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How to Use Protection Crystals

sheila from satin crystals holding up a black tourmaline stone sphere in front of her face

Are you tired of being drained by negative energy? Recruit the help of protection crystals to surround your aura in the light of positivity. 

Here we will go over the most popular crystals used for protection. You will also learn how to use these stones in your healing practice to protect your home, your thoughts, and your soul. 

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Is it time to let go of negative thoughts?

Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by all the negativity in the world? It seems to be everywhere. From overbearing bosses to lethargic coworkers, nagging in-laws to rude young hooligans, where does it end? 

Even strangers in the streets are full of road rage. Perhaps you have your own angry outbursts to contend with. We have been conditioned to negative thought patterns from a young age. Born with the instinct to survive, we are naturally skeptical and cautious of the unknown.

In school, we are taught to be competitive and fear failure. People are pitted against each other, and this breeds a society riddled with negative behavior. It is so ingrained into the psyche that we are usually unaware of our own negativity.

Evade energy vampires, nay-sayers, and bad influences by utilizing the power of protective crystals. Shedding destructive people and unwanted thoughts helps you focus on the positive things you can do and achieve in your life. 

What crystals are for protecting against negative energy?

You need protection from all kinds of negative energies. Negativity seems to be all around: in your doubts and dark thoughts, external dangers, violence, foul neighbors, the list goes on and on.

Protection crystals exist to help you escape these exact problems and situations. Let your inner light shine bright when you keep away the dark forces with healing stones.

Most black and brown stones are effective in providing a grounding, protected energy. However, protection stones of other colors also have their powers. 

jamie of satin crystals holding up a gabbro crystal healing ball sphere

Top 15 Crystals for Negative Energy Removal

Here are the top fifteen recommended crystals for protection along with a brief description of their protective properties, in no particular order.

natural pink rubellite in white quartz stone sphere - satin crytals meanings
Best crystal for protection from negative energy on physical or astral journeys. Excellent in keeping you safe when coming into contact with unwanted entities. Watch the video and Learn more about Tourmaline.

Natural rainbow obsidian stone sphere  - satin crystals meanings
Best crystal to protect you from the negative energy of other people. It is a must-have stone for healers while they do therapy sessions with clients. Also great for those who are around a lot of anger or illness, such as hospital workers to customer service representatives. Additionally, Snowflake Obsidian is a great crystal for purifying negative thoughts to positive ones. Rainbow Obsidian brings in joy and helps to let go of the past, protecting your aura from depressing tensions. Watch the video and Learn more about Obsidian.

black onyx stone sphere - satin crystals meanings
Best crystal to release negative energy from your aura. Onyx strengthens emotional and physical strength and stamina, especially during times of stress. Watch the video and Learn more about Onyx.

natural black jet stone - satin crystals meanings
JetBest crystal to protect you against hostile outside forces. This lightweight, fossilized wood has long been used as a talisman against violence. Keep it with you when traveling. Because of its weight, it is easy to carry with you or wear a large chunk of jewelry. Watch the video and Learn more about Jet.

natural iridescent labradorite stone sphere - satin crystals meanings
Labradorite: Best crystal to deflect unwanted energies while you channel or enter a light trance. Great for spiritual protection during your astral travels. Watch the video and Learn more about Labradorite.

natural golden brown tigers eye stone sphere - satin crystals meanings
Tigers Eye
Best crystal to watch over and guide you, just like the protective tiger spirit animal. It increases your confidence, strengthening your Solar Plexus and Root chakras so that you are not susceptible to outside influences. Watch the video and Learn more about Tigers Eye.

natural pyrite cluster stone sphere - satin crystals meanings
Best crystal to shield you from negative energy so you can sustain positive energy, health, and intellect. Pyrite is great at deflecting unwanted energies. It is very popular in gridding your house or space to keep out negative influences. Place Pyrite crystals in each corner of the room, bed, car, office or whatever space needs protection. Watch the video and Learn more about Pyrite.

natural black lava stone - satin crystals meanings
Best protective energy that keeps you strong and grounded in times of trouble. It roots you deep in the earth to connect with the fire in your soul. 

natural metallic hematite stone sphere - satin crystals meanings
Best protective crystal for everyday safety. It is a weighty stone that helps you stay in the present moment and stay vigilant. Its heavy energy provides a security net that can not easily be broken. Watch the video and Learn more about Hematite.

 natural black shungite stone sphere - satin crystals meanings
Best crystal to protect you from unwanted radiation and the Evil Eye. With Shungite at your side, you are free to relax and live your life without worries.

kambaba crocodile jasper sphere - satin crystals balls

Kambaba Jasper: Best crystal to watch over your home or space. This is also known as Crocodile Jasper for its green color and black eye-like patterns. Watch the video and Learn more about Jasper.

natural orange banded stone sphere - crystal healing meanings
 Best crystal to protect you against psychic attacks. Psychic attacks can be negative thoughts that are sent to you consciously or subconsciously. Ward off these unwanted attacks with the help of Carnelian's powers. Watch the video and Learn more about Carnelian.

natural raw selenite gypsum stone - satin crystals meanings
 Best crystal to seal your aura. This crystal helps keep you in a protective bubble,  enhancing your aura. It fills any energetic holes and leaks in your personal space. Watch the video and Learn more about Selenite.

natural green and black turquoise stone sphere - satin crystals meanings
Best crystal to keep you safe during your travels. Also known as travelers' stones, Turquoise crystals can be carried with you or worn on your journeys to protect against unknown dangers.

natural brown smoky quartz stone sphere - satin crystals meanings
Smoky Quartz
 Best crystal to counteract the negative influences of electromagnetic radiation. Place these near your computer, TV, microwave, and cell phones so as not to be drained by electrical forces. Watch the video and Learn more about Smoky Quartz.

