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Think of all of the fun your fingers can have adorned with a bevy of crystal healing rings. Unlike necklaces or earrings, rings can actually be enjoyed by your eyes throughout the day. Let your fingers flow through their daily tasks as your mind absorbs the healing glow of gemstone rings. Shop for a wide variety of crystal healing rings here at the Satin Crystals boutique.

Ring Guide - Measuring & Types - Satin Crystals Jewelry Boutique

Measuring for the perfect ring size

Jewelry Size Guide Reference

Determining your ring size

Use a measuring tape or a strip of paper to measure your finger. Consult the International Ring Sizing chart above to determine what size ring to buy.

  • Round up if necessary.
  • Measure at the end of the day, preferably in warm temperatures.
  • If your knuckle is bigger than the base of your finger, measure both to get an average size

Ring Guide - Measurement and Types - Satin Crystals Boutique

Learn about Ring Styles

  • Beaded Rings: provide a fun and fashionable way to wear your natural stone, chakra healing jewelry. Stone beads are strung on your ring with wire or professional jewelry cord.
  • Metal Rings: Choose from different types of stones set in a variety of metal rings. Natural stone rings bring a unique aspect to your jewelry collection.
  • Sterling Silver Rings: Enhance the sparkle of your natural healing gemstones with sterling silver. This precious metal is highly sought after and makes a valuable gift.
  • Stone Rings: Stone rings are solid bands of healing crystals polished to lie smooth on your fingers.
  • Wire Wrapped Rings: Natural crystal healing stones are wrapped in an assortment of wires for a fun and eclectic energy.

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