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Moonstone Meaning, Uses & Healing Properties

moonstone articleWhat are the Benefits of Moonstone?

You can benefit from the healing powers of Moonstone if you relate or aspire to any of the following traits: 

  • You want to calm your anxieties
  • You need to counteract aggressive energies 
  • You are attracted to the power of the Moon
  • You feel alive in the silence of the night
  • You are looking for a stone of New Beginnings to help you through major life changes
  • You are seeking a travel stone for your next journeys
  • You want to tap into your empathy, compassion, and patience

Watch the Moonstone Video

Prefer to watch the highlights of Moonstone? Click to watch the Moonstone video and get your top 5 questions on this purple crystal answered. You will also get to see many examples of the different colors and shapes of Moonstone. 

This is a part of our A-Z Satin Crystals Meanings video series, where we answer your most pressing questions on all of the most popular crystals.

You can also add your own questions and stories directly on the Youtube video's comments and we will answer you there. 

What is Moonstone?

Moonstone is an opalescent form of Orthoclase. You will find Moonstone under the Orthoclase heading in mineral books. Orthoclase is a member of the Feldspar group which contains aluminosilicate and potassium. Orthoclase is a major rock-forming mineral.

Moonstone is distinguishable by its Schiller Sheen, also known as the “floating moon effect”, Adularescence, or blue and white sheen. This sheen is caused by interlaid Orthoclase and Albite rectangles.

If the layers of these interlaid minerals are thin, you will see a blue sheen. If the layers are thick, you will see a white sheen. Moonstone can also show chatoyancy, which is a narrow cat’s eye reflection.

what chakra is moonstone

    What is the color of Moonstone?

    Although they come from the same family of Feldspar, Moonstone can vary widely in its colors. Here are a few of the popular types of Moonstone and their metaphysical meanings.  

    black moonstone

    Black Moonstone varies in shade from a light silvery-gray to a dark black. It is often found with natural banded veins and inclusions and the occasional rainbow sheen. Use this unique Moonstone when you are ready to take a deep dive to find your true self. 

    peach moonstone

    Peach Moonstone varies in colors from creamy peach to light orange. It shows an iridescent surface sheen distinct of the Moonstone family. This soothing crystal is used to calm the emotions. Use Peach Moonstone to balance the Solar Plexus and Sacral Chakras.

    pink moonstone

    Pink Moonstone is a soft-toned stone which may be mottled with white and translucent veins. You may also find Pink Flake Moonstone which is similar to Sunstone in appearance, shimmering with Hematite inclusions. Pink Moonstone is the perfect to correspond with the vibrations fo your Heart Chakra, gently opening you up to love. 

    rainbow moonstone

    Rainbow Moonstone is the most prized healing crystal of the Moonstone family. This crystal shows a milky white surface with beautiful shimmering flashes of blues, greens, and yellow rainbow sheen. Use Rainbow Moonstone when you want to shine a light on the positive aspects of your life. This stone is excellent to use with the Third Eye and Solar Plexus chakras. 

    white moonstone

    White Moonstone has a translucent, creamy color with a soft surface sheen that rolls over the crystal. Use White Moonstone to balance feminine yin energy. This stone is used to balance the Solar Plexus and Sacral Chakras.

    Moonstone Metaphysical Properties

    Here are a few of the metaphysical properties of Moonstone that healers have benefited from over the years. 

    • Moonstone is connected with calming, feminine, yin energies.

    • Moonstone helps you through new beginnings, showing you that change is as natural as the cycles of the moon.

    • Moonstone encourages you to set aside your ego and trust your intuition and subconscious mind.

    • Moonstone is a confidence booster, reducing your fears and allowing you to show off your true self to the world.

    • Moonstone is considered a lucky stone among lovers. It is also associated with fertility and virility.

    • Moonstone soothes overly aggressive, hyperactive and macho energies.
    what is the use of moonstone

    What Chakra is Moonstone?

    Moonstone is strongly associated with the Solar Plexus and Sacral Chakras. 

