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Libyan Desert Glass: The Yellow Tektite Sister of Moldavite

hand holding yellow libyan desert glass meteorite specimen

Moldavite is a well known Tektite from the Czech Republic. It is revered by both Meteorite collectors and metaphysicists. Moldavite's glowing green color and extraterrestrial-inspired origin is alluring.

But what about her lesser-known older sister, Libyan Desert Glass? This stunning yellow Tektite also goes by the name Great Sand Sea Glass, and she is truly as great as her famous sister Moldavite. 

What is Libyan Desert Glass?

Libyan Desert Glass is the exotic sister of Moldavite, found south of the Mediterranean sea in Egypt. It is a Tektite Meteorite boasting a gorgeous golden yellow color and rich energy. Just like Moldavite, it is glassy and translucent. Some pieces hold sand within them, encasing tiny pebbles of the Sahara desert for ages to come.

Is Libyan Desert Glass Rare?

Yes, Libyan Desert Glass is very rare. It was created during a Meteorite occurrence that took place 29 million years ago. It was a historic event that can never be replicated in the exact same way.

The area where the Golden Tektite is found is uninhabitable Sahara desert land. That makes it hard to excavate. Since the region is politically unstable, it is even more difficult for Meteorite hunters to search the area. Rumor has it that the Egyptian government has halted the hunt and export of Libyan Desert Glass. These several obstacles make it even more rare. We recommend you get your piece now.

How was Libyan Desert Glass Formed?

Libyan Desert Glass was formed from a high temperature and high-pressure event. Libyan Desert Glass is the purest form of natural silica glass on Earth, meaning the event must have been over 1,600 degrees celsius (over 2,900 degrees Fahrenheit).

That is hotter than any other igneous rock on the planet. Not many specimens can survive that temperature. Within some of the Libyan glass, other high temperature resulting minerals can be found.

What Caused the Formation of Libyan Desert Glass?

A Meteorite crashed on Earth and formed Libyan Desert Glass. This happened in the Pleistocene Period in the currently known Sahara Desert. The flying extraterrestrial mass impacted on the sand and all the substances involved changed forms. The Great Sea Sand can be found with grainy inclusions because sand and other minerals became fused in natural glass.

Such a high Meteoritic impact usually leaves a crater, but in this case, no crater has been located. For the past century, scientists were unsure if Libyan Desert Glass was of Meteoric origin or from an airburst event. In May of 2019, scientists found proof to confirm Libyan Desert Glass is of Meteorite impact origin.

Is Libyan Desert Glass a Tektite?

Yes, Libyan Desert Glass is a Tektite. Recent scientific evidence confirms that Libyan Desert Glass is indeed the result of a Meteorite impact, and is, therefore, a Tektite.

Where can I find Libyan Desert Glass?

The Meteorite impact caused fragments of material to fly miles into the air and land in different locations far away. The material's name is Libyan Desert Glass due to the original crashing site of Libya, however, a bunch of the Tektite got launched into Egypt.

When the mineral was thrown out into the air, it created a strewnfield of tens of square kilometers. To find Libyan Desert Glass in its natural element, you need to go to the harsh East Sahara Desert of Libya and West Egypt.

Where can I find Libyan Desert Glass for Sale?

Amazing and rare Libyan Desert Glass can be found at Satin Crystals. We take pride in bringing you the best Golden Tektite Great Sand Sea Glass gemstones.

Satin Crystals offers one of a kind specimens for collecting and/or healing work. They are also available in designer jewelry for people who want to keep the powerful gemstone near at all times.


 libyan desert glass yellow tektite available for sale online at satin crystals meteorite store

Where can I learn more about Meteorites?

If you are as fascinated with Libyan Desert Glass as I am, you're definitely going to want to check out the full range of Meteorites and their descriptions. Learn more about Tektites, Chondrites and a range of rare extraterrestrial treasures. 

Additional Galactic resources to read:

If you have any questions about Libyan Desert Glass or any other meteorites, feel free to comment or contact us with inquiries or stories.

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Sheila Satin - October 6, 2020

Hi Erwin, I have not used them both myself at the same time, but my guess is that they would enhance your spiritual energy. Let us know how it goes if you try this combination!

Sheila Satin

Erwin Andrade - October 6, 2020

For Spiritual outcome what is the outcome if you have tektite moldavite and Libyan Desert glass all together?

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