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Cast a Spell with New Moon Arrival crystals

woman meditating under new moon with crystal pyramidsDear Friends, 

This February New Moon is enchanting! It is the month of amorous love. 

What would you love to manifest?

Cast a spell with crystals to create something special for yourself.

Pick your pleasure:

I want New Moon Love

I want Mountains of Money

I want Powerful Protection

I want Serene Spirituality 

I want Elemental Healing

Now scroll down to see the New Moon arrival crystals that match your mood. Learn how to cast a spell with your crystal of choice. Follow your dreams this February.

Your Friend,
Lisa Satin

New Moon Arrivals & Spells

What does your heart desire? See the 5 collections of new arrival crystals. Then, learn to cast a manifestation spell with your stone.

#1 I want New Moon Love

Ride the lunar tide to the love of your life. 

  • This Rhodochrosite ball attracts a high-class soulmate. 
  • Pick a Pink Calcite sphere for strengthening relationships.
  • Want a mate? Wear the Variscite intuitive love pendant.
  • A Chrysocolla pyramid heals your heart from past pain.

Cast a spell: Put your Love crystal close to your heart and chant 3 times aloud: "The New Moon brings me the Love of my Life". Charge it on the windowsill overnight. Then place it on your bedside. If you have a photo of your lover or potential partner, place it on the bedside too.

#2 I want Mountains of Money

 When it comes to riches, reach higher than the sky. 

  • The indigo Iolite pendant watches your wealth.
  • This black Sapphire ring brings in the bling.
  • An Aventurine bunny ensures a rich Year of the Rabbit.
  • An Iolite egg grows your money nest.

Cast a spell: Tell your Abundance crystal your financial goals. While holding it, recite 7 times "My wishes are for riches." Place it in your Feng Shui money corner for 7 days before wearing or using it in healing.

#3 I want Powerful Protection

Solidify the safety of your soul with New Moon Protection crystals. 

  • This Labradorite sphere lights the way during dark times.
  • The Septarian Dragon pendant is your fierce guardian.
  • A Smoky Quartz egg saves you from stressful situations.
  • Pick Smoky Quartz hearts to attract savory people.

Cast a spell: Go outside to the garden with your Protection stone in hand before midnight. At the stroke of midnight, you say "Evil be gone!" (shout it if you can!) The bad forces in your life shall shatter and you make room for better people.

#4 I want Serene Spirituality

Ascend to the peak of spiritual mastery by looking within. 

  • Meditate with the Miracle Mountain 7 Crystals pyramid 
  • Channel your choir of angels with the Angelite pyramid.
  • Feel Heaven on Earth by wearing the Fluorite pendant.
  • The Aquamarine Moonstone pendant inspires hope.

Cast a spell: Do your favorite spiritual meditation while holding your Spirit Crystal. At the peak of your trance, place the crystal on top of your head. Feel the rush of light bring an incredible revelation. At the very end of your meditation, say aloud "I have evolved."

#5 I want Earth Element Healing

From the Earth you were born, from the Earth you shall heal. 

  • The Red Jasper pyramid ignites fire for physical strength.
  • The Ocean Jasper pyramid summons the sea for cleansing.
  • A Moss Agate ball taps into the jungle for natural remedies.
  • A Blue Agate ball calls upon Earth elements to heal you.

Cast a spell: Match your new healing crystal to its element. For example, light a candle next to your Red Jasper pyramid or bring your Ocean Jasper pyramid to the beach. After your crystal absorbs its Element for many hours, use it in a crystal layout. Say to yourself silently "The elements I feel. I quickly heal."

Manifesting More...

Have you used crystal healing during a New Moon? We'd love to hear about your experiences. Post them below. 

Disclaimer: The information provided is for entertainment only. See full disclosure.

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