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What is Garnet? Video

Are you ready to dive into the colorful world of Garnets? What do you know about this pretty masterpiece gem? Watch the video and learn about Garnet, the Stone of Health & Wealth.

Then, visit the Garnet Meanings for fun facts like...

1. Garnet is known as the Stone of Total Health
It heals you from the bottom up

2. Garnet comes in all 7 Chakra colors
You thought it was only red?

3. Garnet gets its name from pomegranates
It all makes sense now!

4. Men used (and maybe still use) Garnets to help them in the bedroom.
It is a stone of passion!

5. Carl Fabergé used Demantoid Garnets in his famous jeweled eggs that he made for the Russian Imperial family.  
Well if Carl used it, you certainly must give it a try.

That's just the beginning. 


Your Path to Crystal Knowledge...

Meanwhile, here are other links to tap into Garnet: 

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Sheila Satin - January 13, 2022

You are very welcome, Sima. Thank you for watching our videos.

Sima A - January 13, 2022

Hi Sheila and thank you. I watched a couple of your videos and enjoyed them very much! I am looking forward to learning much more from you.

Sheila Satin - December 9, 2021

Hi Karen, thanks for forwarding our information to your friends. Here is our facebook:

We have had trouble changing from an old name we had “I Dig Crystals” to “Satin Crystals” so it’s a little hard to find!

Manifest your dreams! Keep your eye on the goals :)

Karen W - December 9, 2021

Thank you so much.ive tried finding a fb page on you to share with friends who also collect crystals. Very excited for the modavite coming. I’m 57 , now an empty nester about 5 months. I found a house I want to make a bed and breakfast and a place for disabled and autistic children to come stay. Hopefully it will manifest my new dream. Blessed Be

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