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TRAVEL ALERT! Orders placed July 4-15 will ship on July 15. FREE SHIPPING for US orders $55+

Agate Meditation for Anti-Anxiety

sheila of satin crystals meditating with agateAre you living in the real world or do you find yourself slipping into a state of anxiety? Whether you are a chronic worrier or simply stressed from time to time, this guided Agate meditation can help anchor your energy.

Agate is Mother Nature's favorite grounding crystal. This abundant stone aligns your Root chakra to the planet and feeds you with nurturing life force. Rather than spiraling into a state of panic, creating imaginary scenarios in your head, and daydreaming to the extent of disconnect, be present and successful in the life you live right now.

Below, you find 7 positive affirmations you can recite with Agate stones. Say them on your own or listen along in the guided meditation. This quick meditation is perfect for busy souls.

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Agate Stone meditation video

For the most powerful experience, listen and follow along to this recorded Agate Guided Meditation.

Click the video above when you are ready to begin. The full script can be found in the text below.

7 Agate Affirmations for Relaxation

Do you feel anxious, worried, or out of balance? Agate affirmations can assist you with gaining control over your life. 

We present you with 7 mantras that you can recite whenever you wish. You will also hear them embedded in the guided meditation video above and the script below.

Choose genuine Agate stones to hold while you say these affirmations. The more Agate healing crystals you have, the more grounding your session.

  • I am a balanced human being who enjoys worldly experiences
  • My Root chakra is grounded and I flourish like a mighty tree
  • Whenever I panic, I pick up my Agate stones to anchor my mind
  • Agate earth-stones heal me the way nature intended

  • Since anxiety is only imaginary, Agate guides me back to reality

  • I am an intelligent person who can cope with whatever comes my way

  • My soul is thriving in the physical world

agate stones and jewelry, water, moqui marbles

Preparing for the Agate meditation

This power-meditation is a healing technique you can use anywhere. All you need are Agate stones, a few minutes, and a desire for self-care.

These relaxation mantras are designed to work with Agate gemstones and jewelry. This crystal comes in a variety of attractive colors and forms like Moss Agate, Blue Lace Agate, Dendritic Agate, and so much more. You can discover incredible patterns in the Satin Crystals Agate Shop.

After you have your pieces, find a comfortable nook in your home or garden. Hold the Agate in your hand while doing this meditation, and place more Agate at your feet for the best grounding effect. Are you at work? Do the power session during your break. You are the ruler of your destiny.

Guided meditation script with Agate

Get a firm grip on your Agate crystals because you are about to be anchored to solid ground. Worry and anxiety strikes us all. The power of Agate snaps you out of the imaginary scenarios that are playing in your head. With this grounding gemstone, you learn how to be present in the here and now.

Agate is Mother Nature's favorite gemstone because it teaches you how to live as a balanced human being. This crystal nourishes you with Earth energy and aligns you with your instincts and intuition.

Close your eyes, take three deep breaths, and feel the energy of the Agate gemstones vibrating in your hands.

(short pause)

Agate strengthens you from the foundation up. Focus on the energy of your stones and feel your feet get heavier, as though you are sinking into the ground. This Root chakra gemstone is pulling you down to the Earth's core. Your feet are so heavy and rooted that you feel like you are a tree.

With each breath you take, a larger network of roots form under your body and connect you to the planet. Keep breathing and feel your roots spread from out and under you, making you stronger and more stable with each breath.

(short pause)

You now feel solid and steady like an ancient tree; like the Agate stone in your hand. The growth doesn't end here.

Channel the Agate vibrations to the center of your body and through your arms and up your head. Your branches are growing upward and outward like a mighty oak tree. Leaves are appearing left and right. You are a thriving soul on the big blue planet.

(short pause)

agate pyramid, slab, blue lace agate bracelet

You are now fully grounded with Agate Earth energy. When you are one with  physical reality, imaginary fears cannot capture your attention. They seem smaller and less significant because you are larger and stronger.

You are 100% present in the moment. And at this moment, you know that everything is okay.

When the worry and chatter of your mind distract you, you forget about your powers. You succumb to gloom and doom of scenarios that play out in your head like a broken record. They didn't even happen yet!

But when you are attuned to the present moment, you are reminded of your power. That you are capable of dealing with anything. You have made it this far in the world, and you intend to make it even farther, one step at a time. In the peace and quiet of meditation, you find yourself again. 

(short pause)

It is now time to reinforce your power with positive affirmations. You will hear 7 mantras that will etch this feeling of strength, balance, and positivity into your body and mind. After each statement that you hear, you can repeat it aloud or say it quietly yet confidently to yourself in your mind. Here they are: 

 #1 I am a balanced human being who enjoys worldly experiences

Now you say it. (short pause)

#2 My Root chakra is grounded and I flourish like a mighty tree

(short pause)

#3 Whenever I panic, I pick up my Agate stones to anchor my mind

(short pause)

#4 Agate Earth stones heal me the way nature intended

(short pause)

#5 Since anxiety is only imaginary, Agate guides me back to reality

(short pause)

#6 I am an intelligent person who can cope with whatever comes my way

(short pause)

#7 My soul is thriving in the physical world

(short pause)

Wow! Look at you! When your mind is clear and your energy is anchored, you can do anything you want! You are no longer lost in the wind, victim to your circumstances. You are reminded of who you are: an earthly being equipped with the body, mind, and spirit to overcome any challenge. You were put here not just to survive but to thrive.

Whenever you feel anxiety, worry, or panic creeping back into your brain, do this simple exercise. Close your eyes and enter this meditation to root and ground yourself. Even better, walk in the grass or garden, and visualize yourself as the mighty flourishing soul that you are.

You are connected to Oneness. You have the energy of the Earth, animals, plants, planets, and cosmos... all within your core.

Now focus your attention back to your grounding Agate Earth stones. They are going to bring you back to physical reality so that you can successfully pursue your life mission. What a fun planet you live on! You are the ruler of your destiny.

Take a deep breath. At the count of 5, you will awaken and return to your reality feeling strong and grounded. Here you go:

1-2-3-4-5. Eyes open, wide awake. 

grounding with water and moqui marbles

What do I do Post-Meditation?

The power meditation is fast but intense! You may feel as though you are drifting on a cloud. Enjoy this natural high. Then, slowly reintegrate back into the physical reality. If you need help anchoring, use Moqui stones to completely realign with the world. Drinking plenty of water is recommended.

Next, reflect upon your experience. If you did the meditation in a group, share your thoughts, feelings, and visions with others. If you practiced this meditation alone, journal your experiences or simply enjoy the sensations. Think about the messages you received and how to use them in your everyday life.

What did you think about this meditation? If you have opinions, stories to share, or questions to ask, we would be thrilled to hear from you. Post them below! 

agate spheres and heart

Shop Agate Crystals

Agate crystals make this meditation effective and powerful. Find your favorite stones in the Agate Crystal Collection or right here:


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Rise Upward and Onward...

Enhance your meditation with further healing ideas:

Disclaimer: The information provided is for entertainment only. See full disclosure.

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Nicole S - September 29, 2023

I want to Thank you ladies as I had purchased a protection piece from you a little while back this year, I was hit by a car on May 6th and thankfully I had it on me the car unfortunately took off and left me in the road at 11:30 at night on my way home from work but they were going about 45 mph and I honestly don’t think I would have survived if I didn’t have the stone on me or the situation would have been a lot worse, Thank You for all your work & help you bring to the 🌍, Many Blessings to you 🙏

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