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Meteorite Meanings A-Z

sheila of satin crystals looking through a shadowbox of gemmy green meteorite tektite stones Are you fascinated by outer space and the Great Beyond? Meteorites bring you closer to understanding the mysteries of the solar system, scientifically and spiritually. It's no wonder that so many people are drawn to these rare specimens.

This ultimate Meteorite Meanings A-Z is a reference guide unlike any other you've never seen before. You discover what a meteorite is, the metaphysical properties of various Meteorites A-Z, and the story behind each historical impact.

If you are not familiar with meteorites, now is the perfect time to expand your knowledge bank. Once you start learning about these cosmic treasures and their benefits, your interest and etheric energy accelerates like a shooting star.

Gaze up into the stars and feel the power of the Universe at your core. We invite extraterrestrial lovers and meteorite enthusiasts to sign up for the Satin Crystals VIP club today.

What is a meteorite?

A meteorite is a solid piece of debris that originates in outer space and survives the passage through the earth's atmosphere to land here on the planet. Common sources of meteorites are comets, asteroids, and meteoroids.

After entering the earth's atmosphere, the object undergoes various factors such as pressure, friction, and chemical interactions that cause it to heat up and radiate energy. At this point, it becomes a meteor and forms a fireball, shooting through the sky like a star. It then hits an impact point, somewhere on the earth's surface, where it undergoes more chemical reactions. To learn more, visit the Meteor vs Meteorite vs Meteoroid article.

The meteors vary in size, from small stones to giant boulders. Meteorites are named after the locality in which they are found. 

When a meteorite is observed traveling through the sky, it is a meteorite fall. All others are meteorite finds. There are more than 38,000 well-documented meteorite finds to date.  

What is the metaphysical energy of meteorites?

Meteorites and space stones bring the energy of the Universe to the palm of your hand. They are top-pick gemstones for expanding your consciousness. Use your meteorites for meditation and alien channeling, inter-dimensional shamanic journeying, and astral travel.

The metaphysical energy of meteorites is literally out of this world, which is what makes them unique and amazing. There are thousands of different meteorites,  each of which has an individual energy.

Below, you will find the individual healing benefits and meanings of each meteorite in this guide.

What are the different types of meteorites?

You might be wondering what type of meteorite you have, or should own. There are three broad category types of meteorites: Stony, Iron, and Stony Iron.

There is also another category of space-inspired minerals called Impactites. These include gems like Tektites and Crater Suevites.

Learn more about the 3 Types of Meteorites and Impactites.

Meteorite Meanings A-Z 

Many meteorites have been discovered on earth. Each one is unique, with its own story to share and healing benefits to bestow.

Here you can find essential information about some of the most popular and rare meteorites and Tektites:


agoudal meteorite specimen - metaphysical healing properties

  • Origin Story: From the secret mountains of Morocco, Agoudal meteorite was born. Over 40,000 years ago in the ancient past, a meteorite fell from the sky at an incomprehensible speed, striking the enchanted African High Atlas. The supernatural mineral hit so hard, it created not one but two craters that are now Lake Isli and Lake Tislit. These Agoudal space specimens have been carefully collected from the vicinity and are now ready to be cherished by extraordinary beings like yourself.
  • Metaphysical Meaning: Ringing with the power of the enchanted Moroccan mountains, Agoudal brings you the perfect combination of space and earth energy. Holding Agoudal makes you feel like a balanced being, happy and content in the moment. It keeps you grounded when you are feeling spacey. It lifts your vibrations when you're feeling too shackled to the material world. Choose Agoudal meteorite to find your yin-yang harmony.
  • Type: Agoudal is an Iron Meteorite.



