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What is Rose Quartz? Video

It's a lovely day to learn about your favorite love stone, Rose Quartz. 

Click to watch the video above and visit the article below to learn even more fun facts about Rose Quartz.

Gain the answers to your Rose Quartz questions like:

1. What causes the star in Star Rose Quartz?

2. How can you tell if your Rose Quartz is real?

3. What does Rose Quartz mean in divination?

4. What is Pink Quartz? (hint: it is not Rose Quartz)

5. How do you use Rose Quartz crystals to attract love?

6. How do you cleanse Rose Quartz?

7. What does Rose Quartz do spiritually?

Let's learn about Rose Quartz!

Your Path to Crystal Knowledge...

Meanwhile, here are other links to Rose Quartz: 

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Sheila Satin - February 4, 2021

Hi Stephanie, we don’t offer crystals for physical purposes, but we do have happiness crystals that you can work on for self-love and balance:



Stephanie - February 4, 2021

What stone do I need to lose weight my balance is off also I want to be happy again

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