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Healing Crystals for New Love

Crystals for new Love

It happened. You fell in love, and now they're everything you ever dreamed of. You want to keep this love as alive as possible but you are not sure how. Relationships take consistent work and there will be ups and downs, but with the right combination of love and ability to see through the differences, you can have a long lasting relationship with the person you want to be with. 

Crystals can help you stay focused on what really matters and help you succeed in your goals as a couple and as an individual. When you are balanced as an individual, being together makes it that much more meaningful.

Three Crystals for Positive Relationships

Here are three important crystals that will promote your new relationship in a positive way:

Aventurine - This crystal is going to be vital in your new relationship. Aventurine encourages new growth in the heart and also shields it from hurt. While wearing Aventurine, both male and female energies can balance, promoting peace and harmony.

- One thing that can hinder a relationship faster is if you have negative energies around you. When the negativity creeps in, it's hard to focus your mind on the positives. Sometimes the negative energies can feel like a weight sitting on your chest and you can't get up. Pyrite is a crystal that provides a shield to protect you from the negative energy in every aspect; physical, emotional, and spiritual.

Blue Lace Agate - When you are starting a new relationship, you will want this crystal for sure. One of the fastest ways to lose a new love is to be judgmental. When someone is judgmental, the other person can't be themselves. They feel like they are not able to be who they truly are, and this will cause negative energy to build. Blue Agate is a crystal that promotes peace. It becomes nourishment for the mind, body, and soul. It takes away the judgmental feelings and allows you to connect through a higher realm.

You can also add more crystals in the mix of things when you need to, for example adding Rose Quartz is a good crystal that makes it possible to give and receive love. This crystal is very common and is found in many places. You can also add Sodalite, which promotes both peace and harmony, or Lapis, which helps you to settle past issues that were never resolved.

Crystals and Compromise

Carrying around crystals won't automatically make your relationship better. You constantly have to work to build your relationship in order to get to the point where you can stand side-by-side together and walk as equals. Your crystals will make that walk more enjoyable and let you be yourself during the process.

Have you used crystals to improve your relationships? We invite you to leave your positive comments below!

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