstances, and how to unblock the chakra for Valentine's Day and beyond. 

No matter what your relationship status, you could deserve a little heart-healing right now. Let crystals pave the path for an open Heart chakra.

You're Single with a Blocked Heart Chakra 

Being single doesn't mean you have a blocked Heart chakra, especially if you are single and happy. Being single on Valentine's Day is great for many people. They embrace freedom and celebrate the occasion with friends or family. Some ignore the holiday altogether.

However, there is an entire population of people who are lonely and single on Valentine's Day. They lament the fact that they are alone. They despise watching other happy couples coo. They yearn for a soulmate, or even just companionship.

Many of these people have a blocked Heart chakra that prevents them from finding a partner. These are the ones needing self-care to open up the flow of love.

You're Married with a Blocked Heart Chakra 

My husband and I are lucky enough to have our anniversary on February 13th. That means our celebration is doubled.

Yet I feel my Heart chakra is blocked this year. I need to focus my energy on opening the Heart chakra so that we can deepen our relationship.

I'm married to my soulmate, so why is my Heart Chakra Blocked?

We have a 2-year-old toddler son!

We are in the middle of a pandemic!

We both work full time!

Currently, we suffer from a completely chaotic schedule. My son only has 8 hours of child care per week at the moment. That means I have to run my business with a very busy and energetic toddler at home.

My husband works a physically demanding job. He is supposed to have a work partner, but his boss is so derogatory that no one else can last at that position. That means that he is always tired and stuck in overtime.

We have no time for each other. Our heart chakras are blocked!

I feel that many of you parents out there can relate to this chaos. Even if you have no kids, the pandemic has thrown your dynamics off and you may be struggling to strike a balance still.  It is easy to end up with misaligned chakras this Valentine's Day.

Married partners go through life's stresses and joys together. When times get tough, you have to bring your energy back to the heart center.

Relationships are dynamic - constantly changing and evolving. Just because you are in a relationship or married, doesn't mean you can neglect the Heart chakra. Relationships are sensitive. They can sour easily if not preserved.

Opening the Heart chakra is something you need to do frequently throughout your entire life. I for one will be focusing on the Heart chakra this year more than ever, and I invite you to join me.

Valentine's Day Healing

Traditionally, Valentine's Day meant couples were out on the town, filling up romantic restaurants or strolling hand in hand along the streets of downtown.

This year, many of us are still under restrictions and partial lockdowns... what will your Valentine's Day look like?

No matter where you stand on this day of love, your Heart chakra needs balancing. Crystals can help. 

Imagine if your heart was totally open. You would love everything and everyone and nobody would be able to do wrong in your eyes. You would accept everything that exists in the world for what it is. 

Those with a fully open heart are hard to come by. You may know people who are generous and loving, but they come with limits. Even these lovely have some kind of blockage in their Heart chakra energies. Perhaps they are blocked in the energy of self-love. Perhaps they are resentful of their financial situation. Perhaps they cannot fully love their neighbors. 

While you may never achieve a perfectly open Heart chakra flow, you can keep trying for your best. 

Top 3 Crystals for Valentine's Day

Here are a few of our favorite heart-opening crystals, great for Valentine's day and every day:

Rose Quartz

This pretty pink crystal is the ultimate stone of true love. Use Rose Quartz for finding love, bettering your relationships, and/or working on self-love. It's the stone for all of us- no matter what our love status. 



This deep and soulful pink stone is known as the "Soul Mate stone". If you are seeking the soulmate of your lifetime, use and wear Rhodochrosite to attract your mate. If you've already found your soul mate, this gemstone helps you maintain a good relationship that flourishes instead of flounders.



This rich pink and black stone specializes in celebrating and attracting friendships. Valentine's isn't just about romantic love. If you want to strengthen your friendships and family bonds, use and wear Rhodonite. It makes a lovely gift as well.


3 Ways for Singles to open the Heart Chakra

Now that you know about blocked Heart chakras, you are motivated to open your flow. Here are 3 crystal healing techniques meant to get the love moving in your life.  

1. Manifestation List with Affirmations

Crystal you need: Green Aventurine. This Heart chakra stone is the master of manifestation. It attracts an abundance of love and aligns right into your heart chakra. Wear Aventurine as you make your list, or place a stone on your desk when you're writing/typing it out.

How to do it:  Make a Love Manifestation list. On this list, you write down what you want in your future relationship and partner. Include how you would like to feel, how you would grow as a person in this relationship, the adventures you would like to have with your partner, and major life goals you can achieve together.