Bassikounou Meteorite specimen at Satin Crystals - metaphysical healing properties

  • Origin Story: In 2006, a bright fireball lit up the sky as the people of Bassikounou, Africa watched in awe. A single, precious meteorite stone of just 3.165 kilograms (6.79 pounds) was found that same day by a local man, Mr. A. Salem El Moichine. Eventually, over 20 space specimens were recovered by locals and meteorite hunters. In total, only 46 kilograms of Bassikounou have been found over an 8-kilometer area. This makes it a rare and coveted meteorite that only a few privileged people can own. Will you be one of them?
  • Metaphysical Meaning: This Chondrite that landed in Africa is all about quality and exclusivity. Holding Bassikounou makes you feel original, glamorous, and attractive. It attracts wealth, prosperity, and abundance so you can live rich and happy. Bassikounou reminds you that the Universe is your playground, so enjoy it.
  • Type: Bassikounou is a rare Stony Meteorite.

Black Tektite:

Tektite Meteorite Specimen at Satin Crystals

  • Origin Story: Tektite is an attractive and alluring specialty glass that forms from the impact of a meteorite upon the earth's surface. The name Tektite is often associated with Black Tektite. You can find Black Tektites in craters around the world- if you dare venture so deep into nature. The round one pictured above is from Lei Gong Mo, China.
  • Metaphysical Meaning: This glassy Black Tektite unlocks the secrets of time and space. When you want to astral travel between earth and alternative realities via out-of-body experiences, hold Black Tektite. It will penetrate your core with its ancient wisdom while keeping you safe and protected on your journey. Black Tektite ties you to aliens and the supernatural. It is a must-have meteorite for deep space lovers.
  • Type: Black Tektite is a Tektite Impactite.



Calcite chondrite meteorite for sale
  • Origin Story: Calate was created by particles of the early Solar System that formed an asteroid. It is an ancient meteorite that landed in the Atacama Desert of Chile, one of the driest places on earth. The number behind the name represents the meteorite chunk that it originates from. 
    • Metaphysical Meaning: Rare Calate Chondrite teaches you the power of stamina and endurance. It traveled across the galaxy only to land in one of the driest regions on Earth. When you gaze upon this rugged meteorite, your inner strengths are stirred. If Calate can do it, so can you. Navigate through the tough times with Calate encouraging you along the journey. 
      • Type: Calate is a Chondrite.

        Campo Del Cielo:

        Campo Del Cielo Meteorite Specimen at Satin Crystals - Metaphysical Healing Properties




        • Origin Story: Glistening Campo Del Cielo meteorite was discovered between the province of Chaco and Santiago del Estero, Argentina.  Estimated at 4,000–5,000 years of age, the expansive crater field contains at least 26 craters. That means that Campo Del Cielo was a massive meteorite. So far over 100 tons have been recovered from the inner earth already. That makes it possibly the heaviest recorded meteorite discovery in history. Its public presence was reported in 1576 but star-born Campo del Cielo was already well-known to the aboriginal inhabitants of the area. 
        • Metaphysical Meaning: Campo Del Cielo translates to Field of the Sky. It is a blessing from above, full of spiritual energy. Holding Campo Del Cielo during meditation and reiki practices will raise your vibration to cosmic levels. It brings you to bliss, nirvana, and enlightenment. Not only does Campo Del Cielo reveal to you the power of the galaxy, but it holds ancient shamanic secrets of the native Argentinian aboriginals. 
        • Type: Campo Del Cielo is an Iron meteorite.


        Canyon Diablo:

        canyon diablo meteorite specimen

        • Origin Story: Canyon Diablo comes from the Barrington Crater, which was formed when a meteorite of the asteroid belt hit Arizona, USA over 50,000 years ago. This Iron Meteorite was known and used by Native Americans. It is from Coconino County and was discovered in 1891.
          • Metaphysical Meaning: Canyon Diablo meteorite is for souls who like to fly, dare, and do. This brown space rock came dashing down to earth so it could bring the adventurous spirit of the cosmos to the palm of your hand. Pick Canyon Diablo as your meteorite of choice when you want to stand out from the crowd and own something extraordinary. 
            • Type: Canyon Diablo is an Iron meteorite


