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Animal Spirit Guide Shamanic Journey Meditation

woman meditating with pyrite bullWhy tread alone when you can take a shamanic journey with your animal spirit guides instead? Your animal guardians watch out for you every step of the way.

Join us in a guided meditation with crystal animals. You will gain words of wisdom and special insights as you listen to the messages of your sacred friends.

You are on earth to fulfill worldly missions. Take a walkabout in your mind and reconnect with your true purpose.

For this shamanic journey, you need one or more animal crystals. You must have an animal to call upon and guide you. Need a friend? See the Satin Crystals Animal Collection to find your new gemstone buddies.

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Crystal animal guided meditation video

For your enjoyment, we have recorded the animal crystal meditation.

There are singing bowl interludes throughout the video so you can take your time to pause, visualize, and personalize your journey.

Click the video above, listen, and follow along.

table full of crystal animals, pyramids, jewelry, water, moqui marbles

How do you prepare for the shamanic journey meditation? 

Guided meditations are best done in quiet, peaceful places. Pick a nice nook of your home or a spot in the garden for this meditation.

Before you begin the shamanic journey with animals, you want to have one or more crystal animals to call upon. Place crystal animal figurines around your space and wear animal jewelry during the session.

If you do not have animal healing crystals and jewelry yet, pick your favorites before embarking on this journey. You can find an assortment of animal spirit guide stones and jewelry at Satin Crystals.

In this walkabout meditation, you will also transcend a crystal pyramid. To make your experience more powerful, place crystal pyramids in front of you as you journey. Collect sacred pieces in the Satin Crystals Pyramid Collection. 

You will need a glass of water and grounding stones such as Moqui Marbles. These tools will be used immediately after you come out of the meditation. They will realign your traveling etheric body back to the physical body.

Once you have your earth grounding stones, a glass of water, animal jewelry, and figurines, you are ready to go! 

soapstone lion on chain

Guided meditation script with crystal animals

Does your life seem random and chaotic? Are things happening around you without purpose or control?

We all get lost at some point in time. The path leading back to your life purpose is just a step away.

You could use the helpful presence of a wise friend. Today, you have chosen to take a shamanic journey with your animal spirit guide to rediscover your life purpose. Even if you don't feel lost, you can gain spiritual insights from these animal friends.

Begin by holding your crystal animal in your hand or placing it nearby so it can assist you throughout this journey. Then, if you haven't already done so, close your eyes. Now take in several deep breaths and allow your body to shift into a state of relaxation.

(short pause)

Continue to breathe deep and relax. Let the outside noises and distractions fade into the background. Focus on your breathing. This meditation is all about you.

Your animal spirit guide is near, watching over you and providing emotional support. Let go of your worldly troubles, exhaling them out of your body.

Adopt the energy of your animal guardian. Animals live in the present moment,  operate on instinct and intuition, and are not bothered by the petty problems of humanity. Go deeper and deeper into relaxation to find your primal self buried  deep within.

(short pause)

Now that you are settled into a place of calm comfort, imagine that you are in a friendly forest. The trees are green and thriving. You look up to see a bright blue sky. Perhaps there are birds chirping and butterflies fluttering. Look to the left, look to the right. Observe nature all around you and breathe in the healing vibes of Mother Earth.

(short pause)

woman wearing animal jewelry

You see a path in front of you and begin to stroll down this path into the woods. As you make your way through the forest, you feel happy and content knowing that you will rediscover your life purpose. This is the spiritual walkabout that your mind has been waiting for. You are being nourished with divine, blissful energy.

Soon, you come to a bench on the side of the path. This is a beautiful bench carved with lovely designs. It is inviting and you take a seat. It is here that you will summon another animal spirit guide to join you on this walkabout.

The animal spirit guide who will appear might be the same as your crystal animal or it might be a different species altogether. Go ahead and summon your new animal friend.

When you hear the numbers 1 through 3, your animal spirit guide will appear from behind a tree.


The animal spirit guide meant to accompany you on today's shamanic journey now makes itself visible from behind a tree. Observe the animal, its colors, its size, and its features. Silently thank your guide for appearing.

(short pause)

As you sit peacefully on the bench with your animal guardian nearby, you are going to request three favors.

First, telepathically tell your animal guide: "I'd like you to keep me safe on this spiritual walkabout". Do that now.

(short pause)

Second, telepathically tell your animal guide: "I'd like you to give me a direct message that will help me in my life right now." Do that now and listen for the answer.


Finally, ask your animal spirit guide to help you manifest something important in your life. What is it that you wish to attain? Pinpoint your wish and then telepathically tell your animal guardian: "I'd like you to help me manifest my goal." Do that now. 


You have made an important connection with your animal spirit guide. This friendly creature is here to protect you, look after you, and assist you on your journey to happiness. Now, it will accompany you further down the path so you can gain more insight and healing energy.

Stand up from the bench and continue to walk through the forest with your animal guardian next to you. You may wish to walk silently and take in the healing forces of the woods or you may have a private chat with your animal friend as you stroll.

