Mineral Facts

Calcite is a relatively soft stone with a 3 on the Mohs Scale of Hardness. It is one of the most common minerals on Earth. It is the main mineral in Limestone and metamorphic Marble.

Types of Calcite

Blue Calcite
is a soft blue stone often showing white patches. Blue Calcite helps soothe the emotions. Use Blue Calcite to balance the Throat Chakra.

Dogtooth Calcite
Four sided pointed crystals reminiscent of canine teeth.

Green Calcite
Green Calcite varies from waxy to matte color, mottled with white matrix. Green Calcite is used for relieving emotional stress. Use Green Calcite to strengthen the Heart Chakra.

Golden Calcite
Golden or Yellow Calcite is a translucent stone with a rich yellow to a honey gold tone. It often shows shiny inclusions and rainbow sheen. Golden Calcite warms the Solar Plexus Chakra for a state of balance at an emotional level. 

Honey Calcite
This is a waxy stone varying from light yellow to a rich honey gold. It provides a warming sun energy to uplift the emotions. Use Honey Calcite to open and balance the emotions at the Solar Plexus Chakra.

Nail Head Calcite
When Calcite crystals have six sides and flattened tops.

Orange Calcite
Orange Calcite helps to uplift the emotions. Use Orange Calcite to balance the Sacral Chakra.

Red Calcite
Red Calcite ranges from a light red to a brick red, waxy to matte finished rock. Red Calcite activates the emotions. Use Red Calcite to balance the Root Chakra.

White Calcite
White Calcite comes in pure white and a translucent white known as Iceland Spar or Optical Calcite. Iceland Spar can refract light twice, and can therefore show items placed under the stone as doubled. White Calcite accesses inner enlightenment and mental growth. Its high calcium content encourages healthy bones, skin, hair, nails and teeth. Use White Calcite to balance the Crown Chakra. 

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