    However, depending on the color of the Moonstone, you can also work with the stone to balance other chakras. For example, you can use Pink Moonstone to open the Heart Chakra and Rainbow Moonstone to work with the spiritual energies at the Crown Chakra. 

    Why Should I Get a Moonstone Ball?

    Satin Crystals offers Moonstone in a variety of forms because we know it holds an important place in the crystal healing universe. Moonstone spheres are one popular form that is beloved by the community.

    The benefit of a Moonstone ball is that you can display it in any room to illuminate the energy of that room. You can also hold it in your hand while you do healing and relaxation. Since it's round and shiny, it resembles the moon itself. Not only do you get the psychic yin healing energy of the moon in a Moonstone Ball, but it's as though you own your very own mini-moon.

    Here are some fan favorites:

    white rainbow moonstone sphere
    silver sheen moonstone ball

    What is the Use of Moonstone?

    Whether you are incorporating the stone into your everyday life or actively using it for crystal healing energies, here are a few ideas to kick start your relationship with Moonstone:
    • Wear Moonstone jewelry for protection on your journeys while you travel.

    • Drink Moonstone water as an elixir to clear skin, eyes, hair

    • Rub a Moonstone palm stone as a worry stone, relieving anxieties and filling the void with calm

    • Substitute metallic stress balls with all-natural Moonstone spheres

    • Switch off carrying a piece of Moonstone with those who you want a harmonious relationship every two weeks

    • Place Moonstone over the Sacral Chakra when you need relief from menstrual cramps and other feminine issues

    • Hold a Moonstone egg for reflection when going through life transitions

    • Gaze into the moving surface of Moonstone to get into a hypnotic state in meditation

    • Massage tension from your body with a Moonstone wand or polished stone

    • Sleep with Moonstone under your pillow to dream about your future

    • Have Moonstone in your bedroom for a restful sleep

    • Place large Moonstone spheres in your Feng Shui Health Center to reduce tensions in your space

    • Use Moonstone at the Third Eye chakra to enhance your psychic abilities and develop clairvoyance

    Divination with Moonstone

    Drawing Moonstone in a gemstone divination session means: You may be feeling anxious and overwhelmed with your current situation. It's time to ease the tension and let Moonstone fill you with a wholesome calm. 

    If you specifically draw Black Moonstone: You may have a lot of unresolved business, unfinished tasks and unrealized ideas surrounding you. Use Moonstone to help focus your energies, dissolve frustrations and fears, and accomplish your goals with ease. 

    If  you specifically draw Peach Moonstone: You may be losing your personal identity, whether you are too absorbed in others, a job, an obsession. Use Moonstone to meditate on your Higher Self and reflect on why you are here on Earth. 

    If you specifically draw Pink Moonstone: You may be caught between selfish acts and pleasing those around you. Use Moonstone to compromise between your ego self and work from a subconscious level. This is where all the answers lie to your true path in life. 

    If you specifically draw White or Rainbow Moonstone: You may be feeling trapped in your current situation and ready for a change. Use Moonstone to help you initiate the change regardless of your insecurities. Moonstone will help you with this transition.

    black moonstone bracelet

    What are Best Seller Moonstone Bracelets?

    You spoke, we listened. Over the years, our community has continually raved about Satin Crystals Moonstone Bracelets. Not only are they extremely pleasing to the eye, but Sheila hand strings them to be strong and durable. Wearing a bracelet is a simple and fashionable way to infuse yourself with the energy of the moon, day and night.

    Our offers are always updating, so be sure to check out the Full Moonstone Bracelet Collection. Or select one of these best seller bracelet to get the detailed information about its powers:

    moonstone white sheen bracelet
    moonstone colorful medley bracelet
    black moonstone bracelet

    How do you clean Moonstone?

    To physically clean Moonstone, place it under running water and dry it with a soft cloth. Do not scrub too hard and always avoid harsh chemicals. Also avoid steam cleaners, high heat and sudden changes in temperature. 

    If you are cleaning Moonstone jewelry, make sure that the jewelry components are okay in water before choosing this method. Always remove jewelry before showering or prolonged water exposure. 

