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Birthstones for Aquarius

larimar for aquarius Honor the intelligent and friendly Aquarius in your life. Known to be assertive, smart, and direct, these souls make their presence felt wherever they go. Discover their unique character traits and see their 6 birthstones.

Aquarius is the eleventh sign of the Zodiac wheel. People born between January 20 and February 18 belong to the astrological sign Aquarius.

The water-bearer symbolizes the Aquarius sign. Birthstones make inspirational gifts for these thinkers and dreamers.

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What are the Aquarius personality traits?

Aquarius falls under the Air Sign. Despite the water-bearing symbol, they usually do not just go with the flow. Instead, Aquarius is full of smart ideas and determined to manifest things their way. These souls excel in engineering, space study, technology, art, writing, and so many more creative fields. As friends and kin, they are helpful and friendly.

Due to their active minds, Aquarius can often get lost in thought and seem distant. Sometimes they come off as stubborn, unwilling to compromise. They often hold off-beat and eccentric personalities.

What are the Aquarius birthstones?

There are six birthstones that correspond with the Aquarius Zodiac. When you're shopping for gifts, keep these crystals in mind: 

angelite sphere
 This heavenly stone aids Aquarius, who's head is often up in the clouds. Aquarius has a knack for eloquent communication, so they will vibe well with this Throat chakra crystal. Surprise the ones you love with Angelite gems and jewelry.
emerald sphere
If you want to show an Aquarius that they are loved, gift them with Emerald. This high-class stone honors Aquarius' respectable personality and opens their Heart chakra to positive connections. Emerald is also an abundance stone, and who doesn't love that?

lapis sphere
 This Third Eye chakra stone is an absolute hit for intelligent and innovative Aquarius. It opens their mind to even more brilliant, cutting-edge ideas. Lapis stirs the creative juices, pummeling Aquarius to a higher level of success.

larimar crystal ball
Tropical Larimar vibes perfectly with Aquarius. This Caribbean stone is a perfect tribute to the water-bearer. It helps them relax, enjoy good conversations, and cherish the moment. Gift your Aquarius souls with this precious blue gemstone.

sugilite sphere
This rare purple crystal can guides Aquarius' expansive thoughts toward the spiritual. For those who are interested in metaphysics and crystal healing, Sugilite makes a special gift. Sugilite is eccentric like Aquarius- not your run of the mill stone by any means!

unakite sphere

UnakiteThis stone encourages artists, musicians, and creative personalities. If you know an Aquarius who enjoys the arts, professionally or recreationally, gift them with Unakite. It holds the energy of the creator that is attractive and powerful.

More about Birthstones

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Every soul deserves something special.

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