(short pause)

You are now coming up to a large structure in the middle of the forest. It is a big ancient pyramid made of pure crystals. This beautiful sight radiates with healing light and spiritual energy. Gaze upon your crystal pyramid and feel satisfaction swelling in your soul. 

Walk to the base of the crystal pyramid and touch the stone. Feel the immense powers reflecting off the surface of the stone! It makes your fingers tingle and increases the frequency of your energetic body. You are now ready to transcend to a higher experience. As you gaze up toward the top of the crystal pyramid, you notice that it has three levels, the highest being near the tip of the structure.

Your animal spirit guide is going to lead you to the top of the crystal pyramid, tier by tier. The animal guardian travels up to the first level of the pyramid and you follow behind. When you've climbed up to the first tier, take a seat. You are going to ask the Universe a question, and this crystal pyramid is going to channel the answer from its top point down into your mind. This question has to do with your life purpose. Repeat this question in your mind and out to the Universe, then listen for the answer:

"What is something I should do this week that will make me feel happy and purposeful?"

Repeat the question silently and listen for the answer.


You are now ready to ascend to the next level of the pyramid. Your animal spirit guide climbs up and you follow. You both sit on the second tier of the sacred crystal pyramid. You will ask your second question. Repeat this silently in your mind and listen for the answer:

"What is something I should do this year that will make me feel happy and purposeful?"

Repeat the question silently and listen for the answer.


You have listened to the sounds of the Universe and you are ready to proceed to the apex of the pyramid. Let your animal guide lead the way. Follow it to the third tier of the wise crystal pyramid. Take a seat and prepare to ask your final question:

"What is my life purpose?"

Repeat the question silently and listen for the answer.


You have now gained the wisdom of the Universe through the crystal pyramid and your animal spirit guide. Slowly climb back down the crystal pyramid and to the grounds of the forest with your animal companion beside you. 

Give thanks to the large pyramid for dispensing messages to you on this journey. Then, along with your animal guardian, you walk back into the forest toward the bench from where you met.

(short pause)

woman holding rhodonite bear

You have found the same bench as before and you take a seat. You feel more spiritually connected and purposeful having taken this walkabout with your animal friend. But now it's time to say thank you and goodbye. The animal spirit guide gives you a friendly wink and walks back into the forest from where it came. 

(short pause)

You are now ready to return to your physical world. This time, you feel more focused on your goals and your life mission. You are here for a purpose and you are meant to achieve that. When you are on the right path, you feel happy and content. When you stray from your purpose, you feel lost and in turmoil. Your emotions are a good indicator of where you stand on this journey called life.

Feel good knowing that you can always turn to your inner wisdom, animal spirit guides, and crystal pyramids for guidance. You might find that a different animal appears the next time your take a shamanic journey. They are all here to assist you.

As you depart from this spiritual paradise, give thanks to the crystal animal that is sitting in your hand or space. It has guided you through the meditation and shall continue to do so in everyday life. You can ask for positive energy and advice through your crystal animal at any time. It is your guardian and companion.

Now, you are ready to return to your physical self. When you hear the number 1 through 5, you will emerge from the meditation. Starting with...

1. Breathe deeply and feel yourself stepping off that bench and into your physical body.

2. Wiggle your fingers and toes as your body begins to awaken.

3. Let the sounds of your physical surroundings return to your consciousness.

4. Take one last deep breath and lock this experience in your memories.

5. Open your eyes and be wide awake.

woman holding moqui marbles and glass of water

What do I do Post-Meditation?

Immediately after the meditation, you might feel spacey or high. This is a normal reaction because your energy has been vibrating at an unusually high frequency. It takes time to adjust back to reality.

Hold onto Moqui stones and other grounding crystals right after your session. This helps to align your etheric body back down to the physical body. Drink the glass of water you had placed nearby.

After you are a bit more grounded, you can reflect upon your experience. If you did this meditation in a group, each person can share what they learned from the session if they wish. If you did it alone, you can silently reflect or record it in a journal.

Ultimately, you want to take the lessons and insights gained from the meditation and apply them to your real life. 

If you liked participating in this crystal meditation, or if you have any stories to share or questions to ask, we would be thrilled to hear from you. Post them below!

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You need wise and friendly animal crystals for this guided meditation. Find your perfect pieces right here:


woman in prayer

Rise Up...

Enhance your meditation with further healing ideas:

Disclaimer: The information provided is for entertainment only. See full disclosure.

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Lisa - July 23, 2023

Hi Vriska,

We’re glad you enjoyed the meditations and experienced some interesting visions. Do you have any idea what the message could mean? Although we don’t have a home and beans in the article, we do have a Dream dictionary you may find useful:

To receive future meditation videos right in your inbox, please sign up for the free VIP Club:

Have a great day, Lisa Satin

Vriska K. - July 23, 2023

Thank you. I saw a white house with black beans during your future meditation and a little of the surrounding garden.X

Sheila Satin - September 30, 2022

Hi Jody, Thank you for sharing! Nature is amazing indeed :)

Jody Goodwin - September 30, 2022

I have always been down to crystals I collect any kind of stones/ rocks when I walk around one will catch my eye and I always pick them up

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