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Moldavite For Cosmic Lovers

moldavite for cosmic loversYou're in love, and life feels amazing! You're alone, and you're down in the dumps. Whatever your relationship status is, Moldavite- the Meteorite of Cosmic Lovers - is here to uplift your mood higher than the stars in the sky.

How can Moldavite help me in love, relationships, and healing, you ask? Moldavite is here to answer.

Moldavite for Cosmic Lovers

Valentine's Day is around the corner. And when that's over, summer wedding season comes in just a blink of an eye. Let's not leave out anniversaries and other love-inspired occasions that remind you to pay attention to your relationship status all year round. Does that sound like a bad thing? Well, it shouldn't.

Moldavite is the stone for Cosmic Lovers. It pushes out the users, abusers, and even the nice people who just aren't a match. Moldavite doesn't have time for games and drama- it has landed on Earth specifically to help you find (and keep) the person you are destined to be with. Time is ticking.

Do you think that soulmates are written in the stars? Is your true love destined to be with you? Or do you believe that you make your own fate? Maybe you don't even believe in soulmates, but you want the benefit of Moldavite to enhance happiness in your relationship. No matter how you answered, Moldavite is here for you.

How does Moldavite Enhance Love?

Moldavite vibrates at a very high frequency. It was created 14.7 million years ago from a Meteorite Impact in the Czech Republic of Europe. That makes it old, rare, and of astral origin. Moldavite has space, history, and energy on its side.

Moldavite is only and always green. It is so precious and alluring, it is the only Meteorite classified as a gemstone. It aligns perfectly with your Heart Chakra, which is also green. Moldavite spins and stirs the love energy in your heart. Plenty of obstacles like old heartbreak, negative thinking and karma are blocking your Heart Chakra like sludge clogging up a beautiful fountain pipe. Moldavite breaks apart this residue so you're perfectly back in balance.

Moldavite's astral origin means it is a gift from the stars to us earthlings. Moldavite is a stone of love with cosmic origin- the stone for cosmic lovers. Moldavite looks at the big, grandeur picture of your life, and your relationship.  

Explore the deeper Meanings, Uses and Healing Properties of Moldavite.

moldavite for cosmic loveHow Do I Use Moldavite for Cosmic Love?

Now that you know the unmatched power of Moldavite, you need it and you want it. How do you use it to enhance cosmic love in your life? Let's explore four different relationship scenarios:

Single Men and Women

I'm Single and Unhappy

You're looking for love, that's a natural part of human life. The most important thing to do first and foremost is to find happiness within yourself. Once you've found your happy place, attracting and keeping your cosmic lover becomes much easier.

For you, we recommend the following actions:

  • Do positive affirmations centered around self-love while holding Moldavite.
  • Meditate with Moldavite to clear out the negative vibes in your heart that are making you unhappy and restricting you from finding love.
  • Put Moldavite on display at home and in the workplace to remind you to think positive and put your quest for cosmic love as a priority.
  • Do visualizations of meeting your cosmic lover, and then physically go about being an active, attractive person.
  • Wear Moldavite everywhere you go- your cosmic lover could be anywhere!

I'm Single and Happy

Good for you! Maybe you are content in love, but Moldavite can help you enhance your self-love and relationships with friends and family. It can also open you to finding new love when you want or when you're ready.

For you, we recommend the following actions:

  • Continue to relish in your joy by maintaining a good mood. Meditate and do positive affirmations with Moldavite.
  • Gift yourself Moldavite jewelry or stones on special occasions like Valentine's Day- being single and happy doesn't mean you have to skip out on the fun parts of these holidays.
  • Display Moldavite at your workplace to initiate fun conversations with others. It also keeps your space vibrating with love energy, and just might attract a cosmic lover even if you're not looking.
  • Share Moldavite with special people in your life- love is important in all meaningful relationships.

Moldavite for Single Men and Women

Moldavite Empowering Power Rings: Who needs to be married, or even engaged, to be able to wear a big showy ring? Certainly not you. Wear Moldavite Loud and Proud for all to see. Who knows, it might just draw in cosmic love while you're not even looking.

