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Moldavite Stone: The Meteorite of My Dreams

sheila of satin crystals holding up a gemmy green moldavite stone meteorite in front of her third eye chakra

Lisa's Green Alien Dreams

When I was five years old, I had a dream. It was late night. I had crept out of bed and was peeking around the wall into the living room. As it was about to turn midnight, my older sister Sheila was swaying back and forth on her feet like a pendulum with each audible strike of the clock.

There was a can of peaches in the kitchen to the side. Suddenly, I was alone. I  looked over to the big window by the sofa. Filling up the entire window was the giant green brain-like head of an alien.

I awoke in a panic.

When I was eighteen, I had a dream that my younger sister Smita ran away (she used to do this to escape my grandmother, whom she found scary). The doorbell rang, and a lady was holding a newborn baby in her arms who was supposedly Smita.

I looked down at the baby. It was an alien with a glowing green face that matched the color of the E.T. visitor 13 years prior. The alien sent me a telepathic symbols of a merkaba star.

The Meteorites of My Dreams

What both dream aliens had in common was the same glowing green face. Later on, as I discovered Meteorites, I came to learn they had the same glowing green color as my favorite pieces of Moldavite.

My fascination with the great unknown began in childhood. As an adult, I have lead several alien related meditations, group channeling sessions, and classes over the years. I did these with the help of different types of crystals. For example, Labradorite is the Stone of Supernatural and makes the perfect choice for astral travel. Pyramid shaped stones are another excellent pick since they connect you with different dimensions of existence.

Meteorites are different from crystals so we didn't delved into them until years later. I finally developed a true interest in Meteorites when I moved to Hungary. I met the Meteor Man, an avid collector and vendor of Meteorites. Not only did he sell these space rocks, but he knew the history and background of each piece.

I decided to try my hand with Moldavite. The allure of this familiar glowing green tektite was irresistible. Only later did I realize that the brightest pieces shared the same color as the alien visitor in my dreams.

I found that Moldavite and Meteorites were even more powerful than crystals as a tool to study astrology, channel aliens, and do any kind of extraterrestrial related light work.

Moldavites become Reality at Satin Crystals

I introduced Moldavite to Satin Crystals and they were an instant hit. Being in Europe allowed me to bring the best genuine Moldavite to our boutique since Moldavite is exclusive to the Czech Republic. I am able to bring in the best Moldavite rocks, Moldavite pendants and Moldavite necklaces.

Technically, Moldavite is called an Impactite because it is a glassy Tektite that was formed when a meteorite hit Germany 14.7 million years ago. That's when the Ries Crater was created. When the Meteorite impacted upon Earth, Moldavite was formed through the heat and pressure. Moldavite flew far and high due to the impact, and landed in Czech.

As my adoration of Moldavite grew, I ventured out to explore other Meteorites as well. I had never heard of Libyan Desert Glass but soon thereafter fell in love with the bright yellow color and sandy inclusions. It is now a staple in our collection.

Tektites are on the top of my favorite list. Other interesting and rare Meteorites that came my way included Chondrites, Gibeon, Henbury, and Muonionalusta (took awhile to learn how to spell that one by memory).

Your Meteorite Dreams

Meteorites are now an important part of Satin Crystals. We offer real Meteorites for sale because of our true passion for the realm.

Do you have any interesting experiences with Moldavite? What about other Meteorites? What is your favorite Meteorite? Do you hold, collect, display, or wear Meteorites? 

We would love to hear from you. 


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