How do I use healing crystals for protection?

Depending on what you want to protect, place your protection crystals in the appropriate areas of stress. For example, if you are wanting protection while driving, place a crystal in your glove compartment. If you are wanting protection during your travels, wear a programmed crystal during your journeys. If you want protection during your dealings with others, wear a bracelet or a necklace to keep your aura safe. 

Keep reading for techniques you can use to protect yourself from bad influences.

How to use Protection Crystals to Safeguard against other People's Negative energy

There are several ways to keep yourself protected from people who are up to no good. We always recommend you keep protection stones right on your body.

That could mean wearing a black Tourmaline necklace to a party, sporting a Jet bracelet to the beach, or even discreetly adorning yourself with Onyx cufflinks at a business meeting.

For those who can not or choose not to wear jewelry, a polished or raw stone does the trick equally as well. Carry a polished Tigers Eye worry stone in your pocket or a small Pyrite rock in your purse.

If you work in an environment full of unhealthy coworkers, you may need something larger than a small stone or jewelry. Perhaps keep an Obsidian Sphere or Shungite Sphere on your work desk to deflect chronic negativity. If someone asks you about it, you can say that it is a decorative paperweight - and that is not a lie!

The same goes for your home life; if there is too much bad energy going around in the family or among roommates, it is time to protect yourself with larger pieces of protection crystals. A tasteful Carnelian Heart in the middle of the living room table might defuse some of the anger and replace it with love.

sheila of satin crystals holding up a double terminated smoky quartz stone wand for protection

How to use Protective Crystals to remove your own negative energy

Protective crystals can help eliminate some of your own chronically negative thoughts and patterns. Keep a stone on or near you at all times. When you see it, the crystal will serve as a physical reminder to be optimistic. Even when you forget all about it, the stone energetically protects you from destructive thoughts.

To be even more proactive, you can form crystal grids around your body while you relax or sleep. Doing positive affirmations while in the grid will amplify the effects.

Stones like Jet are incredible protective forces that can help keep you calm while driving. Place it in the car, whether it is on the dashboard, in the glove compartment, or in the cup holder. Let the protective stone alleviate some of that road rage.

woman wearing jet bracelet

What is the best crystal to wear daily?

One of the easiest ways to keep protected all day long is by tossing on a Protection Bracelet. Real crystals defend you from psychic attacks and falling ill emotionally. These are the best sellers that our clients rave about:



What crystals protect the home?

  • Clean your new home or apartment before moving. Sweep the air in each room with Selenite crystal and cleanse it with sage. 

  • Form grids in any room to keep out bad vibrations. To keep a particular room safe, form protective grids by placing several stones like Tourmaline, Obsidian, and Hematite around the room. Place one in each corner of the room, and preferably more in between

  • Put a raw protection crystal facing the door to suck out the negative energy of anyone entering. When someone comes into your home, the crystal will take the negative energy so you and your space don't become affected. The guest will feel better too. Onyx, Jet, and Shungite are good choices.

  • Put a Protection Crystal in the garden to keep out trespassers. A large garden piece of Crocodile Jasper, Tourmaline, or Tigers Eye can help prevent unwanted strangers from coming over.

hand holding three raw hematite stones

Top 3 Crystal Grid Sets for Protective Feng Shui

Grid your space with these protection crystals. Whether it is around your room, the corners of your house, or at the foot of your bed, these stones are ready to watch over you.



Lisa's Personal Experience with Protection Crystals and Spirit Possession

I have a natural love and attraction for dark stones. Obsidian has been my favorite crystal for as long as I can remember. It is my top choice protection crystal that safeguards my soul.

The most memorable experience I had with protection crystals was when I was treating a client through hypnotherapy. She was recalling her history and experiences. There was so much negative energy flowing out of her memories, that it got me overwhelmed and surprised. I knew that I would have to increase the presence of my protective Obsidian for the next session so that I won't be affected in a bad way.

In the following session, I was even better prepared with more protective stones and a five-inch Obsidian Ball to safeguard my energy. If a therapist isn't immune to the negative energy of the client, they aren't able to help. Thanks to Obsidian, I was able to continue her therapy objectively and release my client from a gigantic burden she had been holding onto her entire life.

I cannot emphasize enough how important Protection Crystals are for people who are working with clients and patients. It is equally important for everyone who has contact with the general public or even friends and family members who can be negatively minded.

As if your negative thoughts and doubts are not enough to contend with, do you want to take on someone else's problems? No, you do not. The best way to help yourself and to help others is to be able to empathize without compromising your health, safety, and sanity.

jamie of satin crystals holding up a black tourmaline and gabbro stone sphere for protection

Most Powerful Crystal Spheres to Protect Your Soul

These crystal balls deflect negative energy away from your aura and soul. If you are a therapist or doctor, they are essential in your practice.

Crystal spheres are the top choice for cleansing the darkness in a home.

For those wanting protection at work, the spheres double as discrete decorative pieces and paperweights. The crystal ball wards off tiresome coworkers and bosses without them even knowing it. 



What crystals make you happy?

You will notice a major surge in your positive energy once you clear out the negative forces that were holding you back. It may feel like a heavy stone has been lifted off of your shoulders, even off of your soul.

Shedding destructive people from your life helps you focus on the positive things you can do and achieve.

By using Protective Crystals to get rid of the negative thought patterns that were disrupting your progress, it becomes easier to achieve your dreams positively.

You are then ready for Happiness Crystals

Do you need a professional healer?

Crystals can only help you to a certain extent. Crystal healing relies on your focus, intentions, and the power of your mind.

You may need additional help from a professional healer. There is no shame in seeking advice from a professional healer. Check the I Need a Healer article for guidance. 

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