              Chelyabinsk Meteorite Specimen at Satin Crystals - Metaphysical Meanings

              • Origin Story: On February 15, 2013, just as the sun was beginning to rise, a gigantic asteroid brightened the sky over the East Horizon of Earth. Coming from the direction of the constellation Pegasus, the meteor struck Chelyabinsk, Russia. The space stone belonged to the group of Apollo asteroids. The Chelyabinsk asteroid had an approximate size of 18 meters and 9,100 metric tons before it entered the denser parts of the earth's atmosphere. Upon rocketing into the planet's atmosphere, it exploded in an air burst and Chelyabinsk meteorite fragments landed on the ground. 
              • Metaphysical Meaning: Chelyabinsk is associated with the constellation Pegasus, the mythical Greek stallion. It brings you the power of Pegasus, who defies reality and can fly. Holding Chelyabinsk allows you to soar to new heights in spiritual development, self-improvement, and self-confidence. It is a meteorite of strength, endurance, and beauty. Use Chelyabinsk when you need a jolt of power and support.
              • Type: Chelyabinsk is a Stony Meteorite.



              Chergach Meteorite Specimen at Satin Crystals - Metaphysical Healing Meanings

              • Origin Story: Chergach is the darling product of a meteor that fell onto Erg Chech Timbuktu, Mali on July 3rd of 2007. With a boom, crackle, and bang, Chergach's scream could be heard all across the desert floor. Desert nomads reported several detonations, but no fireball was seen. During that same winter, about 100 kilograms of meteorites were collected strewn over a 20-kilometer wide field. If you get a hold of grand Chergach, you are one of the lucky ones!
              • Metaphysical Meaning: Chergach was a loud meteorite heard by many. It encourages you to speak your mind. It brings nomadic adventure to your life, allowing you to be bold and do things despite your fears. Have Chergach nearby when you need help moving on to the next step- whether it is finally asking out your crush, getting that promotion you've been eyeing, or getting deeper into your meditation practice. Don't lose your voice to fear- speak with your heart and persevere.
              • Type: Chergach is a Stony Meteorite.



              Chondrite Meteorite Specimen at Satin Crystals - Healing Properties

              • Origin Story: Chondrite is a classification of the most abundant type of meteorite found on earth, the Stony Group. Chondrites were formed with the particles and grit of the primitive Solar System which gave rise to asteroids 4.55 billion years ago. Their study provides clues of the origin and age of the solar system, organic compounds, and the origin of life and water. Sometimes it is not possible to pin down a specific location of a Chondrite since there are over 27,000 types in the world's collection, so the general fall area will be used. The rabbit-shaped specimen pictured above is a North-Western African H5 Iron Chondrite.
              • Metaphysical Meaning: Chondrites have been around for over 4 billion years and are the primitive grit of the galaxy. Hold Chondrites to receive wisdom from the Universe. Use them to access the Akashic Records, the blueprint of all that was, is, and will be. If you are a visionary, psychic, intuitive, or empath, you must have Chondrite Meteorites. They are the core of existence. There is nothing more deep or powerful.
              • Type: Chondrite is a Stony Meteorite.



              eucrite meteorite specimen from satin crystals

              • Origin Story: When you gaze up into the starry night, you might be lucky enough to glimpse 4-Vesta, the second largest body of our solar system's Asteroid Belt, and the brightest of them all. Many pieces of the rare Eucrite meteorite come from 4-Vesta. They were ejected from Vesta 1 to 2 billion years ago, traveling all over the Milky Way. Eucrite is a meteorite of the HED clan, which stands for "howarditeeucritediogenite." It is spiritually revered and scientifically amazing.
              • Metaphysical Meaning: Eucrite comes from the asteroid 4 Vesta, named after the Roman Goddess Vesta. Holding Eucrite allows you to channel this divine deity of mythology. Vesta is the Goddess of Home and Hearth. Eucrite Meteorite brings peace and tranquility to your house, making it an excellent meteorite to display in a central location. Use it for energizing your space, balance Feng Shui energy, and help strengthen family ties and relationships.
              • Type: Eucrite is a Stony Meteorite.



