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How to Clear & Fill the Home with Crystals

clearing the home with quartz wands and sage at satin crystals

Is your home ready for a deep clean? Whether it's time for spring cleaning or just a regular scrub down, don't forget to cleanse your home energetically alongside with your physical cleaning. While your cleaning solutions zap away bacteria and viruses, your healing crystals remove the emotional dust bunnies and negative energy build-ups that are lurking in the corners of your home.

If you haven't done energy cleaning in a while, you are overdue for clearing and elevating the vibrations in your home. You can do this by incorporating natural healing elements into your interior decor. A gift from Mother Nature, crystals bless your space with a fresh frequency. 

Let's discuss how to get rid of negative energy in your space, the best crystals for Feng Shui, and finding the right crystals for a happy home. 

Watch the House Clearing Video

Click to watch our video on how to clear and fill your home with crystals. Check out what tools you'll need and get tips and examples on where to place your stones in the home. 

Does your space have bad energy?

Living spaces can hold energy, retaining the vibrations of people who have come and gone before you. People have reported feeling cold spots, unsettling feelings or haunted vibes. Sometimes the dark forces feel obvious. Other times you might not even know they exist yet they negatively influence your mood.

However the bad energy makes you feel, the important thing is to get rid of it. You want to make your space comfortable for you!

sprinkling salt to get rid of negative energy in the homeHow do I rid my home of negative energy?

Whether you're feeling uncomfortable in your home or you have just moved into a new space, you can use crystals to help you clear the air.

The following cleaning ritual has served us well through all of our moves in and out of houses, apartments, offices, showrooms, and retail stores. It doesn't matter what type of space you are in (residential, commercial, or others). The point is that you want it cleared so you feel at ease and at home.

A bright and energized space keeps you flourishing with life force for years to come. It eliminates the darkness and invites shiny successes to walk through the door. 

Gather the Following:

tools for clearing the space of negative energy with crystals
Instructions for Clearing the Home:
  • Move the salt into the house first as this will bring good luck for your stay. 

  • Circle around each room of the house holding your lit sage or incense. Sweep the sage or incense smoke in a clockwise motion around each room. This is called smudging. 

  • After you have smudged the whole house, take your Quartz wand and point the tip towards the corner of each room. Move the wand in a clockwise circle around each wall. Do this to every single corner of every single room of your home.

  • Point the Quartz wand at every window and move the tip in a counterclockwise motion, thanking the universe for barring out intruders.

  • Do the same with your wand at the front door, thanking the universe for allowing only those with good intentions to enter. 

  • Sprinkle salt in any dark corners or areas that need extra cleansing and place protection stones like Jet or Obsidian in each corner of the house. 

  • Light a candle surrounded by pink crystals at the center of the home for love, friendship and strong relationships.

  • Remove the salt and protection stones after a few days or when you feel the house has been cleared. 

What do you say when smudging a house?

Smudging is the act of clearing a space with smoke. Sage is a popular method to use by healers. Personally, we prefer incense. You can choose your herb of choice to smudge your space. 

As to what you say, you want to keep it positive and firm. Here are some examples which you can adapt to your own words: 

"Thank you for my new space where only positive people enter"

"Thank you for only bringing me friendly visitors"

"Thank you for a space full of love, light, and happiness"

Check out how to properly write positive affirmations and become an expert in no time. 

Filling your Home with Crystals, Feng Shui Style

Now that you have cleared your new home or space, where do the crystals go? Take a look at this Feng Shui energy map, also known as a Bagua map.crystal healing feng shui mapImagine you are standing in the front door or opening to your space. Look in. You can see all the different areas that represent the different Feng Shui hot spots of your room.

Place the appropriate crystals in the appropriate spots. Make sure that you have energetically programmed your crystals for the intention you wish it to serve.

feng shui energy map with crystalsHow do you use crystals for Feng Shui?

Now that you have the Bagua map in mind, you can match up your crystals as you see fit. Here is a beginners guide to get you started. 

