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Moldavite Meanings, Uses & Properties

moldavite meanings and uses

Moldavite has the power to draw people in with its beauty, healing abilities, and mysterious extraterrestrial origin. What is Moldavite, and why is it so alluring?

What is Moldavite?

Moldavite is a type of Tektite that was formed 14.7 million years ago when a Meteorite struck the Earth. It was a one-time event that can never be replicated, which makes Moldavite a rare and irreplaceable mineral.

Moldavite, also known as an impactite glass, is a product of both Earth and Alien material. The fact that Moldavite is mysterious and multi-natured makes it an intriguing crystal. What stands out most about Moldavite is its clear green color, ranging from a light to dark green. It wins your heart, your spirit, and becomes a prize for your eyes.

Lisa's Personal Experience with Moldavite

I knew of Moldavite's popularity for a while but did not become truly acquainted with Meteorites until a decade into my crystal healing profession. While living in Hungary, I met the Meteor Man who properly introduced me to this gorgeous green mineral. Like most people, I became mesmerized by its supernatural beauty and mystique.

Moldavite remains one of my top favorite healing crystals of all times. I love studying each piece for its unique glassy waves, shapes, and hues. Some of them seem to glow with a neon green, and these pieces remind me of the alien visitors in my childhood dreams.

I like to gaze into Moldavite and Meteorites when I write my monthly Crystal Horoscope Reports because they take me closer to the astrological playing field. Moldavite is one of my picks for alien channeling, astral travel, and meditation.

I offer unique Moldavite pieces at Satin Crystals that I hand select. I  also have my own Moldavite Ring. I have received so many compliments regarding the ring. Moldavite casts a spell over just about everyone. It is powerful like that, and I highly recommend you try it out. 

Sheila's Personal Experience with Moldavite

I had no idea how popular Moldavite was until Lisa introduced me to the wide world of meteorites. Since then, I have been regularly working with this mysterious green stone in jewelry.

I have mostly created Moldavite necklaces for you because the beaded versions are even harder to find than the rough gemstones. However, I find a few real Moldavite faceted gemstones that are now a part of the alligator and hedgehog necklaces. 

Moldavite necklaces have that high vibration and vast intrigue of the space beyond our world. They are a conversation starter and fascinating to look at. Each piece is unique in its formation. If they could only tell their stories of where they came from and what they had seen, we'd have a whole science fiction book based on reality. 

moldavite necklace
Moldavite Necklace Sterling Silver Curb Chain Genuine Meteorite Pendant

How was Moldavite Formed?

Moldavite was formed by a meteorite impact in south Germany that occurred 14.7 million years ago. When the Meteorite impacted upon Earth, it struck the ground and created the Ries Crater of Germany. The intense heat and pressure of the impact caused Earth and Meteorite materials to fuse, forming this green Tektite we now know as Moldavite. 

Where is Moldavite Found?

Moldavite is mined in the Czech Republic and can be found around the world by reputable sellers like Satin Crystals.

When the Meteorite impacted Earth 14.7 million years ago, the melted and splattered material became air born and most fell in Bohemia by the river Moldau of the current day Czech Republic. 99% of all Moldavite comes from the South Bohemian localities, 1% were found in South Moravian localities. 

What Color is Moldavite?

Moldavite is always green. It can be light green, olive green, dark green, even brownish-green.

The stone's green color is a result of its chemical composition. The most influential factors are the presence of iron and manganese. The prevalent form of iron is Bivalent Iron, which makes the green color. Brown shades are the result of trivalent iron. 

Moldavite is transparent, ranging from very clear to thick and cloudy. When you hold it up to the light, you can examine the transparency.

Moldavite Meteorite Alien Shark Fin Star Gazer Space Stone Lucky Green Tektite P01

moldavite meteorite for sale

Moldavite Meteorite Wormhole Astral Meditation Green Tektite Gemstone P03

What is Angel Chime Moldavite?

Angel Chime Moldavite is not a variety of Moldavite, but rather a classification for Moldavite that makes a very special sound. When struck against another piece of Moldavite, it makes an unusual sound that is more metallic than ordinary Moldavite.

The chime of the angel can be heard if you rub it's surface or strike it against any object that will get it to ring. We don not recommend striking the meteorite harshly, as it may break. Therefore, gently dropping another Moldavite onto your Angel Chime is the best way to hear it sing.

The special sound of Angel Chime is due to the internal stress within the Moldavite. Angel Chime has a strong internal stress. This can sometimes be observed visually by examining the internal structures of the piece.

Less than 1% of Moldavite is Angel Chime Moldavite. The rare and melodic Angel Chime is said to be a gift from the angels and allows you to make an easy connection with your guardian angels, archangels, and the entire angelic realm.

What are the Healing Properties of Moldavite?

Moldavite is a gift given to us by the cosmos. It has vast powers in healing and metaphysical benefits. Here are some of its most beneficial healing properties:

Moldavite for Relationships

Moldavite rings true to your Heart Chakra with its beautiful green color. Moldavite allows love to flow through your soul at the universal level. That means going beyond selfishness and petty nature so that you can share yourself fully with loved ones. 

