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9 Divine Blue Kyanite Jewelry Designs

people wearing kyanite jewelry

Your vibe is sky-high in these Kyanite jewelry designs. The shimmering blue gemstone gives divine shine to your style. See 9 Kyanite jewels below, each handcrafted with love by Sheila Satin in the California studio.

Why wear Kyanite jewelry?

  • They keep you calm and confident
  • Kyanite helps you master communication
  • Satin Crystals designs distinguish you from the mass

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Kyanite Jewelry Showcase

#1 Kyanite Earrings Blue Oval Chain

Get lost in the mysterious blue shimmer of these Kyanite earrings. They transport you to the vast oceans of your intuition, allowing you to unlock the secrets of the Spirit. Magical blue gemstones bring together souls seeking answers to life's mysteries. Set in an antiqued leafy design, the unique Kyanite jewels add a spark of intrigue to your outfit.


#2 Kyanite Bracelet Shimmering Blue

Dance as though everyone is watching. All eyes are on you as this shining blue Kyanite bracelet highlights the shimmer of your personality. Glossy beads glisten in the light, sending you calm confidence and an air of fun. Let go of your troubles. Tango your way to stardom with this gemstone jewel as your life partner. 


#3 Kyanite Bracelet Arfvedsonite Leaf

You are a master of life, a creator of magic. This designer Arfvedsonite Kyanite bracelet highlights your unique personality. The Afrvedsonite leaf symbolizes your connection to nature, while the blue Kyanite beads bond you to sky elements. This original crystal bracelet adds intrigue to your wardrobe and supernatural power to your aura. 


#4 Kyanite Ring Blue Oval Sterling Silver

Slip on this Blue Kyanite ring in sterling silver and walk the walk of royalty. Crown your Third Eye Chakra with the beneficial energies of Kyanite. This powerful gemstone opens your mind to whole new worlds.  


#5 Kyanite Ring Blue Antiqued Brass

Shroud your aura in the mystical energy of Blue Kyanite. This magical ring holds the key to trusting your intuition. Wear the enchanting gemstone during your daily meditations, your nightly moon rituals, and life walks.


#6 Kyanite Ring Blue Adjustable Gold

Transcend the physical realm with the powerful vibrations of this Blue Kyanite ring. Take a journey past memory lane and into the clouds. When you wear the magical blue gemstone, every moment feels like a new experience. This Kyanite ring shimmering in gold is a keepsake of your life story.

#7 Kyanite Cufflinks Shimmer Gold

Entrance those around you with that mysterious glint in your eye and shimmer of your Blue Kyanite cufflinks. Show off your powerful side at a formal affair and your playful side at a casual get-together. Blue Kyanite cufflinks in gold add extra sophistication to your attire. 


#8 Kyanite Cufflinks Ocean Bronze

The world is your oyster, Kyanite is your deep blue ocean. With a touch of antique nostalgia, these mesmerizing cufflinks will have you looking like the number one fish in the sea. Embrace the vivid colors of Blue Kyanite.


#9 Kyanite Cufflinks Sophisticated Silver

Are you feeling anxious about what to wear to your next formal affair? Choose Blue Kyanite cufflinks. These vivid blue gemstones will make the sophisticated statement you are looking for. Phew, problem solved!


Crystal Healing with Kyanite

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