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Necklace Guide

Learn about Necklace Types - Satin Crystals Jewelry BoutiqueWhat better way to make a statement than having a bold gemstone necklace hanging from your neck? The unique necklaces you find in our boutique are either handmade in our California studio or hand-selected during our global travels. Collect the whole series of Satin Crystals necklaces, layer them up and gift to friends to spread the crystal healing energies.

Necklace Guide - Find the perfect length - Satin Crystals Jewelry Boutique

Find the perfect necklace length

Necklace Size
Necklace Length Placement
Collar 12-14 inches Middle of Neck
Choker 14-16 inches Base of Neck
Princess 16-19 inches At Collarbone
Matinee 19-24 inches Below Collarbone
Opera 28-34 inches Long Strand or Double over
Lariat 48+ inches

Wrap in Multiple variations

Necklace Guide - Learn about Jewelry types - Satin Crystals

Learn about the Types of Necklaces

  • Animal Necklaces: Connect with your spirit animal through jewelry! Shop for crystal healing animals and animal charms on a variety of handmade necklaces.
  • Beaded Necklaces: Feature natural stone beads on professional beading wire. We are forever busy with natural stone beads, placing them together in an endless array of designs for your fashion and healing needs. Satin Crystals necklaces feature genuine crystal healing beads on professional beading wire secured with crimps, wire protectors and sturdy clasps.
  • Cage Necklaces: Cages allow the energy of the crystal to flow while keeping the stone secure in your necklace. You can also choose to switch out your stones in the cage pendant depending on your healing needs of the day!
  • Chain Necklaces: Metal Chains to wear with your pendant collection. Chain necklaces bring the element of metal into your crystal healing jewelry. Choose from chunky to delicate chain necklaces featuring a variety of natural stones and unique charms.
  • Choker Necklaces: Display your crystal healing stones boldly with choker necklaces. Choker necklaces are short necklaces that fall at your Throat or Upper Heart chakra.
  • Heart Necklaces: The ultimate symbol of love, wear and gift Heart Necklaces for ever-lasting feelings of joy, friendship and harmony.
  • Knotted Necklaces: Necklaces knotted with silk and nylon threads keep each precious bead separated so that they will not rub up against each other. Another benefit of knotted necklaces is that if the strand rips, all of the beads will be saved!
  • Pendant Stone Necklaces: Display focal charms and pendants on a cord or chain. Like the stone on your necklace, you are the center the universe. Stone necklaces feature natural crystal healing stones on a variety of cords and chains for easy, every day wear.
  • Spiritual Necklaces: Spiritual necklaces feature a symbol from the metaphysical world, may it be a revered Deity, a lightworkers Cross or a beloved Angel.
  • Statement Necklaces: Live each moment loud and proud. Statement necklaces show off your funky crystal healing style through chunky stone creations. Choose from our fresh collection of one of a kind, handmade necklaces and empower your aura with bold confidence.  
  • Vial Necklaces: Vial necklaces secure natural stones in clear containers reminiscent of Apothecary jars, windowed frames and little terrariums.

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