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5 Calcite Jewelry Collections by Color

blue calcite ring on modelAre you seeking more abundance, fulfilling spirituality, or deep love? With Calcite jewelry, you can eat your cake and wear it too. As it is available in a medley of colors that radiate with different energies, there's no limit to what Calcite jewelry can do for you.

Calcite is a colorful crystal that fills you with confidence, and rightly so! This attractive and versatile gemstone does it all. When you tap into the many benefits of healing jewelry, you gain an air of empowerment that stays with you through every high and low. Become the glowing light that others look up to by harnessing the happy energy of Calcite.

What's your mood today? Cool? Wild? Sweet?

There's a Calcite collection that matches every mood under the sun. Go for a simple color palette or mix and match to your heart's desire. The 5 attractive jewelry sets below say it all. Take a look and then give your wardrobe the treat it deserves.

Discover how to use Calcite to better your abundance, spirituality, and relationships. First, join the Satin Crystals VIP Club to learn about Calcite and all your favorite crystals.

Blue Calcite Cool Collection

Cooling Blue Calcite jewelry is good for spirituality, healing, and all your self-improvement practices. They align with your higher Throat chakra, opening your channels of expression. The subtle energies of Blue Calcite calm your soul and allow you to focus on your greater mission.

Pink Calcite Sweet Collection

When you feel better about yourself, you feel more confident in your relationships. Calcite helps you boost your self-esteem and shows your inner value. It also connects you with a life partner, if that's what you desire. Pink Calcite is known for its soft and gentle touch. This gemstone is about pure, easy, and natural relationships. When you trust effortlessly in the cosmic good, your connections with friends, family, and romantic mates fall into place.

Yellow Calcite Sun Collection

Calcite is good for wealth, abundance, and prosperity. Golden Yellow Calcite is a popular Abundance stone because of its ability to attract money and success. They are wonderful for building wealth in a warm and positive way. What's more, this gemstone is appealing to the eye and looks attractive as jewelry.

White Calcite Wise Collection

White Calcite jewelry aligns with your highest Crown chakra. When you desire visions of wisdom, gaze into your attractive, shimmering gems. These crystals go perfectly with every outfit. Because smart spirituality is always in style.

Rainbow Calcite Wild Collection

Manifest everything that you desire with the rainbow healing energy of Calcite. This colorful healing crystal wants you to feel well-rounded and satisfied in all areas of life. Keep your confidence levels high by bravely wearing colorful gems. You're not afraid to be you!

Calcite for Crystal Healing and Confidence

What an uplifting showcase full of colorful stones! Which sets are your favorite?

Get your Calcite jewelry and crystals now. Check out the Calcite Crystal Collection or shop here on the blog to find your perfect piece:

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