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How to Wear Moldavite Jewelry

how to wear moldavite jewelryWhat if you could travel through space, touch the stars, and tap into the great unknown? With Moldavite jewelry, you can.

Wearing this special green Meteorite opens up a gateway to the cosmic Universe. Take the leap and explore like you've never done before.

Whether you are flashing a pendant, showing off a ring or layering up these rare gemstone necklaces, Moldavite has you rocking and rocketing beyond this world.

How do you wear Moldavite?

Today we feature three ways to wear Moldavite jewelry and how each style can benefit you metaphysically. 

Moldavite Pendants

Moldavite pendants provide you a front-and-center portal to the cosmos. These gemstones have no limits- the pendants can be worn on your favorite chain, choker or cord at the exact length you desire. With pendants, you get the freedom to switch out your chains at will. 

Do you want to wear Moldavite near your Throat Chakra so you can communicate with your guides and angels? No problem- sport it on the choker of your choice.

Do you want to wear Moldavite near your Heart Chakra for cosmic love? Perfect! Wear your pendant on a chain that lies front and center of your chest.

Do you want to wear Moldavite near your Solar Plexus to give you emotional purpose and a sense of meaning to your everyday life? Place your pendant on a longer chain that adorns your torso.

Moldavite Necklaces

Moldavite necklaces can be layered by length or worn alone as a statement piece. For those who like their jewelry as a finished set, necklaces make perfect sense.

Your Moldavite necklace becomes the prize of your collection, lighting up your aura no matter where you go. Feel like one-in-the-universe when you choose rare and spectacular green Moldavite as your jewel.

Necklaces encircle your aura with the energy of Moldavite. Place your hand over the meteorite when you need a reassuring vibration during your day. 

Moldavite Rings

Moldavite rings are your best bet when receiving and transmitting extraterrestrial energies. Whereas necklaces and pendants are easily admired by others, Moldavite rings are easy for you to gaze into throughout the day. Gain inspiration and innovation by looking into the green rippling soul of Moldavite.

Do you want to channel messages? Write powerful affirmations and gratitude quotes for your spiritual growth? Blog about metaphysics? The Moldavite ring can channel the correct words from the cosmos and out the tip of your fingers.

Each hand and each finger has a different significance when it comes to wearing stones. Check out the Metaphysical Ring Guide and discover the whole wide world of crystal healing with rings. 

Why Wear Moldavite?

Choose Moldavite when you are feeling small, alone and insignificant. This rare Meteorite helps you realize that you are a fascinating and unique creature, an important part of the Oneness. 

Wearing Moldavite provides you with a sense of belonging. It is your connection to the vastness of the Universe. It is your link to the mysteries of life. 

Another plus side of wearing Moldavite is that it's different. People notice, people compliment, and your style stands out.

Keep Connected with Moldavite

Here are some additional Moldavite resources to increase your Meteorite knowledge: 

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Sheila Satin - January 7, 2021

Hi Zana, there is no particular reason for the Moldavite to be set in silver, but that is the most popular style, so you will see a lot of those options. I also like the earthy and raw style like you do! Moldavite is a little harder to find as jewelry in its raw piece because it is prone to break when drilled. And beads of Moldavite would be extremely expensive.

Once in a while I do find Moldavites that have a natural hole, in which case we can string into a necklace like these:*+undrilled*

I would suggest layering your moldavite jewelry with your other favorite stones.

Sheila Satin 😊

zana - January 7, 2021

Hello Sheila!

I am very interested in moldavite and see it is set/ presented in silver …. is there a reason for this? It looks gorgeous but I like the idea of it with other crystals/gem stones. What would you suggest? I adore labradorite, ametrine, amethyst, citrine and obsidian.

I love chunky earthy and raw. The malachite braclet with chunky amethyst really caught my eye – I like that style.

I’m drawn to all things metaphysical and am interested in light work so something that promotes protection and enhancing psychic abilities.

I’m excited and look forward to your suggestions.


Sheila Satin - November 22, 2020

Hi Josephine, that’s great that it arrived early. You never know with the delivery system these days! We haven’t come by any Libyan Desert Glass in ring form as of yet, but it’s a good idea!

Hope you are enjoying your Moldavite ring and we look forward to your review on the jewel!

Sheila Satin 😊

Josephine - November 22, 2020

Hi Sheila, yesterday I received my moldavite ring I was surprised that it arrived early, I will definitely buy from you again, next plan I am going to buy is a Libyan desert glass ring if you have please let me know Thank you From costumer Josephine Sent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone

Sheila Satin - July 15, 2020

Hi Rosa, we are already registered on Amazon under our brand name, but thanks for your interest! If you would like to sell on your own store, we do offer wholesale opportunities:


Rosa - July 15, 2020

Hello, I would like to be able to sell some pieces. We have business on Amazon. Please let me know if we may have permission to promote some of your beautiful jewelry. If you like to send me your product catalog We will be very grateful. Sincerely Rosa

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