As a Heart Chakra mineral with outer space origin, Moldavite is the best crystal to help you find your cosmic soul mate. Your story of love is written in the stars above. Moldavite helps you navigate obstacles and interferences so you can find and keep your soul mate.

Moldavite helps you improve other relationships beyond your romantic ones. It brings you a greater awareness, compassion, and empathy. Moldavite encourages you to see the big picture in life and to appreciate the small moments while you're at it. That means being grateful for the special people who currently inhabit your world.

Moldavite for Astral Travel

Due to its extraterrestrial nature, Moldavite is the prime pick for astral travel meditations.  Feel yourself floating up and out of the world when you hold Moldavite during your meditations. The high vibration of Moldavite allows you to leave your physical body quickly and embark on a journey into the stars.

Moldavite for Channeling

Moldavite connects you to the alien realm. It is a highly recommended tool for channeling alien life and civilizations from beyond. Moldavite brings you messages through visions, whispers, and intuition. Grab a protection stone in one hand and a Moldavite stone in the other while you engage in this esoteric yet evolutionary practice.

Moldavite for Energy Cleansing

The high frequency of Moldavite allows it to easily break apart lower, dense energies. What that means for you is that it helps shatter away negative thoughts, stale situations, and bad influences. 

Using Moldavite in the home, office, or healing room helps to keep the positive vibes flowing. Doing affirmations and meditation with Moldavite helps keep your thoughts and feelings uplifted.

You can learn more techniques and benefits by reading about our Top 5 Uses for Moldavite.

What does Moldavite look like?

Moldavite is a glassy green substance that can come in a variety of green tones. It usually has a wavy or bumpy texture. Moldavite can have sharp shards where fractured. They can be semi-circular, semi-cylindrical, and anything in between.

Moldavite is usually found in fragments ranging from tiny pebbles to deluxe collectible pieces. The largest found is approximately 235 grams (8.2 ounces) and is on display in the National Museum of Prague. In fact, the largest collection of Moldavites can be viewed at the Prague Museum.

What is the classification of Moldavite?

Moldavite is classified as a Tektite, which is glassy type of Impactite. When big Meteorites strike the Earth, the crash transforms the surface. The combination of the Meteorite, earth minerals, heat, and pressure result in new metamorphic rocks.

Although they generally contain mainly Earth minerals, meteorite fragments are lodged in many pieces.

Learn more about Meteorite Classifications and Types.

Is Libyan Glass the same as Moldavite?

Although they are different minerals, Libyan glass is the Yellow Tektite Sister of Moldavite. Libyan Desert Glass is a yellow Tektite that is found in Libya and Egypt. Its creation is attributed to a different meteor impact event. It has a similar glassy texture and clarity but in yellow color. Because the impact event happened in the sand, small pieces of sand are common inclusions of this mineral and gives it the nickname The Great Sand Sea Glass.  

How do you shop for real Moldavite?

You'd love to be an owner of exclusive, limited Moldavite, but you have no plans to visit the Czech Republic in the near future. Thankfully, Moldavite is available through many reputable sellers and meteorite afficionados. Unfortunately, Moldavite is also mass replicated in Chinese factories and supplied around the world to unsuspecting buyers.

We've seen thousands of buyers give 5-star reviews to fake Moldavite throughout several online marketplaces. These buyers are thrilled to have green Tektite at bargain-bin prices. Little do they know that they have been overpaying for colored green glass. 

Don't become a victim, learn How to Buy Real Moldavite, or let trusted sources like Satin Crystals properly equip you with one of the world's greatest gems.

At Satin Crystals, Lisa handpicks every piece of Moldavite that comes our way. We look for the best in form, color, and energy.

If you want 100% peace of mind and 100% authenticity, visit the Satin Crystals Moldavite Collection. Because our customers love variety, we offer genuine Moldavite in collectible specimen pieces, cosmic pairs, designer necklaces, precious rings, and more.

moldavite cage necklace

Moldavite Pendant Genuine Green Meteorite Gemstone Fancy Globe Cage


How do you cleanse your Moldavite?

Physically, you can clean your Moldavite under water and air dry. If it's just a litte dust you want to remove, you could even wipe it with a cloth. If you are using anything harsher than simple running water, beware that you could scratch or break the stone. 

As with all healing crystals and minerals, we recommend you clean, charge, and program your Moldavite energetically for best healing results

Because it is star born, Moldavite energizes well in starlight. It can be charged at night in the windowsill or in the garden during the Full Moon. 

What are the brown and white minerals on Moldavite?

A lot of times Moldavite comes to you with brown or white minerals on the surface, or even embedded within. Consider yourself lucky, because your Moldavite has accumulated additional healing properties.

The brown inclusions on Moldavite are revered by collectors. They are usually pockets of Sandstone that have formed over millions of years.

The white spots on your Moldavite could be clay or other minerals. They too add additional elements to your Meteorite.

The brown dirt Sandstone should never be cleaned off, it could damage your special piece. White clay, sand, and surface minerals can sometimes be cleaned off at your discretion, using a gentle brush or ultrasonic cleaner. 

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Have you had experience with Moldavite? What do you use your Moldavite for? What are your opinions about Moldavite and its powers? 

We'd love to hear your stories about these galactic green gems. Feel free to write to us below and we will get back to you.