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Satin Crystals Real Customer Experiences 

You love Satin Crystals and Satin Crystals loves you. If you're wondering what our community thinks about our products, services, and informative web pages, you can read loads of positive comments all over our online shop. And even a few complaints, which we try our best to address so that everyone leaves satisfied and smiling. Here are even more testimonials to seal the deal.

Satin Crystals VIP Member Testimonials 

Every new VIP member gets a personal welcome message. These are some responses from happy VIPs:

Ok, I've never received a personalized video for placing an order. Ever. Kudos to you and your sister and Thank you so much!! I look forward to receiving and using them, and I am sure I will be back! Blessings! - Arianna

Wow!! thank you kindly for the personalized message really made feel good for purchasing from you guys .I will definitely be creating an account with you and again thank you so much !! looking for to wearing my new precious stones - Victor

Hello. I was pleasantly surprised by your video. I appreciate you taking the time to make it. I received your email while in the process of reviewing your site to purchase a couple of wands. I have been an avid collector of crystals for over a decade. That being said I really appreciate your site and crystals. You will see my name again lol. Have a blessed day. Namaste - Anthony 

Hi Shelia. Oh my gosh! I am blown away at the personal message. I appreciate you taking the time out of your busy day to do this. Ive never felt so apprciated for purchasing something from any company, and i must say, I Love that you did this personal message for me. Ive had a bad day and this made my entire day! Thank you so cery much, Shelia. I will definetly create an account after seeing this message. I am in shocked in a great way, and thank you again. If its possible to hug from far, I am giving you one. Thank you again, and I look forward to shopping with you again. Arlene

Hi Sheila! How adorable you are to do that! It’s such a surprise ❤️ I love your site and am enjoying learning more about the properties, uses with chakras, all of the wonderful information. See you soon. Happy Sunday to you too. ☀️ Laura

Hi Sheila, thank you so much for this message! I am very excited to continue to learn and grow into my best self with the help of your website and crystals. I will be sure to email you with any questions or anything. Thank you so much, live and light, Sara

Thank you for the time and thoughtfulness behind this video. I appreciate it and look forward to seeing the beautiful crystals you offer, in the future. -David

hello, wow I'm surprised that you took time to welcome me. I've never had a company do that before. - Kristina

Hey Sheila thanks so much for the beautiful assortment of crystals you have!! I’m excited to have found you guys, thanks so much for reaching out!-Alexis

ao amaxibg thank you ! so happy i found you . stat well ❤🌈 - Sandra


Thank you! This was so cool and unique experience how you respond to you customers or just someone signing up for you email newsletters. I buy and support as I can, especially when I see quality. So, I have Satin Crystals in my mind's eye for future reference. I appreciate the welcome video, and will make sure to reach out if needed! 💜💙🧜🏽‍♀️Sugabutterfly87


OMG thanks so much for the message, so approachable! - Cailan

This was so awesome...never had any company do something so personal...really sets you aside! - Heidi

Hi Sheila. I'm impressed by the personal message. Thank you for taking the time to do so. You have beautiful & intimate products, so the personal message really hits home. Looking forward to the wearing of your beautiful creations! - Angeline

Thank you for the personal welcome message! Never got that from any website before! Makes me feel valued! - Tammy

"Hi Sheila! Thank you so much for the virtual welcome. I am so appreciative of companies such as Satin Crystals because you help serve the "crystal lovers" community in a way that educates and heals! So happy to be a new customer!!!" - Deloris

"Wow! This is such a nice gesture of yours! Thank you! :) I did see ALL the beautiful crystals, jewelry, etc and LOVE IT. Hope to be able to purchase some of them soon, I'll pay attention to any updates. Stay safe!" - Carla

"Hi Sheila, thank you so much for the wonderful video, you can call me Bobbie. I absolutely love the website and the stones! I have quite the collection and look forward to adding more to what I have from this site. Stay winderful!" - Bobbie

"I absolutely love that you send a personal video message to your customers. Thank you for your time in doing so." - Paige

"Wow that was awesome. love the personal message. I love small business and I plan on doing business with you" - Audrey

