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How to do Crystal Layouts

man lying in a crystal layoutWant to learn how to create a crystal layout? Is it the same as a crystal grid? Discover what it takes and how you can benefit from lying in crystals. 

Can I benefit from a crystal layout?

Here are just a few of the benefits of lying in a crystal layout: 

  • Crystals layouts are great for self-healing

  • The layout options are as limitless are your imagination

  • You can do them anywhere

  • You can incorporate your whole crystal collection in the layout

  • You get to relax and lie down through the session

What is a crystal layout?

A crystal layout is when you surround yourself with certain crystals programmed for a certain intent. The crystals can be positioned around your body, on top of your body, or held in your hands. 

Is a crystal layout the same as a crystal grid? 

A crystal layout is not the same as a crystal grid. In a crystal layout, your body is the main focus of the practice. The crystals can be on your body and/or around your body while you lie in healing.  If the crystals are on the body, this practice is also referred to as simply a "Body Layout".  

On the other hand, a crystal grid requires you to place crystals in a sacred formation for a specific purpose, such as a mandala. However, you do not lie within it. 

man lying in a crystal grid

How do I create a crystal layout?

Choose specific crystals you want to work with. For example, if you are making a crystal layout to enhance your love energy, you may choose love-related stones like Rose Quartz, Rhodonite, Emerald, and Rhodochrosite. You may have a particular pattern in mind, or you may use your intuition to lie the stones around your body. You may want to place a love crystal directly on your heart for this specific layout. If you are doing the layout on your bed, you could even grid the four corners of your bed with love crystals. 

Find a relaxing space where you can lie down. This could be in the grass, on the sand, on a yoga mat, in your bed, etc. Set the mood with candles, incense, sage, or essential oils that match the energy you are seeking. For example, if you want a calm crystal layout, you may choose lavender. If you want an invigorating crystal layout, you may choose peppermint. 

The crystals that are on your body are best when directly contacting your skin. Sometimes it's too cold or you are not in an appropriate setting. In this case, place the crystals over your clothing or the blanket that is on your body. 

Real gemstones are naturally cold. This will feel great against the skin on a hot day. You could even place them in the freezer if you are in a heatwave situation.

If you are in a cold setting, you can warm your crystals by rubbing them against a cloth. For crystals that won't be destroyed in water, you can place them in a warm bowl of water. 

When and how long should I lie in my crystal layout?

Like everything in crystal healing, the timing is up to you. If you are a beginner, you may want to experiment and start with 5 minutes at a time. If it feels good, keep going. If it is uncomfortable or you can't lie still, try again another time or choose a different layout. 

Like manifesting, crystal layouts are best done in a relaxed state when your subconscious can overcome the chatter of your ego. Right when you wake up,  right before you go to sleep, after a hypnotherapy session, or after meditations are ideal times for a crystal layout. 

There are no hard rules when it comes to crystal layouts. The beauty is that you are in control. Follow your bliss. 

hand over stomach with quartz wand

What kind of crystals should I use in my layout? 

You can use any shape and any type of crystal you like in your layout. Particular shapes can have particular meanings. Here are some examples: 

  • Crystal points and wands focus the energy through the tips, so depending on your layout, you may want to direct certain energy in or out of your body. 

  • Crystal hearts are smooth and represent the energy of love, you can place these over whichever chakras need opening. 

  • Crystal spheres direct energy evenly throughout the surface of the ball. These are great to hold during the layout, place them on a stand so they don't roll or tuck at the sides of your body. 

  • Raw crystals and clusters harness the primal energy of Mother Earth. These are useful to place around the body. 

  • Crystal pyramids and merkabas incorporate sacred geometry into your layout, great for channeling ancient wisdom. 

  • Tumbled stones are very popular for crystal layouts because they can easily be placed on the body and around it. They are also portable so you can create your crystal layout on the go. 

How do I activate my crystal layout? 

To activate your crystal layout, program the crystals you are going to use with your intention. You can do this all at once or program the crystals one by one.

Find more information cleansing, charging, and programming your crystals before your energy healing practice at Crystal Care

hands wearing crystal bracelets and holding quartz sphereHow can I enhance my crystal layout?

You can enhance your crystal layout experience with guided meditations, positive affirmations, or uplifting music.

If you have someone to help you, they can play the singing bowl or play their favorite instrument to help you into a relaxing trance. They can also use a tuning fork to vibrate the energy of the crystals into your body.

What are some crystal layout examples?

You can create as many crystal layouts as your imagination allows. Here are some of our favorites at Satin Crystals:

Crystal Layout to Enhance Self-Love

Lie with a Rose Quartz heart on your Heart chakra, hold two Rhodochrosite spheres in your hands, place Quartz points pointing towards your body, place tumbled Emerald stones between each Quartz point to create a web of love.

Listen to a guided meditation on enhancing love energy and think of all the things in your life that you love.

Crystal Layout to Heal the Earth

Surround your body with Pietersite stones, hold two Petrified Wood spheres in your hands, place Tigers Eye along your chakras. Place one Moss Agate pyramid at your Crown chakra.

Imagine the grounding energy of your crystals pulling your healing intentions into the core of the earth. Imagine the Moss Agate vibrating with life force, filling Mother Nature with much-needed love.  

Crystal Layout to Relieve Anxiety

Place Lepidolite at your Third Eye chakra to relieve overthinking. Place Sodalite at your Crown chakra for mental balance. Place Rhodonite over your Heart chakra to calm social anxiety. Hold two Serpentine spheres to absorb the stress and trauma of your past. Place crystal points pointing away from your body to release and drain the unwanted energy.

Breathe deeply and imagine your worries being vacuumed up by the crystals in your layout. Then visualize this dusty, unwanted energy flowing out through the crystal points surrounding your body. If you feel your mind wandering, squeeze your Serpentine spheres and focus on the Lepidolite at your Third Eye chakra. Keep breathing deeply until you feel your mind relax into a hypnotic state of happiness.

two woman and a man lying in a group crystal layoutCan I do crystal layouts in a group?

If you have a healing group, interested family members, or a like-minded friend, crystal layouts can be done in a group setting. You can lie in identical layouts side by side or you can create a large layout surrounding your group of healers.

When doing a group crystal layout, remember to align your intentions, program your crystals accordingly, and set the timing so you are in and out of the session at the same time.

Ready to lie in your own crystal layout?

Now that you know what crystal layouts are all about, are you ready to lie within your own? Depending on which crystals you vibrate with and what intentions you seek, the possibility is endless. Need some stones to get started? Visit our Tumbled Stone collection or shop right here:


Continue your journey 

quartz pendulums over man and woman lying in a crystal layout

Have stories to share?

Are you new to crystal layouts? Do you have a favorite body layout? We would love to hear about your experiences. Contact us through the form below. 

Disclaimer: Crystal healing information is for fun and entertainment only. It is not a replacement for medical treatments.