              Gao Guenie Meteorite Specimen at Satin Crystals

              • Origin Story: Gao-Guenie fell on Burkina Faso, West Africa on March 5, 1960. The fall composed of a large number of fragments and it is one of the largest observed meteorite showers in Africa to date. After three separate detonations, several thousands of stones rained down over an area of about 70 square kilometers. The sound of the fall was heard as far as Ouagadougou, which is 100 kilometers away. Eyewitnesses said that trees were broken and hen houses destroyed. The largest stones recovered weigh up to 10 kilograms. 
              • Metaphysical Meaning: Gao-Guenie rained down upon West Africa with great force: fiery, loud, and proud. Hold Gao-Guenie when you want to go big. Leap forward in life, make ripples in the status quo, get noticed, and be remembered for being great with the energy of this powerful meteorite.
              • Type: Gao-Guenie is a Stony Meteorite.



              Gibeon Meteorite Specimen - Satin Crystals Healing Stones

              • Origin Story:  Gibeon is a meteorite that boasts a grand age of 4 billion years. It fell in prehistoric times in Namibia. Gibeon was used to make tools and weapons by the ancient Nama people of Southern Africa. In 1836, an English captain collected the ancient samples and it was determined that Gibeon was extraterrestrial. It has a strewn field dispersed over 275 kilometers long and 100 kilometers wide. Glossy Gibeon is a collector's favorite.
              • Metaphysical Meaning: Gibeon Meteorite was used in ancient civilizations' tool-making and holds the energy of the warrior. Gibeon keeps you protected and encourages you to hunt down your dreams. Use ancient, star-born Gibeon for astral travel, meditation, and past life regression. Extraterrestrial Gibeon guards you against unwanted visitors in both the physical and spirit realms.
              • Type: Gibeon is an Iron Meteorite.


              Henbury Meteorite Specimen - Satin Crystals Stones

              • Origin Story: Henbury Meteorite is a super-rarity from Australia. Henbury Meteorites Conservation Reserve contains 12 craters that were formed from a meteor impact 4,700 years ago. The Henbury Meteor, weighing several tons and accelerating to over 40,000 kilometers per hour, disintegrated before impact and the fragments formed the craters. The scattered fragments of the Henbury Meteorite are extremely heavy since they consist mainly of the metals iron (90%) and nickel (8%). Only a few specimens now exist in the area. If you own Henbury, consider yourself one of the most blessed beings of the universe.
              • Metaphysical Meaning: Holding rare Henbury makes you feel exceptional and reminds you that you are a one-and-only in the Universe. Henbury brings out the superpowers of your personality, awakening the inner greatness you may have forgotten exists. Henbury is the meteorite meant for leaders and the true elite.
              • Type: Henbury is an Iron Meteorite.


              Ilyinets Crater:

              ilyinets crater sphere impactite ball
              • Origin Story: Ilyinets Crater formed when a meteorite struck Earth about 445 million years ago in Ukraine. It landed in the Lypovets and Ilyinets districts of Vinnytsia region. The crater has a diameter of about 8.5 kilometers, or 5.3 miles. Target rocks are represented mainly by granitoids of the Haisyn (Sobite) complex. The meteorite crater consists of Impactites: shock-melt rocks, impact bombs, allogenic and authigenic breccia (suevite, tagamiteetc). Due to the ongoing war in Ukraine, Ilyinets Crater specimens have become harder to obtain and higher in value.
                • Metaphysical Meaning: Ilyinets Crater has a spirit of endurance and perseverance, like the people of its original locality of Ukraine. This meteorite bridges two worlds...that of Earth and that of the Great Beyond. When you are pondering the mysteries of the Universe, let Ilyinets guide you to the answer. It is a stone for healers, channelers, and believers
                • Type: Ilyenets Crater is an Impactite.

                Libyan Desert Glass:

