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Ulexite TV Stone Meanings

woman lying with ulexite slabs on her eyes and third eye

What is Ulexite?

Ulexite is found in two forms:

1. Ulexite is found with the mineral Borax in dry regions. Temporary lakes form in these dry regions during rainy season thanks to the runoff of nearby mountains. These mountains are rich in minerals that eventually become so highly concentrated by evaporation that they are able to form Ulexite crystals. The evaporated crystals of Ulexite commonly form a"cotton ball" tuft like Okenite’s fuzzy hairball appearance. These are found in 3-4 in. balls in the Mojave Desert of S. Nevada and California.Similar occurrences are found in Chile and Argentina and Kazakhstan.

2. Ulexite is also found in a vein-like beds composed of closely-packed fibrous crystals in Boron, California (in Mojave Desert above Los Angeles). This unique stone is known as "TV Rock" because of its unusual optical characteristics. The fibers of Ulexite act like a Little TV, so any text or image at the bottom of the stone appears as if it is on top.For this effect to be seen, the crystal must be polished and the surface smooth.

*Each fiber of Ulexite transmits light and images, which paved the way for the invention of fiber optics, which transmits images along a bundle of threadlike crystals.

Ulexite has a hardness of 2 on Mohs Scale of Hardness (softer than a fingernail). It decomposes in hot water.

What are Ulexite Mineral Facts?

Surface Color:Clear to White

Streak Color (can vary from surface color, this is the color of the crystals’ powdered minerals): White

Group: Borate (boron +oxygen ion)

Cleavage (where the crystal breaksoff naturally to form a new face, parallel to its structure. This is a cleanbreak and can cleave over and over again along the same face, retaining thecrystals structure): Perfect

Fracture: Uneven/Brittle

Luster: Vitreous (glass-like) to Silky (like a bolt of satin fabric)

Tenacity: Brittle (little resistance to breakage)

Transparency: Transparent (light goes through without obstacles) to Translucent (allows light through thecrystal but not fully transparent)

Crystal System: Monoclinic (3 axis of unequal length).

Crystal Habit: Nodular (roundedlumps) and Acicular (needle-like)

What are the metaphysical uses of Ulexite?

In metaphysical healing, Ulexite is all about clarity of sight:
· Place over the eyelids for clearing tension from the eyeballs
· Place on the third eye to connect with your spiritual path
· Use to clarify problems in your life and help activate a solution
· Under pillow for dream clarification
· Helps you to read others more clearly and know their true intentions

What are the everyday uses of Ulexite?

Ulexite produces Boron. Boron is found in soaps, fertilizers for plant growth, mouthwash, flux to help reduce melting point in metal work of welding and soldering, water softener, disinfectants, pottery glaze, etc…

Sheila's personal experience with Ulexite

Besides the hours of fun had using these natural stones as magnifiers, when placed over my eyes, I feel like they are sucking out the tension like little cool vacuums. I leave them over my eyelids (always one per eyelid to keep things balanced) until they turn warm. And then I like to rub my temples with the Ulexite stones or just hold them. This can be done just before bed, right when you get up or even while listening to music or reruns on TV!

I keep my Ulexite in brown rice to recharge and loosen any natural oils they gained from my skin. Sometimes I place one Ulexite at the middle of my forehead where my Third Eye Chakra is and let it suck out any blockages there as well.

Recently I started to keep the Ulexite under my pillow (always in the pillowcase so they don’t fall out during the night) to help clarify my dreams. Let’s see how that goes!

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How Does Ulexite Make you Feel?

Does Ulexite clarify your day? Do you have any interesting healing stories to tell about Ulexite stones? 

We would love to hear your positive comments and questions. Feel free to write to us below and we will get back to you. 

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