    Like all natural gemstones, Moonstone should always be handled with care. It is subject to fractures upon hard impacts.

    To  learn more about energetically cleaning, charging and programming your Moonstone, visit Crystal Care

    how do you recharge moonstone

    How do you recharge Moonstone?

    Moonstone resonates with the moon, recharge its energies in moonlight. Whether you place it in a windowsill or outdoors, its best to leave it overnight under the glowing Moon. The Full Moon is preferred for your crystal's moon bath. 

    Learn how Moonstone can be super-charged under the Lunar Eclipse

    Although you can also charge your Moonstone in the sun, do not leave it under direct light. It may be sensitive to high temperatures. 

    Is Opal or Opalite the same as Moonstone?

    Opal and Moonstone are two different gemstones. You can see read more about the scientific differences in Moonstone vs Opal on Geology In

    Opalite is neither Opal nor Moonstone. Opalite is a manmade glass with an iridescent sheen.

    You may see some vendors calling it Opalite Moonstone, Sea Quartz, or Opalite Quartz, but don't be fooled when shopping for genuine gemstones.

    Here at Satin Crystals we always indicate whether you are buying natural, enhanced or man-made stones. 

    moonstone in jewelry

    Sheila's Personal Experience with Moonstone

    All Moonstone have a beautiful lunar sheen dancing upon the stone's surface. Most people are familiar with the Rainbow Moonstone which is white with mesmerizing blue sheen, but a lot of the pieces we have at the store are cream, pink or peach Moonstone with surface shimmer that reminds me of being on a magical Moon.

    I use Moonstone as a travel stone. Sometimes I keep a tumbled Moonstone crystal in my purse so I always have it with me throughout my journeys. Other times I choose a Moonstone bracelet or necklace to wear whether traveling near or far!

    Moonstone is especially prized for spiritually lighting the way for travelers in the dark of night, a time that we need protection the most. 

    black moonstone

    Lisa's Personal Experience with Moonstone

    Moonstone used to be on the bottom of my favorites list. For some reason, it has made its way up to the top over the years. I suppose it may be that I have gotten much more exposure of Moonstone.

    I have learned that Moonstone is not just the glowing white and blue variation that comes to most peoples' minds. Truly lovely is Black Moonstone with extra sheen. I also like tan, bronze, peach, and white Moonstones that are of high quality with sheen or rainbows.

    Moonstone in jewelry form feels surreal to wear. I would like to invite you to read my blog about Moonstone & The Super Moon for good feelings and information about the energetic draw of this crystal.

    What Birthstone is Moonstone?

    According to the Modern Birthstone chart, Moonstone is the proud birthstone for June. It is also the birthstone for those born on a Monday. If you or someone you know were born in June or on a Monday, definitely check out Moonstone and see if your energies are enhanced.

    Moonstone is also vibrating with Zodiac signs of Cancer, Pisces and Gemini, and the Rabbit Zodiac animal signs. 

    Moonstone is the gemstone of choice as a gift for your 13th anniversary. 

    Magical Incantation of Moonstone

    This is a message from Moonstone from Doreen Virtue and Judith Lukomski's book "Crystal Therapy":

    "I'm a talisman for women with my ever-present moon energy that surrounds my friends, enhancing their femininity and beauty. I captivate those who gaze at me, inducing a quiet feeling of sensuality and a calling to soul-mate partnership. Male/female balance is essential, for when you live in coordination of yin and yang principles, the universal flow moves without interruption, allowing consistent support and attracting experiences and people that encourage your purpose and focus. Although I'm an influence with feminine power (nurturer, creator, and lover), all humans can feel and share in these roles; thus, my vibration is a tribute to the breadth of your possibilities."

    moonstone mineral facts

    Moonstone Mineral Facts

    Moonstone is a 6 to 6.5 on the Mohs Scale of Hardness.