"thank you, that was so very nice of you." - Troy

""Thank You for your kindness. I love the Energies that surround you." - Lucille

"Thank you very much, the video welcome is awesome" - Gerald

"Thank you so much Sheila for the time you took to send me the video message, greatly appreciate. I have just discovered my new interest in crystal stones and their meanings. Im so in love with Crystals i wish i could have them all lol." - Patricia

"What personal service! Thank you Sheila." - Lawaune

"Thank you so much for the personal message, i appreciate it and im also surprised you pronounced my name quite nicely. Most telemarketers just call me Joanne. HA HA!" - Johann

"Hi Sheila! Thank you for the video, and thank you for all the beautiful bracelets you have made for me! I’m looking forward to the Receiving the Moqui Marbles too!" - Debora

"hi sheila, good to meet you! love your videos and website" - Linda

"Thank you for the lovely video .... I look forward to visiting again soon. You certainly have a great site for my interests. Thank you Sheila." -Teri

"Wow! Such a cool reply to my Newsletter Sign-up! You are awesome, Sheila! Peace and Blessings" - Eric

Hi Sheila This is Kathrina and I hope you received my prior email thanking you for such a Fast ship and also Thanking you for making the shopping experience so easy enjoyable and ,Informative And i am really just blown away by this video I have literally never witnessed such a personal touch !Which clearly you have to know will create forever customers,And you have one here now !Its so Nice and Refreshing to really see that ypu and your sister and mother have created a special Thing !So thank you .But i did want to ask you Sbout what i should do first thing when i recive my crystals ,Ive heard so many different things but im bringing it to a clear expertise!Im just learning And i know i meed to set intentions and clense !Atleast i think so was just wondering your advice pleasr and thank you !Kathrina

Satin Crystals Product Testimonials 

Besides the product reviews above, here are some email testimonials we received from customers who loved their crystals. 

Hi Sheila, I can’t tell you enough how beautiful this bracelet came out. It’s perfect. Love it! 
Thank you, J.F. ♥️💫
Dear Sheila, I just received the bracelet my son, Lichen, ordered for me. He is truly a nice man. It is stunningly beautiful ~ a better version of the Buddhist prayer beads I’d purchased in Tokyo. Adjustments are not necessary...Thank you so very much, LaValle 
Good Evening Sheila...I just received my citrine tumble stone earrings#13 I love them. I detoxified them while burning some sage. They are the appropriate size not too small because I am an ample size woman a size 16 to be exact likewise 5'9 in stature. Although the color blends right in with my complexion the earrings match well with my geo-citrine drusy ring. As I mentioned prior I am working on my chakra's and citrine kept calling to me. I read that it is a stone for the solar plexus and it is also a stone for manifestation. Well I am definitely in for that idea. The irony the #13 is the number that represents transformation. I'm excited. Thanks again Sheila. - F.H.

I have ordered many times from Sheila Satin. My orders are always highest quality and shipped quickly. There are always helpful hints on how to use the crystals included with the order. It's a win win deal with Sheila! - P.J.

Thank U, love it, will recommend my friends. got it to-day 15th February 2012. UK Custom and Excise(UK Border Agency) hold the parcel and asked to pay VAT and Royal mail international handling fee.I went to post office to-day at around 12.00pm and paid and collected it. Thanks a million. Lord Buddha bless you and your family. -S.A.

I stumbled on this store months ago. I am interested in crystals etc but don't know anything about them. Every time I am drawn to this store I am drawn to a wonderful little piece of jewelry. The prices are amazing and the staff is knowledgeable and kind. - A.M.

I absolutely love it, I haven't taken it off since getting it the day before Valentine's Day! Excellent service. Best Seller. Quick response to my inquiry. Will buy again.

I was pleasantly surprised. Not only was I happy with the bracelet, but they are very environmentally friendly! The mailer was made from recycled material and the paper that they print info on is seed paper! You can plant it and it will grow! I was very happy. I will definitely buy from this company again!

