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Reiki Healing with Crystals

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You are ready to delve into the deeper meaning of Reiki, health, and spirituality. Let's learn about Reiki crystals, their benefits, and how to use them. 

What do you know about Reiki? Whether you are new to energy healing or a seasoned Reiki Master, there is always more to know. What are Reiki symbols? Read about their meanings and the origin of Reiki.

Reiki is a healing modality that opens your world to new spiritual experiences and physical joy. For the most extraordinary results, combine crystals with your Reiki session.

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What is Reiki and how does it work?

The practice of Reiki is a form of energy healing in which the practitioner's hands are placed just above your body or lightly touching your body. This is often referred to as “laying on of hands.” Reiki can also be performed long-distance and/or as a form of prayer. 

In an actual Reiki session, the practitioner transfers what is called universal life energy to the client. The purpose is to create deep relaxation, help speed healing, relieve pain, and decrease other symptoms you may be experiencing.

What are the benefits of Reiki?

Reiki can benefit your life on many levels. It is said to provide physical, mental, and emotional relief from everyday stressors. Who couldn't use a break from the chaotic physical world? Gain a boost of positive energy with Reiki.

Additionally, Reiki is often used as an alternative treatment for ailments, such as headaches, muscle tension, and pain. Many people who practice Reiki find that their lives become more balanced and harmonious. Reiki is an individual journey, and it is up to each person to decide if it is right for them.

Here at Satin Crystals, we recommend you always follow your doctor's orders on medical issues and complement your treatments with energy healing and crystals, upon their approval.

While there is no scientific evidence of Reiki's effectiveness, several medical studies have been done. Participants who added Reiki alongside their prescribed medical treatments reported better outcomes in healing and happiness.

How do you use crystals in a Reiki session?

When crystals are used in combination with Reiki, the energy is amplified and the healing process is accelerated. Different crystals have different healing properties, and when used correctly, they support the energy of the Reiki session. By using crystals, practitioners can direct energy to specific areas that need healing. 

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Here are some ways that you can incorporate crystals into your Reiki session:

1. Ask your Reiki healer to infuse your crystal with Reiki power through the palm of their hands. This energy will stay in the stone even after you have left the session.

2. While you receive Reiki, wear crystal jewelry or hold healing stones in your hands. They will be super-energized during and after the session. Choose crystals that align with your healing intentions. 

3. Do your Reiki session while in the center of a crystal grid or with a crystal layout over your chakra.

4. Ask your Reiki practitioner to hold specific crystals in their hands while they do energy healing over your body.

5. If your Reiki practitioner is also trained in crystal healing, they can do more advanced energy healing alongside the Reiki session, like chakra reading with pendulums, aura cleansing with Selenite, and psychic surgery with Carnelian stones.

Keep in mind that with the proper knowledge and training, you can also do Reiki on yourself. In this case, you can infuse your own crystals with Reiki energy.

What are the best crystals to use for Reiki?

The crystals you choose for your session should be based on your healing intentions and goals. However, we have compiled a list of the most popular stones and their benefits:

Crystals For Spiritual Transformation

Amethyst: This stone of spirituality aligns your Crown chakra with your Higher Self and your soul's purpose. Wear or place Amethyst near your head during the session.

Lapis: This blue crystal awakens your intuitive Third Eye chakra. It gives you better visions and a clear life goal. Wear or place Lapis near your head during the Reiki session.

Moldavite: For major life changes, incorporate Moldavite into your Reiki session. This meteoric gemstone of manifestation can be worn as jewelry or held in your hand.

Crystals For Emotional Healing

Rose Quartz: If your Reiki session revolves around relationship issues (with a partner, family member, colleague, or yourself), then Rose Quartz is a vital stone to have in your Reiki session. Wear Rose Quartz jewelry near the Heart chakra or place stones around your heart area.

Chrysocolla: This stone specializes in heart-break healing. If you were hurt in the past by a loved one, use Chrysocolla in your session to help heal that pain. Place it near the Heart chakra or wear it as jewelry during Reiki.

Citrine: To combat depression, anger, or other negative feelings, work with Citrine. Have your practitioner infuse it with positive Reiki energy and place Citrine on the Solar Plexus chakra to open the flow of good feelings.

For Mental Healing/Anxiety Relief

Agate: When stress is getting to your head, you can get grounded with Agate. This stone helps you focus on reality and find reasonable solutions to your problems. Put Agate stones near your feet during a Reiki session.

Lepidolite: This purple gemstone combats overthinking. If you are susceptible to panic attacks and worry, put Lepidolite near your Crown chakra at the head during a Reiki session.

Larimar: This blue beauty is a super calming crystal. Have your Reiki practitioner charge your Larimar with cleansing Water Element energies so that each time you pick it up, you are infused with the serene vibes of the sea.

