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10 Most Popular Pendant Necklaces Ever

two women wearing moldavite pendants necklacesYou will see our 10 most popular pendant necklaces featured in this showcase. Hundreds of additional designs await you in the Complete Crystal Necklace Collection.

Crystal necklaces are always in style! At Satin Crystals, we create jewelry that matches your unique personality.

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Why should you wear pendant necklaces?

  • They provide you with crystal healing energy on-the-go

  • They tend to be light yet catchy

  • They show off your unique sense of style

  • They are hand-assembled by Sheila of Satin Crystals

  • You can pick the chain length to satisfy your personal preference

10 Best-Seller Pendant Necklaces

These are the top 10 pendant-style necklaces at Satin Crystals. You'll love wearing these best-selling gemstone jewels. They make amazing gifts too. Which ones call your name?

#1 Moldavite High Vibe Necklace Sterling Silver

Gaze into the mysterious depths of your new Moldavite gemstone as it transports you to the great Unknown. Wear the Green Tektite necklace and vibrate at a higher frequency. This galactic treasure shows you how to let go of life's little dramas and move into a Universe of positivity. LEARN MORE.

#2 Citrine Sunny Prosperity Necklace in Gold

Bathe in the sunrays of prosperity anytime you wear this raw Citrine necklace. Hanging from a silky strand of gold, the glistening yellow crystal has you glowing with abundance. Citrine points you to happiness while revitalizing your energy with solar power. LEARN MORE.

#3 Clear Quartz Point Necklace Gold or Silver

Dazzle your aura with this Clear Quartz point necklace. Raw energy is plucked straight from the Earth and hung on a pendant to provide you with the purest possible healing vibrations. Take your pick of a precious 14k gold or shiny sterling silver chain. LEARN MORE. 

#4 Libyan Desert Glass Royal King Tut Necklace 

King Tut wore a real Libyan Desert Glass jewel to symbolize his royalty. Harness the power of the pharaohs through your authentic Libyan Desert Glass necklace. Set on adjustable sterling silver, this bright yellow Tektite delivers you the energy of the sun, stars, and ancient sands. LEARN MORE.

#5 Moqui Marble Secrets of the Shaman Necklace

Feel your soul vibrate with planet Earth when you wear this rare Moqui necklace. Keep the endangered Shaman Stone safely against your body so it reveals the spiritual secrets of your ancestors. Born in the Navajo desert, this gift of the Moqui Indians is unlike anything you've experienced before. LEARN MORE.

#6 Jet Sweetheart Necklace in Sterling Silver

Subtle yet sophisticated, this dainty Jet sweetheart necklace gives your outfit a loving little wink so you don't go unnoticed. Shiny black Jet sparkles with big energy. It is the perfect chipper necklace to wear with a button-down at work, a party dress for weekend fun, or casually as an everyday talisman. LEARN MORE.

#7 Labradorite New Moon Necklace 14K Gold

Feel the moonbeams of Goddess Luna shining upon you as you clasp this golden necklace around your neck. Whenever you are feeling lost or alone, Rainbow Labradorite guides you back to your astrological path. The magical New Moon crystal shines bright and beautiful for all to see.  LEARN MORE.

#8 Campo Del Cielo Meteorite Space Necklace 

The rippling silver iron Campo Del Cielo space stone is a glimmering token from the galaxy, meant to uplift your vibration. You'll be the talk of the town and the center of the solar system adorned in this sterling silver Campo Del Cielo necklace. LEARN MORE.

#9 Pyrite Gold Nugget Gem Necklace 

Go beyond the gold-chain cliche when you wear this eye-catching golden Pyrite necklace. A raw nugget of bold Pyrite shimmers with natural energy. The brazen treasure keeps you energized and protected all day long. It's cool, casual, and catchy. It's all about you. LEARN MORE.

#10 Red Jasper Flaming Sun Power Necklace

Lift your frequency to the height of the sun with this fiery Red Jasper necklace. Empowering you to shine as bright as the orb above, the flaming gemstone sparks your soul to a call of action. Live the life you have always desired, emitting the rays of inner confidence with your new Red Jasper sun necklace. LEARN MORE.

Your Crystal Necklaces 

What type of crystal necklaces do you own? What do you love about wearing them? Which new necklaces would complete your collection? 

We'd love to hear from you. Whether you have personal stories to share or questions about crystal healing jewelry, you can comment on the blog below. 

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