Satin Crystals Etsy Testimonials 

This is where Sheila Satin first started selling her I Dig Crystals jewelry line. Here are some of our happy Etsy customer reviews: 

alexanderawilson says: Beautiful. Sheila has magnificent jewelry and stones! The customer service was great as well. Thanks

sadiekarchere says: A beautiful bracelet! Arrived fabulously wrapped and with a neat crystal cheat sheet…a much needed cheat sheet! LOL Thanks again, it was fantastic doing business with you =)

Amethyst123 says: These lovely earrings arrived yesterday. I am so glad I ordered them and was so pleased when they arrived. They will surely help bring light into my life during this difficult time. Thank you very much.

q2kang says: Sheila did an awesome job with this piece. It is as beautiful as it sounds. I am going to give it to my friend as a present. She will be thrilled to own this necklace. How can anyone resist one of the kind handmade moon-stone necklace? Sheila is a true artist to create something this neat!

kinestacy says: The jewelery is beautiful and feels smooth on my skin. Fast shipping and nice packaging for a gift. Sheila is a pleasure to deal with.

ennar says: I love this bracelet! I got it so quickly and I love that I didn't have to cleanse it and was ready for my intention. I will definitely be buying from Sheila again. I see another set called the light that I want!

Satin Crystals Ebay Testimonials 

We started our online career here many moons ago. Here is some our feedback we received for our Ebay transactions:

Thank you, I got a bracelet very fast straight to my mailbox! I like very much not polished stones , it nice and beautiful. Nice packed , 5 stars service! -E.N.

ssmooth, fast transaction~neat packing~quality product~great price! (jasper pendant) - the_dube

I LOVE these earrings! I will definitely be a repeat customer! (jasper earrings) - healingdeals

Love it! The picture doesn't do it justice, - thanks! (coral ring) - the_legendocharlie

Definitely worth reading--quick & easy transaction--thanks! (incredibly believable by dr. sunny satin) - paulatague

fast shipping and love the black sheen. thanks (rainbow obsidian bracelet) - bammbaataa

Wonderful cufflinks, so unique! Many thanks for speedy delivery! (sodalite cufflinks) - sunash7085

Pretty, unique item. Quick, smooth transaction. (obsidian stud earrings) - capote1976

Nice product!l! Superfast overseas shipping! I couldn’t be happier!!! AAA+++ (calcite bracelet) - hk1321

I love it! This is such a nice a piece I get tons of compliments. (lapis necklace) - melbarbie

Great ebayer. Love to deal with her. (quartz pendant) -mariah2005-2007

Satin Crystals Yelp Reviews 

Satin Crystals had a brick and mortar retail shop in San Francisco from 2009 to 2011. Not only did we offer our high quality gems and jewelry but we also held classes and meditations in crystal healing, hypnotherapy, Reiki, jewelry making, and metaphysical subjects. Here is what our community said:

I have been to Satin Crystals and purchased crystals and jewelry from this place many times! What can I say? I keep going back!

The crystals and jewelry they carry in there store are the top of the line. I know it is gathered from many places around the world by Ann Satin, a world traveler and healer who teaches the Crystal Healing class at the location. I am a fan of crystals for my home, office and healing practice and have shopped around many places but I have never found this high vibration and quality at any other store, so it is a delight to keep going back to Satin Crystals, they have the best quality items I have found out there. Sheila and Lisa the store owners and business sisters are also great! Not only are they very wise and know a lot about crystals and what you may need...they are warm, welcoming and make you feel at home right away. They believe in the gift of giving and are always offering special sales or giving away gifts. This energy makes the experience fun and it is inspiration their generosity and gratitude. I hope you decide to check out Satin Crystals for a delightful treat, a gift, special healing, jewelry needs or just for a quick pick me up. I love it! - C.B

Crystals have always held a unique fascination for me. Ever since my Saturn Return last year - I've been drawn to - and have been curious about the healing powers which lie in nature. Stones and gems - are unique. I love that they can feel cold to the touch at first and then warm up - to your touch. Each one is different. Has a different story of how they were created and born in the realm of nature. While I don't necessarily understand a lot of the principles behind healing crystals - I am always open to learning more about them. Satin Crystals is a wonderful resource for this. They have a beautiful array of crystal jewelry, individual stones and gems, and are always ready with information to help people better understand them. Trust. - J.T.

