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Sodalite Jewelry Showcase: Smart Style!

pile of blue and white sodalite jewelrySmart, spiritual, stylish...With Sodalite jewelry, you can be all this and more. 

Lush blue Sodalite inspires your psychic Third Eye while activating your logical mind. What a perfect balance!

Sodalite stones blend seamlessly with any outfit. The navy blue jewels match your denim jeans and sharp blue button-ups. Some of our glamourous designer pieces have extra dazzle for those who prefer to stand out from the crowd.

Below are 11 premier Sodalite crystal healing jewelry pieces. Which ones belong in your wardrobe?

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11 Smart Sodalite Jewelry Designs

#1 Sodalite Bracelet Stone of Trusting Intuition

Take your mind off of your troubles with this natural Sodalite bracelet. The colorful blue and white stones give you a laid-back vibe. Sodalite lets you relax by putting faith in the Universe that everything is as it's meant to be. Stop stressing and trust your intuition by going with the flow. 

Want even more? Get your Sodalite bracelet as part of the Upper Chakra 4 Bracelet Set or the All Chakras 7 Bracelet Set.

#2 Carnelian Sodalite Bracelet Spirit with Passion Crystals

This Carnelian and Sodalite bracelet represents your spirit of passion. Who said spirituality has to be tame? Show off your wild side with colorful Carnelian jewels that kiss calming blue Sodalite. With the Carnelian Sodalite bracelet, you open up your mind to new experiences and your style to a world of fun. 

#3 Sodalite Bracelet Sparkling Sea Faceted Gems

This Sodalite bracelet brings you the healing vibe of the calm blue sea. Looking at these sparkly faceted gems is like viewing the vast sun-lit ocean. Let all your worries go; take in the beauty of the moment. Feel rejuvenated and fashionably fresh wearing this Sodalite bracelet. 

#4 Sodalite Necklace Stars of Spirituality Blue & Gold

Style meets spirituality in your new Sodalite necklace. Real blue star-shaped gemstones in shiny gold beads get you standing out from the crowd. Show off your spiritual personality and your crystal healing style with the designer Sodalite necklace. You are a star, after all! 

#5 Black Tourmaline Sodalite Necklace Faceted Formality

Formalwear doesn't have to make you yawn. This Black Tourmaline Sodalite necklace offers formality with a flair. Faceted gemstones of black and blue come to life with gold bead accents. Gain the protective and calming traits of these crystals while you look in tip-top shape. Nowhere special to go today? Your Tourmaline Sodalite necklace jives with jeans too! 

#6 Sodalite Necklace Victory Horse Star of the Show

This Sodalite necklace leads you to victory in whatever you pursue. Featuring a winning racehorse and a blue crystal star, the designer jewel inspires you to be your best. Whether you desire spiritual mastery or material riches, the Sodalite horse necklace gets you there. 

#7 Selenite Sodalite Necklace Howling Wolf Radiant Moon

Top up your healing energies with this powerful wolf necklace. Beaded with radiant Selenite and faceted Sodalite, this white and blue gemstone combination associates you with royalty. Let your inner wolf run free with this unique designer jewel. 

#8 Selenite Sodalite Necklace Goddess Moon & Ocean

Your Selenite Sodalite Goddess necklace summons the psychic moon and the cleansing waters. These radiant white and deep blue beads of the elements enable you to grasp the changing tides of life. Don't fall victim to your circumstances, stay empowered and strong with this crystal Goddess Necklace guiding you. 

#9 Sodalite Ring Magical Visions Sterling Silver

Slip on your sterling silver Sodalite ring and gain magical visions. This blue gemstone peers out into the starry night like the Third Eye of spirit. It delivers messages and wisdom from above.  Feel empowered knowing the key to the cosmos lies in your very finger. You are stunning in Sodalite. 

#10 Sodalite Cufflinks Professional Rich Gems

Add a bit of natural fun to your professional look with Sodalite cufflinks. These rich blue gemstones boast deep healing energy. Wear them to your next meeting, work function, or wedding and you'll be the pride of the event. Need it in gold? We have Sodalite cufflinks in gold too.

#11 Sodalite :ring:Earrings Spiritual Light of Blue Nights

Even in the darkest blue nights, you can find your spiritual light. These dreamy Sodalite earrings set in sparkling sterling silver connect you with intuitive visions. Find your purpose and your spiritual voice with the stunning Sodalite earrings.

Your Sodalite Stories and Inquiries

What is your experience with Sodalite? Do you have Sodalite jewelry? Have you tried doing crystal healing with Sodalite? If not, give it a go!

We'd love to hear from you. Whether you have personal stories to share or questions about crystal healing jewelry, you can comment on the blog below. 

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