For Physical Wellness

Jasper: When you are supplementing medical treatments with Reiki, Jasper is a good choice for boosting physical strength. Place it near your Root chakra (bottom of the spine) during a Reiki session.

Obsidian: When you're dealing with pain, complement your doctor's medical treatment with a Reiki session using Obsidian. Put Obsidian at your feet. As a bonus, Obsidian protects you from negative energy. 

Quartz: This crystal is the Master Healer, perfect to use during any Reiki session and for whatever purpose you desire. You can place Quartz crystals and jewelry anywhere on or around your body that needs extra energy.


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Ann's personal experience with Reiki

After I was introduced to crystals and energy healing, I left my job as a computer instructor to become a Lightworker. I traveled the world with my husband Sunny Satin as both a student and teacher of spirituality. We learned from the masters and began to fulfill our mission of spreading light to others around the world. Hypnotherapy, crystals, and Reiki became the cornerstone of our lives.

Sunny and I were ordained by a Reiki Master in India. When I became a Reiki Master myself, I incorporated energy healing sessions into my crystal sessions for clients. I worked with clients in Asia, Europe, America, and South America. Long-distance Reiki was offered to those who could not travel, or to those located in countries we did not go to.

I taught several series of Reiki certification courses in the Satin Crystals healing center. The most dedicated students who successfully finished the course were also initiated into Reiki so they too could spread the healing energy. Some would go on to take the Reiki teaching certification courses so they could continue the tradition.

Reiki is intuitive, powerful, and effective. Although I am retired and no longer offer sessions professionally, I incorporate Reiki and Reiki crystals into my everyday life. I continue to send healing energy to those who need it most.

Sheila's personal experience with Reiki Crystals

I was introduced to Reiki through my mother, Ann Satin. I took a course from her and learned about the power of the hands. In class we practiced with other students. 

After the class, I added in the crystals to my sessions. When we had a physical shop in San Francisco, we used to do healing sessions for clients. I preferred incorporating crystals to the Reiki sessions because they were a tangible energy

For those that are not empaths nor intuitively open, crystals helps connect with the spiritual energies that the Reiki hands channel from the Universe. The client can hold and feel the crystals, whereas they may not be as quick to feel the invisible energy flowing through the Reiki practitioner's hands. In combination, I think this is a powerful method of bringing alignment to the client!

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What are the Reiki symbols used for?

Reiki symbols are considered sacred healing symbols that enhance the flow of Life Force Energy. They are like keys that open doors to higher levels of awareness and manifestation.

The Reiki symbol Cho Ku Rei is the power symbol. It is believed that energy increases significantly when this symbol is used. It is often used at the beginning of the healing session, or any other time that additional power is needed. It is geared specifically for healing within the physical body.

How were the Reiki symbols created?

Reiki symbols are Sanskrit-derived Japanese forms. Sanskrit is the mother tongue of all other languages. It is the language of the Vedas, the oldest writings known to man. The Vedas say that Sanskrit is the language of the spirit world. 

What is the significance of Reiki symbols?

Reiki symbols are shown to Reiki students prior to being attuned. While being attuned, imprinting takes place that links the image they are shown to the metaphysical energies each of the symbols represents.

Reiki attunement empowers the symbols so that they may fulfill their intended purpose. This process has been created by a Divine covenant or sacred agreement between the Creator and those who have been attuned.

The symbols have their own consciousness, which makes it possible to meditate on them and receive guidance on how to use them directly from the symbols themselves.

What qualifications do you need to be a Reiki Master?

The only way to become a Reiki healer is to be a disciple of a recognized Reiki Master. As you train with the Reiki Master, you go through a series of attunements and initiations. The healing power of the Reiki Master is passed on to the student. This process can take several years or can be done in a shorter intensive course, depending on the teacher and student. 

Once you are attuned to Reiki energy, you will be able to use it to heal yourself and others. As you progress in your training, you will learn more and more techniques that will help you become a master in your own right.

With continued practice and dedication, you will eventually be able to teach Reiki to others and help them unlock the power of Reiki. Becoming a Reiki master is a long and rewarding journey, but with dedication and commitment, anyone can succeed.

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Where does Reiki originate?

Dr. Mikao Usui, a Japanese seeker of spiritual truths, brought the Reiki method of healing into human awareness in 1922. A major earthquake struck Japan, causing Dr. Usui to have a deeply spiritual revelation. That's when he realized it was his mission to spread his Reiki knowledge.

Reiki crystal resources for you

Have questions on how to use crystals with your Reiki practice? Feel free to contact us with crystal-related questions anytime. 

Disclaimer: The metaphysical information provided is for entertainment only.