I came here for a lecture that Ms. Satin gave on crystal healing. It was all new to me and very interesting stuff to think about. She did a great job presenting and demonstrating for us. I might have to do a healing session just to see what it feels like. - S.M.

I'm an avid gift giver, but after so many years of buying gifts for my family it can get hard to find something original. Wondering what to get my father for father's day (and mother for her birthday), I walked past Satin Crystals and decided to take a look. My mom loves anything that's spiritually healing and my dad is a fan of geodes, so it seemed like a good place to find a gift! Sure enough, I left with an aventurine Tibetan dorjes- perfect trinket for my father's desk at work. Side Note: There's a distinct point in a child's life where you suddenly become concerned about your parents in the way they used to be concerned about you. I am at that point. When I think of my father slaving away at his job for at least 80 hours a week, coming home at 9 or 10 pm every night, working weekends, eating tortilla chips and "spicy cheese" for dinner, ignoring all personal interests for the betterment of our family.... my blood runs cold. I feel guilty. I think about how he works too hard and needs more fun in his life. I think stress = atherosclerosis = high blood pressure = heart attack. Anything I can do to help increase the positive energy in his office, improve his health, and send out good chi... I WILL DO! So if that crystal/rock/whatever means my dad will be more at peace in the office, I'm buying it. - A.C.

Before I sound like a loony... let me reassure you that my professional career involves interpreting statistics, spending client's budgets carefully and some forecasting. Essentially, I operate on fact for a good portion of my life. My Mom has a philosophy that if spiritual beliefs don't interfere with common sense, then there should be no harm in partaking. It was because of an usual meeting I had, during my vacation, that I decided to seek Lisa's help. Lisa of Satin Crystals is one of my oldest friends in SF. I have always known what she did, but she never tried to sell me her services or 'talk shop' with us, since much is practitioner-client confidential. Knowing that, I was confident that she wasn't some sham. Lisa was very professional in her approach. The crystal reading corresponded with what prompted me to see her in the first place (of which she didn't know the details of). The healing process was very relaxing. I came out of the session feeling relieved, but whether it has re-charted my future is yet to be seen. Overall - if you're a believer of crystals - I do recommend Lisa's services. - J.L.

I am a newbie to San Francisco and Satin Crystals was recommended by a friend. The Satin Family Store Satin Crystals is by far one of the best I have seen and been too. Lisa and Shelia are two remarkable loving people. Their products are unique and beautiful and a must see. I have purchased several crystals and wands for them as well as having a crystal reading. The employee are very knowledgeable and friendly and very welcoming. I have a fascination for crystals, stones, pyramids, etc. so I appreciate the Satin's for their store and what they offer the community. There's always some wonderful going on at Satin Crystals. - D.F.

This is a great place to buy crystals. Great customer service, good selection of crystals, and they can even make jewerly for you. Sheila just made me a carnelian crystal necklace and I love it! They also have a nice variety of workshops you can take. You must buy a mochi ball when you shop here! It's a very powerful healing stone. I used to go to Mystic Dream in Walnut Creek for crystals. Not anymore! They make you write down each crystal and the price! How insane is that! - K.C.

Satin Crystals offers a great collection of crystals and stones in all types of shapes and structures for specific personal enhancement. The beautiful jewelry are sophisticated and purposeful. Lisa is a kind, patient, and loving healer. She offers professional and helpful knowledge in working with crystals in everyday life. Lisa and her family handpick the collection. I really appreciate of the authentic high vibrational energy and quality of the all crystals and stones in the shop. Thank you Lisa! :D xx - W.L.

To my awareness Satin Crystals is the only store of it's kind in San Francisco. The Satin family is very knowledgeable in crystals and crystal healing. They travel all over the world to cultivate the gorgeous selection they have in the store. I have participated in a few of the free crystal meditation classes and always leave relaxed and transcendent. My favorite thing to do is check out the jewelry cases. Sheila Satin makes her own line of crystal healing jewelry that I have been a fan of for years. It's all local, handmade and uniquely beautiful. I often come here anytime I have to buy gifts for friends and loved ones. Why not gift with intention? They have items from a dollar to really huge show stopper crystals for a few hundred bucks. I always find something perfect for my needs. - M.C.