    • Surface Color: Cream, White, Yellow, Pink, Peach, Blue, Green
    • Streak Color (can vary from surface color, this is the color of the crystals’ powdered minerals): White
    • Group: Silicate
    • Cleavage (where the crystal breaks off naturally to form a new face, parallel to its structure. This is a clean break and can cleave over and over again along the same face, retaining the crystals structure): Perfect in two directions (in blocky chunks, often in 90-degree angles)
    • Fracture (where the crystal breaks randomly not on a cleavage): Uneven
    • Luster: Vitreous (glassy)
    • Transparency: Transparent (allows light through) to Translucent (allows light through the crystal but not fully transparent)
    • Crystal System: Monoclinic (3 unequal axis)
    • Crystal Habit: Tabular (broad and flat)

    Where is Moonstone found?

    Moonstone can be found around the world, but there are significant deposits in Sri Lanka and India. Other important places to find this stone are Australia, Germany, Madagascar, Mexico, Norway, the United States, and Switzerland. 

    Sri Lanka and Myanmar produce a lot of the coveted Rainbow Blue Moonstones, but these are becoming more rare to find so they are pricier than the other colors of the stone. 

    Moonstone through History

    Mystical Moonstone has been mesmerizing humans throughout history. Many cultures attributed the moving reflections in Moonstone to be the dwelling of good and happy spirits. 

    Here are a few fun facts associated with Moonstone:

    • Ancient Romans believed that Moonstone was created by the magic of moonlight

    • Ancient Romans associated Moonstone with the goddess Luna. Ancient Greeks associated Moonstone with goddesses Selene, Artemis, and Hectate.

    • Moonstone jewelry was a popular trend in the 20th century's Art Nouveau period

    • In 1970, Moonstone became Florida's state gemstone because of its associating with the moon landing

    How to Find the Rainbows in Moonstone

    Each Rainbow Moonstone has very subtle silver sheen and/or blue flecks of rainbow that are deep within the layers. Don't be alarmed if they are not visible to you at first glance.

    To view the unique sparkles in your stone, carefully admire it under direct sunlight or very strong lighting.

    Turn the stone slowly to view each angle.

    If your Moonstone is not a Rainbow Moonstone, you may still benefit from gazing at it under direct light. See if there are any surprise inclusions, dancing surface sheen or mysterious luster. 

    Does Moonstone Glow in the Dark?

    Moonstone does not glow in the dark on its own. You must have a scientific UV light to see Moonstone's special glow. It may also glow under your normal party black light but the fluorescence will be weak. 

    shop moonstone  jewelry

    Moonstone in Jewelry

    Moonstone is a popular crystal for jewelry because of its shiny effect and variation of colors. Because of its radiant glow or shimmering movement, Moonstone is cherished as adornment.

    Here at Satin Crystals we create jewelry out of all colors of this stone, the most popular being Rainbow Moonstone. You can find Moonstone in earrings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants, and rings. We look forward to bringing you even more Moonstone jewelry as the year goes on.

    These original design pieces from our I Dig Crystals custom jewelry line illuminate you brightly so you stand out from the crowd:

    moonstone arrow archery earrings


    white moonstone necklace


    peach moonstone earrings


    Can Men Use Moonstone?

    Yes, men can benefit from Moonstone just as much as women. Moonstone is associated with Goddess Luna and yin, feminine healing. That doesn't mean it's just for women. Men and women have both yin energy, as well as yang energy. Moonstone is very beneficial to men who have an over abundance of aggressive or angry yang energy that needs to be balanced. 

    Men also benefit from the properties of Moonstone that include aiding them in transitions and new life changes, keeping them safe during physical or astral travels, and opening up the psychic Third Eye Chakras. These are qualities that go beyond gender.

    Do you have a favorite type of Moonstone?

    Do you have some stories to tell about your own Moonstone experiences? We would love to hear about it. 

    You can email us directly or reach out in the contact box and either Lisa or Sheila will reply to you soon.

    Continue the Crystal Journey

    Are you ready to calm your energies with Moonstone?

    Note: Crystal healing information is for fun and entertainment only. It is not a replacement for medical treatments.