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2020 Lunar Eclipse & Full Moon Crystals

charging moonstone crystals in the lunar eclipse

The Full Moon is a special day of the month where you get a chance to reset your habits and routines. When the Full Moon is covered up by the Earth and a Lunar Eclipse happens, it's an even bigger opportunity for you to experience major life changes. Moonstone is the crystal that gets super charged under the moon and guides you through these milestone moments.

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Just imagine what your supercharged Moonstones can do for you...

What is a Full Moon?

A Full Moon is a phase when the Moon looks like it is a round glowing circle from the perspective of us on Earth. As the Earth travels between the Sun and the Moon, the light side of the moon which is lit by the sun faces us. This happens once a month, or 29.53 days to be more exact.

What is a Lunar Eclipse?

A Lunar Eclipse is when Earth travels between the Moon and Sun. The shadow of the Earth makes the Moon hard to see. When part of the Moon is blocked, it's called a prenumbral Lunar Eclipse. This happens 2 to 5 times a year. When the entire Moon is blocked, it's a Total Eclipse. This is more rare, happening once every 2 and half years. A Total Prenumbral Lunar Eclipse is even more rare, occurring 1 to 9 times every 100 years.

What is the Spiritual Meaning of a Full Moon?

The Full Moon is extremely powerful time for the soul to make a change. It shines a full spotlight on your life, making the small details visible. It is the time for you to see what no longer benefits you, and let it go. The Full Moon is a time when you release the unwanted or unneeded.

The Full Moon happens on a monthly basis, allowing you to continuously cleanse and release. It's time to leave behind the past and start fresh. Stop getting stuck in the same old pattern.

The spiritual meaning of the Full Moon is about keeping your energy and your life in motion, just as it's meant to be.

What is the Spiritual Meaning of a Lunar Eclipse?

The Lunar eclipse over the Full Moon enhances the New Beginnings energy of the event. It happens at the same time as the Full Moon, but adds extra power. In a Lunar eclipse, you release bigger and more significant things than you would during a typical Full Moon.

Some abrupt changes that happen may be a loss or gain of a job, family member, or large sum of money. It might be a change in your relationship status, new information about your health, a spiritual transformation, etc.

What is the Spiritual Meaning of a New Moon?

The New Moon is the opposite of a full Moon, and happens between two full moons. In this Lunar cycle, the dark side of the Moon is turned to Earth, so the light is blocked out and the moon is almost invisible to us. 

Whereas in the Full Moon we release the unwanted, during the New Moon we build up new and fresh things.

Although you don't need to charge your Moonstones that night (since there is virtually no light coming through), it's an excellent time to use your previously charged Moonstone and practice life enhancing Moonstone Affirmations.  

What are Moon Crystals?

Moonstone is the well known gem that holds the power of Goddess Luna. You will learn the benefits of Moonstone in the section below.

But did you know that while Moonstones are best known for their Lunar vibrations, there are two additional Moon Crystals that are equally as powerful? Most people do not realize the secret energy of the other Moon Crystals, and may be missing out on their benefits.

The three Moon Crystals are Moonstone, Selenite, and Labradorite.

  • Moonstone for All Moons: is the most powerful moon crystal, and you learned about it's benefits in the previous section. Moonstone comes in White for Full Moon activity, Black for New Moon Activity, and in tones between for all lunar activity. 
  • Selenite for Full Moons: Did you know that Selenite is named after the Moon Goddess Selene? It is a glowing white etheric crystal that permeates with the energy of the moon. Selenite is the ultimate choice for your Full Moon rituals and seances. 
  • Labradorite for New Moons: When the New Moon is a ball of darkness, Labradorite becomes energized with new beginnings vibes. This mysterious silver stone with rainbow flash is the ultimate choice for your New Moon mantras and magic. 

What is the Moon Jewelry Showcase?

Satin Crystals has a custom designed line of Moon Jewelry, hand made by Sheila Satin. These pieces are made specifically for your Moon activity. When it's time to harness the power of Full Moons, New Moons, Supermoons, and Lunar Eclipses, make sure you don't show up to the celebration empty handed. The Moon Crystals are ideal for lunar events, and also everyday wear.

Visit the Moon Jewelry Showcase to find your perfect piece. Some of the lunar offerings are featured here:


labradorite moon earrings

labradorite new moon necklace on gold chain

selenite moon wisdom bracelet


moon pendant

moon earrings sterling silver


Why is Moonstone Important for the Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse?

Moonstone is the specific crystal that fully aligns with the energy of the moon. Whereas most stones are charged in the sun, Moonstone gets its power from the moonlight. That means its energies are more feminine, intuitive, psychic, calm, and healing.

Moonstone is a stone of New Beginnings. When you use this crystal through all the new beginnings mentioned above, you are aligning yourself for success.

Transitions are hard. Change doesn't always mean things will get better. If you don't put the right effort and intentions toward the transition, changes could be disastrous.

Moonstone makes change easier and keeps you on the right track to a positive outcome. Learn about the ways Moonstone can benefit you with its metaphysical healing properties.  

What do Different Moonstone Shapes Mean?

Moonstone crystals come in different forms for different purposes. For example, a Moonstone Sphere has a different symbolism than a Moonstone Pyramid. You can learn about How to use the Shapes of Moonstone for New Beginnings.