So, I'll be honest....I haven't been to the store yet & I haven't taken advantage of their free meditations on Thursdays (but I plan to!) However, I know Sheila from other groups/activities, and she's awesome! I'm positive the store/her events/their advice is just as great as she (& her sister!) is! You can't go wrong when you find "friendly souls". - M.H.

Satin Crystals is a nice addition to the Bay area's metaphysical scene. The selection is very diverse with competitive prices for rare product. The customer service is very nice and well versed in the specifics of each crystal. I also like how they offer classes/ courses on spiritual discipline and crystal culture. This shop will be a pillar in the bay area's spiritual community for many years to come. - B.L.

I love these ladies! They opened the store for my sister and I on their day off. The store is adorable and well organized. Sheila's creativity is apparent in all of her work. The best part? They are very knowledgeable and are happy to educate their customers. If you are in the need for some healing, guidance, etc. I recommend stopping by. - E.C.

Satin Crystals is the most inviting and honest crystal store you will ever find! The Satin sisters and their mom really took upon themselves to present their passion for crystals to San Francisco community. The store has amazing collection of crystals from all over the world, very rare finds, as well as easily readable healing properties. Even if you are not into crystals anybody can find something interesting at a right price, from earrings and bracelets, to huge crystal balls and wands - it all has its reason and healing property. Lisa will assist with her kind knowledge and gentle touch to help you choose the right crystal for you. Moreover, Satin Crystals offers amazing healing sessions and seminars and really well taken-care of website, which I highly recommend. All of the staff - Lisa, Sheila and Ann - are trained and educated to give you the best healing experience via various vehicles, such as crystal healing sessions or hypnosis. But most importantly, Satin Crystals crates more of a community and family for their customers and anybody is welcomed to become a member! - E.M.

Satin Crystals is a unique store that has something for everyone. Its a great place to discover gifts that not only look great, but provide a sense of overall well-being. The Satin sisters are very knowledgeable about various crystals and their energetic benefits. If you get a chance to attend one of their seminars or store events, take it. - B.I.

Satin Crystals provides high quality of service, professional ,and great collection of crystals. Crystal Healing is a great way to recharge the spiritual energy. Everyone should gets one and I highly recommended. - C.N.

The sisters who run/own this place are really nice, and will custom make jewelry for you and try to stay in your price range. Their store is very unique and Lisa and Sheila are both knowledgeable and sweet.- K.B.

well, it started with Thursday night meditations and every time i came to the shop i found another crystal that i needed in my life, for healing, protection or just because they are beautiful and i wanted to look at it everyday. then my curiousity was peaked because my life away from the shop improved with the meditations and i wanted to intensify the experiences and learn more about metaphysical subjects. there is a plethora of classes for those seeking knowledge about any number of subjects.
i have always been fascinated by 'channeling', so lisa offered a session channeling a master and you knew that you were in the presence of that entity. next they offered classes in teaching you how to do it for yourself. the sessions are so stimulating and well executed that you thirst for more information about other subjects. the jewelry is gorgeous and unique and very reasonably priced and every week i am so tempted to buy something that i know i will never find anywhere else on the planet. this is a unique gem in san francisco and a place that has something for everyone. if you are looking for something special, this is where you will find it! - D.D.

Satin crystals is an amazing resource! Not only do they stock a variety of crystals (wands, merkabas, pyramids, spheres, jewelry...), Lisa and Sheila have created a loving community of spiritual seekers and healers. The classes and meditations they offer will leave you energized and expanded! - M.B.

I am so happy that Satin Crystals has come to Polk. There is a wonderful selection of crystals to choose from and everyone is so sweet and knowledgeable about the crystals. There is also a good selection of classes offered on hypnotherapy, Reiki, Law of Attraction. It is amazing! I am a Reiki practitioner who works with animals and when ever I have needed a recommendation for a specific purpose, Sheila has always guided me in the right direction. Their store is such a blessing! - E.A.

