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Pendant Guide


Build a collection of natural stone pendants to wear on your favorite necklace chains and chokers. Here at Satin Crystals, we offer a rotating selection of crystal healing pendants to keep your aura refreshed.

Measuring Pendants - Satin Crystals - Jewelry Guide

Measurements for Pendants

Here at Satin Crystals, we measure our pendants to encompass the total length from top to bottom, unless otherwise stated. We also indicate the width of the bail opening so you can determine what size chain you can wear with the pendant.

Pendnat Guide - Satin Crystals Jewelry Boutique

Pendant Styles

  • Animal Pendants: Wear healing animal pendants to embody the creature's totem characteristics.
  • Cage Pendants: Cage pendants keep your natural stones secured but visible for display.
  • Chakra Pendants: Balance each of the seven main chakras with chakra healing pendants.
  • Heart Pendants: The ultimate symbol of love, keep heart pendants close to your Heart Chakra. 
  • Point Pendants: Point Pendants allow us to direct the energy through the crystal's tip in manifestations and crystal healing. Point crystals can also be used as pendulums for dowsing.
  • Spiritual Pendants: Wear spiritual pendants to connect with angels, deities and the higher realms. Spiritual pendants feature a symbol from the metaphysical world, may it be a revered Deity, a lightworkers Cross or a beloved Angel. Through spiritual energies comes reiki healing and chakra balance.
  • Star Pendants: Reach for new heights with your new crystal healing star pendants. 
  • Stone Pendants: Natural stone pendants come in raw clusters, points and polished and tumbled gems. Wear stone pendants for healing energies throughout the day.
  • Vial Pendants: Vial pendants store natural stones in clear containers reminiscent of Apothecary jars, windowed frames and little terrariums.
  • Wire Wrapped Pendants: Natural crystal healing stones are wrapped in an assortment of wires for unique chakra balancing fashion.

What should I hang my pendants on?

You may already have your preferred chain or cord for your pendants, but if not, here are some options: 

Cotton Cord - For those who like organic materials, a cotton cord comes in many colors and is soft on the skin. Found in waxed and unwaxed cord. 

Chokers - Usually made out of metals, chokers are short neck wires that feature your pendant right at your neckline. 

Chains - Coming in multiple lengths and metals, you can slip your pendant onto a matching chain or contrast it for a funky style. Chains are easy to layer in different lengths to create a whole statement look. 

Leather Cord - For those who like the durability of leather, wear your pendants on this type of cord. Found in dyed and undyed, leather cords give you a sleek and earthy look. 

Add to your Pendant Collection

How is your pendant collection looking? 

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