Avoid superficial things like height, weight, hair color. Although you can hold an idea of what you would like in regards to physical traits, it is best to be open-minded. One of the top reasons your Heart chakra may have become blocked is because you emphasized trivial things.

Even factors such as education and job should not be focal in your manifestations of a partner. You can wish for a financially responsible or career-motivated partner, but avoid specifics like he/she must be a doctor or lawyer. The first is broad and attainable while the second strategy will severely limit you and fill you with constant disappointments. Be very careful and review your manifestation and affirmation lists to filter out such self-sabotage.

With your Green Aventurine in hand, repeat positive affirmations daily.


2. Crystal Layouts

Crystals you need: Chakra stones, Love jewelry

How to do it: When you place your love crystal directly on the heart, it has a powerful effect. Find a relaxing place and create the ambiance you desire. Perhaps you want to light a scented candle and listen to the sounds of the rain forest... whatever works for you.

Place your chakra stones all around you and lay in the center. Hold one in each hand as well. Put on any Heart chakra jewelry you own.

Go into a relaxation self-meditation mode. Wash away the stress and fears and anxiety. Clear your mind of self-destructive thoughts. Begin to focus on the type of person and relationship you want to attract into your life.

The more and more you practice attracting something through visualization, the easier it is to recreate it in real life. We recommend you do Crystal Love Layouts as often as possible.


3. Gemstone Elixirs

Crystals you need: Big Raw Rose Quartz

How to do it: For busy times when you can't manage affirmations and layouts, elixirs are a great go-to.

Clean, raw Rose Quartz chunks make a good choice to place in your drinking water. Leave the stones in the water for one hour and your water will be filled with love energy vibration.

Alternatively, place the stones closely around the jug. When you drink this water, it will cleanse away your negative habits and fears, replacing it with love-attracting energy.


3 Ways for Partners to Open the Heart Chakra

1. Updating the Love Map

Crystals Needed:  Crystal Heart pairs. Give one to your partner, keep one for yourself as you do this.

How to do it: Are you friends with your partner? Do you know anything and everything about them? There's always more to learn.

Dr. John Gottman has researched marriages for decades and is now able to predict divorce with over 90% accuracy. What he found after studying thousands of relationships is that friendship is one of the most important factors in making a marriage work.

With your love crystals in hand to amplify the process, it's time to update your Love Map. Spend time together talking about your past stories, current hopes and fears, and future dreams. If you need ideas, Dr. John Gottman's book is filled with topics, questionnaires, and methods. Of course, you can also make up your own.


2. Love Crystal Grids around the Home

Crystals you Need: As many Love Stones as possible, to place everywhere

 Forming love crystal grids in areas of the home where you spend time with your partner can help to enhance your relationship. If you both enjoy cooking together, grid the kitchen with pink and green stones. If you spend time chatting in the living room, be sure to feng shui with Rose Quartz and other gemstones. The bedroom may be the most popular place for love crystal grids.

The soothing energy of love crystals dissipates tension. It replaces anger, resentment, and criticism with a more peaceful vibe. Love Crystal Grids also remind you to focus on your partner each and every time they enter your line of sight.

If your partner doesn't believe in the power of crystals or doesn't want to actively engage in relationship work, Love Crystal Grids can still help. He or she sees them as just decorative pieces, while you know they are giving positive influence.


3. Photo & Crystal Gazing

Crystal you Need: Star Rose Quartz crystal ball. This type of Rose Quartz has opalescent clarity that's perfect for gazing.

How to do it: Maybe you spend a lot of time away from your partner. Is the strain of a long-distance relationship or mismatched work schedules starting to take a toll?

You can use your Rose Quartz ball and a photo of your lover for gazing. It's your choice: you can gaze directly into the photo or directly into your love crystal. Perhaps you want to alternate. 

As your mind relaxes, begin by giving appreciation to your partner for all his/her positive qualities. Allow the feeling of love and connection to grow in your heart. Visualize the future you want to build together.

If your partner is with you, you can gaze directly at each other; if it's not too weird or funny, and he/she agrees!


The Way You Celebrate Love 

Which Heart chakra crystals are your favorite? How do you celebrate Valentine's Day? We would love to hear your stories. Feel free to contact us by commenting on the blow below and Sheila or Lisa Satin will get back to you. 

Here are additional Heart chakra related resources: 

Disclaimer: The information provided is for entertainment only. See full disclosure.

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