                real yellow libyan desert glass specimen at satin crystals shop

                • Origin Story: Libyan Desert Glass is also known as Great Sand Sea Glass. It is found in East Sahara, Libya, and West Egypt over areas of tens of square kilometers. Although the origin of this glass is uncertain, it has long been considered of possible meteoritic origin. It is the purest natural silica glass ever found on Earth. Libyan Desert Glass has been dated back to about 26 million years. It was used to make tools during the Pleistocene, a period that lasted 2,580,000 to 11,700 years ago. Libyan Desert Glass is glassy yellow and either naturally rocky or tumbled smooth by sand. Due to current government restrictions and political turmoil in the region, this brilliant Great Sea Sand is getting harder and harder to obtain. Grab your Libyan Desert Glass now before it's too late.
                • Metaphysical Meaning: Libyan Desert Glass hails from Egypt. Hold this ancient treasure to channel the energy of gods and pharaohs. It will bring you a greater understanding of history, your ancestry, and your fellow beings around the galaxy. Libyan Desert Glass is unique in that it brings you the energy of sun, stars, earth, and sand all in one. Being a rare Yellow Tektite it gives you sun energy and opens your Solar Plexus chakra to happiness. Being born of a meteorite impact, it provides you with cosmic wisdom. Being of the sandy desert earth, Libyan Desert Glass tells you the grounding, healing forces of the planet.
                • Type: Libyan Desert Glass is a Tektite Impactite.



                natural green moldavite meteorite - satin crystals

                • Origin Story: Moldavite is a one-of-a-kind Tektite aged over 14.7 million years old. When a magnificent meteorite hit Germany long ago, the impact of the space stone on earth created Moldavite. Green glassy Moldavite flew into the air, landing in what is now the Czech Republic. Moldavite is the most popular Impactite of modern time, revered for its power and beautiful green tone. Although once readily available, it is becoming harder and harder to find. In 2020, the Czech Republic put major restrictions on mining and selling Moldavite. In the very same year, its popularity soared when people began sharing their incredible Moldavite experiences on social media. The increased demand landing at a time of decreased availability means  real Moldavite is becoming rarer with each passing moment.
                • Metaphysical Meaning: Moldavite is a green gemstone Tektite from the Czech Republic with an amazing high vibration. Popular Moldavite healing gems are perfect for astral travels. They help you connect with your Higher Self, Guardian Angels, and Master Beings, to tune in to inner obstacles that are ready to be cleared. After clearing, Moldavite opens the Heart chakra to bring true love from the stars above. When you seek to let go of the past and find a cosmic lover, turn to Moldavite and attract a soul mate.
                • Type: Moldavite is a Tektite Impactite.



                Muonionalusta meteorite specimen - satin crystals stones

                • Origin Story: Muonionalusta is the oldest known meteorite at 4.653 billion years old. The meteor impacted Northern Scandinavia about 1 million years BCE during the Quaternary period, scattering about Sweden and Finland. Since landing on earth, it has endured four Ice Ages. The first fragment was found in 1906 near the village of Kitkiojarvi, and around 40 pieces are known today. Muonionalusta has magnificent patterns called Widmanstatten lines. The metal pieces are like etchings, and its beauty makes Muonionalusta a collector's favorite. When you own Muonionalusta, you own meteorite art.
                • Metaphysical Meaning: This gorgeous meteorite has endured four Ice Ages, teaching you the power of perseverance. Muonionalusta is as old as time, bearing the answers of the cosmos within its matrix. It is an attractive meteorite for philosophers, spiritual leaders, and those wishing to expand their consciousness. Muonionalusta also encourages you to participate in artistic endeavors and proves that art has no boundaries.
                • Type: Muonionalusta is an Iron Meteorite.



                Nantan meteorite specimen at satin crystals shop

                • Origin Story: When Nantan meteorites landed near the city of Nantan of Guangxi, China in 1516, it was observed "During summertime in May of Jiajing 11th year, stars fell from the northwest direction, five-to-six-fold long, waving like snakes and dragons. They were as bright as lightning and disappeared in seconds..." The meteorite burst during passage through the earth's atmosphere and the pieces scattered over a strewn field of 28 kilometers. The fragments were collected in 1958 and are powerhouse meteorites in the metaphysical world.
                • Metaphysical Meaning: Nantan meteorites landed in China, "waving like snakes and dragons" as they fell through the sky. Nantan holds the power of the mighty dragon, becoming a fierce protection crystal that keeps you safe during your everyday travels and spiritual trips. Nantan is meant for those who are passionate, goal-oriented, and true to their desires. It is a meteorite for leaders, doers, and the proud.
                • Type: Nantan is an Iron Meteorite.