I have had an interest in crystals off and on for a decade, but it wasn't until I met Sheila and her mother Ann that piqued my interest once again in the wondrous energies of crystals. The staff's way of teaching and appreciating the value of crystals is great. They have an awesome variety of crystals for many purposes at fantastic prices. I'm a person on a budget, but they had everything I felt I needed to jump start my crystal collection once again. I am particular about the type of crystal jewelry I wear, but there collection offered me much for my needs. Now not only do I wear the crystal jewelry I purchased from them, I like to place tumblers from their vast array of gems for purposes of Feng Shui, and also under my pillow at night when I sleep- I get great dreams! I highly recommend any of you to pop into their store and find hidden treasures everywhere. Take advantage of the meditation classes too, they are alot of fun and you meet many interesting people. - N.H.

Satin Crystals is the #1 place either in person or on-line to purchase healing crystals. I live in the midwest so have not yet had the opportunity to visit the new store. I was first introduced to Lisa Satin via a friend who sent me a pic of a crystal that she thought would be helpful. Have been a fan every since, with the collection growing for healing and for gifts for others. Via intuition when gifting them, my friends pick out their own. Then we look up what the crystal is for. Lo and Behold, it's always correct for their particular situation. The entire Satin Family is amazing. I wish I lived closer to attend the classes. What a great benefit to the community. Satin Crystals only sells the highest quality crystals and have always answered any and every question i've ever had. I could go on...and me, Satin Crystals is #1 in my book. Namaste, Jeannie T

Satin Crystals is a wonderful place to shop for gifts. I have family members who rave about the jewelry I've purchased for them, and a sister-in-law who loves the crystal pendulum I got for her as a surprise recently. I have been spoiled by Ann and Shelia with wonderful parties and gift selections prior to their move to San Francisco. We in Orange County miss you very much. The yummy homemade Thai food is also missed. I know you will thrive with your fabulous crystals and services. Namaste, Lillian N

You can't miss with Satin Crystals. They knowledge level of crystals, their classes and their inventory is awesome. I am interested in Merkabas and the sizes and variety are the best. Found them while on the web and then visited them in S Cal before they moved to N Cal. Sad that S Cal lost out to Cal but the energy at and around the shop is soooo good. Glad to have been a part of their Grand Opening. Crystal Energy Healing is on the rise so be sure to stop in and check out their crystals and say hello for me. - Owen Y

I walked in Satin Crystals and there I felt so much of crystal energy which is so beautiful and so loving. The displayed crystals radiates wonderful healing energy that help you relax, and you just don't want to leave the place. I must thank Lisa the owner of Satin Crystals that has created this special sacred space to spread the crystal awareness and to help raise our vibrations. - A.S.

I've always been a firm believer of crystals and when i first stepped into the satin crystal store i was blown away by its positive energy. I didn't know what to get but i allowed myself to listen to my intuition i ended up buying two wonderful citrine merkabas which have aided me to higher level of consciousness when it came time for meditating. If your into crystals or want to know more about them i suggest you go and check it out , Lisa is very knowledgeable about crystal and metaphysical realm-she will help you get what you are looking for. - A. A.

This place is awesome! It really helps me every time I go and feel the energy of the place. Lisa has the greatest crystals from all around the world that you can purchase or just go and admire. She is also very professional in all her business with her clients, and is a top notch healer/hypnotherapist. I would highly recommend anyone to go see her, and then you'll know exactly what I'm talking about. - D.M

Satin Crystals Youtube Testimonials 

Our Youtube channel is the place to go watch videos on crystals, jewelry and the latest Satin Crystals happenings. Make sure to subscribe so you don't miss out. 

snjolwa has posted a comment on your channel: am a crystal healing practitioner as well as a psychic and medium am LOVING your channel!!

Hi Sheila, I’ve been watching your satin crystals videos on YouTube for quite some time and was extremely excited to finally order some thing from your family‘s business. I ordered the cluster of moqui marbles directly from you and I also ordered a Mail and female moqui marble from your Amazon shop as well. I’m extremely satisfied with my orders and the Moqui marbles are beautiful stones with such a beautiful energy to them. The stones were exactly the shape and size I was looking for. Thank you so much, and I look forward to doing business with you again in the near future. Sincerely, A.

👏thank you very much. I will subscribe your web site. I watched your videos on youtube channel. Very usefull information. I live in Türkiye. I hope someday, ı will buy your products. They are really very nice things. Love … O.

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