Moldavite "Open my Heart Chakra" Pendants: Not only does a Moldavite pendant align perfectly with your green Heart Chakra, it looks amazing on you while doing its healing magic. Effortlessly wear a Moldavite pendant and let it help you overcome heartbreak, heartache, and any other hurt you may be harboring.

Moldavite Shooting Star Solo Stones: You've come a long way in life to get where you are. So has Moldavite. Find a unique piece that can share in your journey as an individual. Let it brighten up our path every step of the way. You may begin to feel yourself flying with your new Moldavite friend.

Committed Men and Women

I'm in a Relationship and Unhappy

Moldavite is here to help you either get your relationship back on track or assist you in letting it go if it's not meant to be. If you're already with your cosmic lover and need to find your way back to bliss, Moldavite can remind you of your partner's best qualities that you've forgotten about. If you're not happy because your partner is not the one who matches your soul, it shows you the way to move on.

For you, we recommend the following actions:

  • Meditate with Moldavite to clear your mind of the negative history that has accumulated in your relationship so that you can make new decisions.
  • Do positive affirmations with Moldavite to reinforce the good things about your partnership.
  • Wear Moldavite all day long so you remember to keep your relationship and happiness a priority.
  • Gift one Moldavite to yourself and another to your partner so you feel a deeper connection even while apart.
  • Display Moldavite in the home to energize it with love vibrations.
  • Gaze into Moldavite to gain introspection on what you want from this relationship.
  • Keep Moldavite nearby if you decide to move on from this relationship but need the courage and support of your spiritual guardians to do so.
  • Wear a Moldavite pendant to recover from heartbreak.

I'm in a Relationship and Happy

Yay! How exciting that you may have already found your cosmic lover, and things are going great for you. Like all things in life, relationships require upkeep so they don't wither and wane.

When you're happy and/or committed, it's so easy to slip into a routine and pattern. This is definitely not a bad thing, especially for those who thrive on stability. Still, you want to keep the sparks flying so that your cosmic love lasts forever.

Here are some ways you can use Moldavite to help you retain your happy relationship:

  • Gift Moldavite to your lover on Valentine's Day, a special occasion or just out-of-the-blue to boost them with a jolt of joy.
  • Get a Moldavite for yourself and one for your partner, and program them to have matching energies so you feel connected no matter where you are.
  • Do gratitude exercises about your partner while holding Moldavite.
  • Place Moldavite near your Heart Chakra to keep the healthy love energy spinning.
  • Decorate your rooms with Moldavite, as this Meteorite infuses your spaces with positive loving vibration. 

Moldavite for Committed Men and Women

Moldavite Matching Soulmate Necklaces: Good news! You can show off your cosmic love to the word with matching Moldavite necklaces. Select one for yourself and one for your love- they come in various chain lengths and work for all genders. Keep your relationship alive and fun with this fascinating out-of-the-box idea.

Moldavite Cosmic Lover Pairs: Ooh La la! There's nothing better than an alluring Moldavite gemstone... except two alluring Moldavite gemstones. Snag yourselves a Meteorite duo that is as unique as your one-in-the-galaxy relationship. It's perfect to display at home as a symbol of your love- or give one to your partner and one to yourself to feel connected eternally.

Moldavite "I Love You Forever" Jewelry: Whether you're a new love bird or a seasoned love dove, Moldavite jewelry makes the perfect gift to give your partner. It's so exciting, beautiful, and is actually a proper gemstone that is much less cliche than many other gemstones. Find your partner the perfect piece in rings, necklaces, pendants, even pieces. 

Why Is Moldavite the Perfect Gift?

Aside from Moldavite being the stone of Cosmic Lovers (who wouldn't want that?), here are some other reasons to consider giving Moldavite to the special people in your life, including yourself:

Moldavite is Better than a Box of Chocolates

Chocolate is delicious! Moldavite is also look at (don't eat it!). While you can scarf down a box of chocolate in a matter of minutes, or extend it out a few days for those who have self-control, chocolates don't last.