                Nordlinger Ries Crater Suevite Breccia:

                Nordlinger Ries Crater Meteorite Specimen at Satin Crystals

                • Origin Story:  Nordlinger Ries Crater Suevite is a cousin of Moldavite, born from the same meteor impact. When the meteor hit earth 14.7 million years ago, it created this large, circular, crater depression in Bavaria, Germany. At the same moment green Moldavite was formed and ejected 450 kilometers away to the Czech Republic. The original Nordlinger Ries crater rim was about 24 kilometers in diameter. The Nordlinger Ries impact crater was a rampart crater, which is rare on earth because it is almost exclusively found on Mars. If you are attracted to the energy of Moldavite, a Nordlinger Ries Crater Suevite will also win your affections. 
                • Metaphysical Meaning: Nordlinger Ries Crater Suevite Breccia was created when a meteor landed and formed a depression crater on Earth. Holding Nordlinger helps to fill a void and replaces your depressed feelings with happiness, a sense of self-worth, and purpose. When your cup feels empty, this crater reminds you that you have the power to refill the space with something even better than before. The mineral is grounding and comforting yet uplifting and motivational.
                • Type: Nordlinger Ries Crater is an Impactite 



                Ochansk Meteorite Specimen at Satin Crystals

                • Origin Story: On August 30, 1887, a loud fireball shot through the sky and a shower of stones fell upon the humble village of Tabory in Ochansk, Russia. It was a 500-kilogram mass. You can find the largest mass of Ochansk Meteorite at Kuzan University in Russia. These days, it's hard to come by but pleasing to have. 
                • Metaphysical Meaning: This Chondrite fell like a fireball upon Russia. It is associated with the Fire Element and will ignite your inner passions when it is in your aura. Ochansk helps you discover your dreams and pursue them with full force. Ochansk is a meteorite of manifestation, law of attraction, and success.
                • Type: Ochansk is a Stony Meteorite.


                Sericho Meteorite Specimen at Satin Crystals

                • Origin Story: Sericho was discovered in the village of Habaswein, Kenya in 2016 by two brothers searching for their camels. They noticed peculiar masses looking different than the rest of the rocks and suspected them to be meteorites. Although this was marked as the official finding of Sericho, the rare space stones were already known to locals before that time. Sericho meteorites are metal-rich and generally have rounded patterns, strong etching, and tones of orange or green in silver. They are truly stunning and make prized pieces. Sericho is found in a strewn field that is longer than 45 kilometers. A total of 2.8 tons have been uncovered. 
                • Metaphysical Meaning: As Sericho is a meteorite discovered by two brothers on a quest, it holds the answers for those seeking something spiritually or materially. When you have Sericho by your side, you're more likely to find what you seek. You also discover surprises along your journey. Sericho keeps you safe during travels, whether you are physically vacationing around the world or astrally floating through meditations. 
                • Type: Sericho is a Stony-Iron Meteorite.



                Seymchan Meteorite Specimen at satin crystals

                • Origin Story: During a survey in June 1967, a triangular-shaped thumb-printed meteorite was accidentally discovered in Seymhcan, Russia. The main 272.3-kilogram piece was lying among the stones of the brook bed in the river Hekandue. A second 51-kilograms specimen was found 20 meters away later that year. The main mass was turned over to the Academy of Sciences of the USSR. During an expedition in 2004, about 50 kilograms of new material was recovered. Seymchan is considered stable and rust-resistant. It boasts beautiful artistic patterns, painted by the stars for you.
                • Metaphysical Meaning: Being stable and rust-resistant, Seymchan brings stability to your life. When you hold it, it calms down your inner turmoil and everyday struggles. You can become "rust-resistant" with Seymchan because it keeps you active and goal-oriented. The meteorite blasts away procrastination, laziness, and a defeatist attitude.
                • Type: Seymchan is a Stony-Iron Meteorite.