If you want to add even more power to your life's new chapter, make it a Moonstone Egg. Eggs are the symbol of New Beginnings and new life. It's a good idea to learn how to use crystal healing eggs and maximize on your energetic gains.

If you want a Moonstone piece that resembles the Full Moon itself, you might be drawn to a Moonstone sphere. Discover the reasons Why Moonstone Balls are Best, according to many people.

Where Can I Buy Moonstone Spheres?

Have you been missing out on all the benefits of Moonstone? Don't get left behind in the moon dust anymore. At Satin Crystals, we have a shining variety of Moonstones spheres that are ready to be yours. They are round and perfect, resembling the Moon in shape and energy. You can check out our entire collection of Moonstone Moon Orbs, or click on one of these Top 3 Moonstone Balls to get more information about it:
white rainbow moonstone sphere
silver sheen moonstone ball

What are the Best Moonstone Bracelets?

Over the years, fans have deemed Satin Crystals Moonstone bracelets the best for healing under lunar energy. These are treasures hand made by Sheila Satin and infused with good vibes. We have an entire collection of Moonstone Bracelets that suit all moon lovers. The white Full Moon bracelet, the black New Moon bracelet, and the colorful Medley Moon bracelet are the most popular. Click on the one you like best to find out more:


moonstone white sheen bracelet

black moonstone bracelet

moonstone colorful medley bracelet  

How do I Charge Moonstone in the Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse?

Before you charge your stones, you want to clear them of previously infused energy. See our Crystal Care Instructions on how to do this, and make sure you do it at least a day or two ahead of time.

On the morning of the Full Moon or Lunar Eclipse, place your stones in the windowsill or garden. Leave them there following night so they can be supercharged with the superpowers of the moon.

Once they have been charged, you can program your crystals with the intentions you desire.


Can I Charge Other Stones in the Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse?

Most crystals like Quartz, Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Tourmaline etc. are charged by sunlight, which infused them with life force and energy. To charge them for everyday intentions, you can place them in the windowsill during the day. Regardless, charging them in the moon will not hurt them.

The time that you specifically want to charge non-Moonstone crystals in the Full Moon is when you wish to program them with the psychic intention. When you want a crystal to help you with psychic development, intuitive abilities, and Third Eye Chakra healing work, the moon is known to enhance these powers.

How does a Full Moon Affect Us?

Since the Full Moon is a time of letting go, some people may feel relieved, happy, and freed. Others may feel jittery, scared or at loss. Your feelings can change with each cycle, depending on what is happening in your life and what exactly you are letting go of for the month.

This may be involve soul searching discomfort, but remember that letting go that which no longer serves you opens the gateway to bigger and better things.

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When are the Full Moons in 2020?

For the year 2020, the Full Moons happen on:

  • January 10th (Wolf Moon)
  • February 9 (Snow Moon)
  • March 9 (Worm Moon)
  • April 8 (Pink Moon)
  • May 7 (Flower Moon)
  • June 5 (Strawberry Moon)
  • July 5 (Buck Moon)
  • August 3 (Sturgeon Moon)
  • September 2 (Full Corn Moon)
  • October 1 (Hunter's Moon)
  • October 31 (Blue Moon)
  • November 30 (Beaver Moon)
  • December 30 (Cold Moon) 

When are the Lunar Eclipses in 2020?

The Lunar Eclipses for 2020 are: 

  • January 10-2 (Prenumbral)
  • June 5-6 (Prenumbral)
  • July 4-5 (Prenumbral) 
  • November 29-30 (Prenumbral) 

When are the Solar Eclipses of 2020?

The 2020 Solar Eclipses Happen on:

  • June 21 (Annular)
  • December 14 (Total)

The Solar Eclipse is a different phenomenon, with different spiritual Meaning. The crystal to use for the Solar Eclipse is Sunstone.

Will I see the Lunar Eclipse?

Whether or not you see the Lunar Eclipse depends on what type of eclipse is happening, and where you are located. 

See the interactive map to find out if you can observe the Lunar Eclipse from your location. Even if you can't see it from your place, the energy spreads equally across the Earth so you will feel it, as will your crystals.

What is a Blue Moon?

You may have heard the expression "Once in a Blue Moon". It is used to say that something happens only once in a long while. That's because a Blue Moon is uncommon, happening only one time in about every 2.7 years.

The Blue Moon is when one month of the year has two Full Moons. The second Full Moon is called the Blue Moon. In 2020, October has two Full Moons, so the second cycle on October 31 is the Blue Moon. This is a special day when you should definitely be charging your Moonstones in the window. 

Is Moonstone a Good Gift?

Moonstone is one of the most popular gifting crystals. Just as how almost everyone adores the beauty of the Moon, they also fall instantly in love with Moonstone. It is one of the shiniest and most etheric stones out there. Most Moonstone has a sheen or rainbow flash that can't help but get people to light up with a smile. Here are some fine gifting options to surprise your loved ones:

peach moonstone earrings

white moonstone necklace 

Your Lunar Connection

Do you regularly charge your crystals in the moonlight? Do you have stories from past Lunar Eclipse experiences? We are happy to answer any questions or hear your comments, contact us anytime. 

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