If you're going to gift yourself or your lover something that represents your love, don't you want it to last forever? Moldavite has been around 14.7 million years... it's going to last a lot longer than chocolates.

Chocolate is known to pack on the pounds and raise your blood sugar. That's not exactly the best thing for your health. Meanwhile, Moldavite boasts an array of health benefits for your body, mind, heart, and soul.

Do you still want chocolate? That's okay, gift meaningful Moldavite alongside the sweet treats.

Moldavite is Better than a Bouquet of Flowers

Just like that box of chocolate, the flowers will be gone in a few days. Is that the best symbol of your love... wilted and short-lived? Go with immortal Moldavite to symbolize your eternal love.

While flowers win compliments of friends and coworkers, Moldavite does too. It's much more original and really catches the eye.

Those who wear Moldavite jewelry happily report that they receive tons of compliments on their fascinating pieces. Why be the envy of everybody else for just a few days by showing off flowers, when you can keep them green-eyed for a lifetime with gorgeous Moldavite?

Moldavite is Better than Big Brand Jewelry

We hate to break it to you, but most big brand jewelry is mass manufactured and shipped over from China. Sure, you got lured in by the fancy packaging and expensive marketing, but so did 5 million other people.

Buy big brand jewelry when you want to be a sheep in the crowd and create no ripples whatsoever.

Moldavite, on the other hand, is one of a kind. Real Moldavite is European only. Each piece is totally unique, like you and your cosmic lover. Let's not forget that Moldavite was created from a specific event millions of years ago, and comes only from the Czech Republic, so it's a limited rare commodity.

Once Moldavite sells out, there will never ever be more of it. Can you say that about the synthetic "crystal" you got from the big brands?

You and your lover will be totally impressed when you gift them with a one-in-the-galaxy Moldavite jewelry piece or raw specimen. It's way more creative and it screams of Cosmic Love.

As if these reasons weren't enough, Moldavite can be used for even more healing purposes. To learn other ways that this Green Tektite benefits you, visit the Top 5 Uses of Moldavite page.

Your Moldavite Journey

We'd love to know how you use your Moldavite, and how it makes you feel. Please leave a comment or story on the bottom. Join the Satin Crystals VIP club to get special news and offers on Moldavite and other exciting minerals.

If you are not yet an owner of exclusive Moldavite, check out Satin Crystals Moldavite Collection to find the perfect pieces.

Explore additional resources about Moldavite: 

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Lisa Satin - October 5, 2020

Hi Emilie,

Yes, we do! Everything we have in our Meteorite section (stones and jewelry) can be found in this link:

Our Moldavite necklaces are one of our most popular products, we sell several per week.

I lived in Central Europe for several years, so we have great sources for Moldavite.

Lisa Satin

Emilie - October 5, 2020

Ok thank you so much! You guys sell real moldavite jewelry right ?

Lisa Satin - October 5, 2020

Hi Emilie,

Moldavite is tricky, lots of vendors out there are selling manufactured glass and I’ve seen plenty of online listings with rave reviews that look extra fake in pictures.
If the price is too good to be true, it’s probably fake.

That being said, many vendors are also selling the real thing, so let’s hope that’s what you’re getting.

Here is a resource we have for you regarding meteorite identification:

I hope that helps!

Lisa Satin

Emilie - October 5, 2020

I have been searching everywhere for legitimate moldavite crystals. Ive read about it online and noticed it is from Czech Republic which is where I am from. I have really been wanting this crystal and actually just bought one off of etsy. The man had a lot of great reviews, people saying they are collectors and can confirm it is real. However, it is shipped from India. The man was very friendly and replies fast but I am scared I just spent my money on a fake. I want a real experience from this crystal. I wanted to make sure you guys are authentic sellers ( sorry if I sound rude), because I really do want a genuine moldavite. Do you also think i bought a fake ? – Emilie C

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