                Sikhote-Alin Meteorite Specimen at Satin Crystals

                • Origin Story: Sikhote-Alin resulted from the large meteorite that fell on the Sikhote-Alin mountains of Russia on February 12th, 1947. It was the largest recorded and witnessed fall in history, with an estimated 70 tons of material surviving the fiery passage through Earth's atmosphere. Witnesses observed a large meteor brighter than the sun, and the deafening sound was heard for 300 kilometers. The meteor broke apart upon traveling through the atmosphere, resulting in a violent airburst explosion. Sikhote-Alin rained down to earth and has remained here ever since. 
                • Metaphysical Meaning: This meteorite traveled through the earth and was said to be brighter than the sun as it landed. When you hold Sikhote-Alin, you will see The Light. It helps you answer questions and solve problems. For those seeking enlightenment, Sikhote-Alin is a gift from the heavens, assisting you on your true life path.
                • Type: Sikhote-Alin is an Iron Meteorite.


                Tartak Meteorite Specimen at Satin Crystals

                • Origin Story: Tartak was found in 2012 as a 7.6-kilogram mass, making it a rare offering from the Suwalki district of Poland. The meteorite was found during a search for military armaments from World War II. It is dense in Neumann lines, which are fine patterns of parallel lines seen in the heavily etched meteorite slabs. Rare and rich in history, only a very few people in the world own Tartak. 
                • Metaphysical Meaning: Found during World War II during a military search, Tartak holds the energy of the past and can aid you in past life regression work or therapy. Tartak is excellent for those wanting to learn from their past mistakes and move forward triumphantly. It also brings insight and understanding to those studying history or astronomy.
                • Type: Tartak is an Iron Meteorite.


                Uruaca Meteorite Specimen at Satin Crystals Stone Shop

                • Origin Story: Uruacu is a rare meteorite from Brazil that was discovered in 1992. Only four masses were found on a farm by its owner. The farmer continued to search his property for more but didn't discover additional masses until over a decade later. In total, only 1500 kilograms or so of Uruacu were uncovered. The meteorite has a rich orange color or can be sliced nicely to show the silver metallic center. When you own Uruacu, take pride in knowing you have collected something rare and beautiful.
                • Metaphysical Meaning: This rare meteorite that landed in Brazil is very rich in minerals and rich in color. When you hold Uruacu, you discover new riches, cash, and wealth entering your life. It is the meteorite for successful people, business people, and money-oriented people. Uruacu is a meteorite that brings liveliness to your days.
                • Type: Uruacu is an Iron Meteorite.


                Zhamanshin Crater:

                zhamanshin meteorite sphere

                • Origin Story: Zhamanshin Crater was created when a meteorite struck Kazakhstan about 900,000 years ago. It's theorized that the Zhamanshun crater saw a meteorite event of such magnitude that it might have sparked a nuclear-style winter, but it was too small to trigger a mass extinction. The energy release amounted to several Hiroshima bombs. This resulted in a surface area full of fossilized corals and shells, tektites, impact melts, and impact glass - the result of a powerful transformation of the earth's structure. Explore an amazing variety of geological wonders in one incredible area. The diameter of this crater is about 14 kilometers or 8.7 miles. 
                  • Metaphysical Meaning: Zhamanshin Crater's nuclear powers give it the ability to blast away dark forces and negative influences in your life. This rare mineral obliterates destructive thoughts and repels ill-willed people. When you have Zhamanshin Impactites in your presence, you feel grounded and protected. All the while, connecting with your cosmic purpose. 
                  • Type: Zhamanshin Crater is an Impactite.

                  Do I need a Certificate of Authenticity?

                  People occasionally ask if a Satin Crystals Meteorite comes with a Certificate Of Authenticity (COA). We give you something better than a COA, we give you our Satin Crystals genuine backing, and 100% satisfaction guaranteed policy.

                  Most of the "COA's" offered by other gem and mineral shops hold no meaning- they simply print up a self-made card and include it in your order without having the stone lab-verified. It takes a professional meteorologist, mineralogist, or gemologist to be able to determine the composition of your specimen.

                  We previously had one certified meteorite, which was a 2.71-gram Tartak slice that sold for $295. It was registered under IMCA #3655 from Poland. We have also sold three Australite Tektites that are marked and verified by the South Australian Museum.

                  Learn more about How to Buy Real Meteorites. Rest assured, here at Satin Crystals we are experienced and passionate about meteorites to get you the real deal.

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