Let's go through each of the 9 spaces and match them up with the best Feng Shui crystals:

1. Wealth & Prosperity

Starting from the top corner of your space as you look in, you have the exciting prospect of riches and financial flow. Use Aventurine, the stone of abundance, to adorn this spot of the room. Aventurine pyramids are all about attracting your manifested desires, hence make an ideal pick.

2. Fame & Reputation

Next, you have the area dedicated to how people see you. You want to be perceived in a positive light. That starts with expelling petty emotions like jealousy and shame and enhancing your self-confidence. Place Citrine in this space. Citrine tumbled stones make bright reminders to let your inner light shine. 

3. Marriage & Relationships

In the far right corner, you concentrate on loving relationships. For healthy relationships, you want to be an open-minded and an equal partner in marriage, friendships, and budding romances. Choose the perfect Rose Quartz crystal to place in this area. Rose Quartz hearts activate your Heart chakra and let the love flow freely.

rose quartz heart and tower love crystals for feng shui in the home

4. New Beginnings & Family

This space is all about the changes in your life. Whether you are starting over in career, home, lifestyle or relationship, you want a smooth transition. This is also where you strengthen your family ties. For this Feng Shui area, you want to choose Moonstone. Moonstone eggs connect with the lunar cycles and are all about enhancing new beginnings.  

5. Health

Smack dab in the middle of your Feng Shui map is the crux of it all: your health. When your health is in a balanced state, you are full of 'life energy'. Make sure to place Garnet in the center of your space. Garnet spheres are perfect in emanating healing energy equally throughout your room. 

6. Children, Joy & Future

What are all of the upcoming things you are looking forward to? It's always motivating to have something fun on the horizon. Younger generations symbolize this fresh energy of joy and happiness. Whether you have children in your space or not, harness the cheerful innocence of youth with sunny Golden Calcite spheres. These bright spheres are just what you need to put a smile on your face and a twinkle in your eye. 

7. Knowledge & Growth

Coming to our bottom tier of the Feng Shui map, you have an area dedicated to your personal growth. You are constantly learning, whether it is through books, life lessons, or vicariously through the experiences of others. Instead of getting stuck making the same mistakes over and over again, place Sodalite in your Knowledge area. Learn your lessons the first time around. Sodalite crystal towers are the beacon of wisdom. 

8. Career & Life Path

You want to be a trailblazer when it comes to your journey through life. Whatever you are pursuing, let it be worthwhile by focusing on being the best you can be. In this area, you want to place Carnelian stones. A Carnelian polished stone goes a long way in directing you on a fulfilling career path and a meaningful life way. 

9. Travel & Spirituality

Lastly, you have an area that addresses your wanderlust. Whether you are physically traveling to another country or metaphysically astral traveling to another dimension, you want to make sure that your journey is safe and protected. Here you should place Jet stones. Not only is the name is befitting of travel, but Jet is also known as a traveler's stone of protection

Now that you have an idea of where to start your feng shui crystal journey, you can adapt with alternative stones or stick to the plan above. Satin Crystals has Feng Shui crystals for sale if you want to see even more options for your healing toolbox.

bowl of tumbled stones for the living room feng shuiWhere should I put crystals in my house?

The Feng Shui map is one effective method that you can use as a guide for putting crystals in any room of your home.

We have another method that you may find interesting as well, and it is specialized according to the room type. Let's go over some ideas on where you should put your crystals in your house: 

Kitchen: All about hearth, home, and abundance, your kitchen is all about nourishment. Decorate it with cheerful stones like Citrine, Apatite, and Calcite

  • Line your windowsill with chakra stones, a natural rainbow of colors to bring you smiles as you cook and clean

  • Place your plant cuttings in clear vases with tumbled stones and watch them grow

  • Glue crystals onto sturdy magnets and make a healing mandala on your refrigerator

  • Place crystal slabs over bowls and containers as an organic lid

  • Display gemstone eggs in rustic egg cartons for a farmhouse vibe

  • Hang clear, translucent or faceted crystals from the ceiling to disperse the light

Check out our Gemstone Egg Decorating Ideas for lots of tips on where to display your crystal eggs in the home. 

agate stone lids for feng shui crystal placement in the home

Dining Room: This is the place of social interaction. The dining room is where you gather to share stories about the workday, laughing over a good meal, or play family games on the weekends. Here you want heart-warming, friendly and festive crystals like Rhodonite and Jade

  • Make a creative centerpiece with your favorite crystals

  • Use platters, dishes and goblets carved out of healing stones

  • Put up wallpaper or framed pictures printed with crystal healing rock designs

  • Fill a vase with crystals and add fresh flowers from your morning walk or garden

  • If you don't have fresh flowers, wrap crystals on sticks and arrange them like a petrified bouquet

  • Attach felt pads to the bottom of stone slabs for coasters

Living Room: A place for gathering and relaxing, the living room should convey the energy of group harmony. Place comforting stones like Amethyst and protective stones like Obsidian here. 

  • Place a large crystal ball in the center of the room for peace and tranquility

  • Fill a bowl with tumbled stones for guests to run their hands through and feel energized

  • Introduce the healing element of water with a tabletop fountain filled with crystals

  • Choose pillowcases designed with healing stones as for your throw pillows

  • Add Selenite logs in the fireplace for a unique decorating idea

  • Create a crystal grid or a crystal garden in a pot, terrarium or on your coffee table

Bedroom: Your time in the bedroom is your time to relax to the max. Fill it with soothing crystals like Rose Quartz, and Aquamarine. Or if you have other things on your mind, you may want sexually active stones like Jasper and Carnelian

  • Place matching crystal hearts on either bedstand for an equal loving partnership (if you are single, manifest a partner in the same way)

  • Turn on ambient lamps where the lights are filtered through large crystals of Himalayan salt rocks

  • Keep sleep-inducing stones like Amethyst under your pillow

  • Drink from a water bottle infused with your favorite gem elixir

  • Place pink love crystals at the floor of each corner of your bed to feel as though you're sleeping in a bed of kisses

massage wands and facial crystals for the bathroom feng shuiBathroom: A place to refresh your spirit, your bathroom crystals should be as inviting as scented soap. Placing white stones like Quartz and Selenite bring a purifying energy to the space. 

  • Light candles and line up crystals at the edge of your bathtub for a spa-like soak

  • Keep your massage wands and facial tools in a handy container or a velvet-lined drawer

  • Encrust a mirror with crystals and gaze at the fairest of them all

  • Add air plants to your crystal clusters and geodes to bring greenery to your space

  • Hang hooks to easily display your crystal healing jewelry

Home Office: To help clear your head and focus on your work at hand, you want stones like Sodalite and Fluorite in your home office. Attract that success you seek with Tigers Eye and Bloodstone

  • Placing power pyramids and Amethyst desktop geodes strengthen your resolve on the job

  • Large geodes also make the perfect bookends while heavy stones make great paperweights

  • Display two palm-size crystal eggs, moqui marbles or spheres on your desk and use them as stress stones to release tension during the workday

  • Line your shelf with tasteful stone pyramids, towers, and spheres

  • Keep unwanted computer and phone frequencies at bay with stones like Smoky Quartz, Shungite or Lepidolite

  • Use a large smooth crystal slab as a mousepad

For even more ideas, check out our guide on the Best Crystals for your Home Office.

How big do crystals need to be?

A lot of people wonder if the size of their stones matter when choosing them to place around the home. The answer is Yes! 

You want the size of your crystal to make sense in your space. For example, if you have a small dining table, you don't want a cluster so big that it crams up your eating space. If you have a large living room, you don't want a crystal ball so small that it disappears out of notice. 

Use common sense when choosing the size of your crystal for your space. You want the crystals to enhance your space rather than being so big that they engulf everything or so small that they get lost.

amethyst geode with pyrite cat crystals to protect the homeHow do you clear and fill your space?

Above are some ideas to clear your space and bring crystals into your home. The most important thing is to rely on your intuition. After all, this is your space and you want it to comfortably reflect your personality. 

Have you used crystals to clear the energy in your home? What is your preferred method? We are always curious to learn more. Feel free to contact us anytime. 

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