As we enter into the new year, let's talk about new beginnings. Every January first is like a reset for our souls, a turning of a fresh page on our calendars and an opportunity to start over. Aligned with this energy of renewal is the healing crystal, Moonstone. Known popularly as the Stone of New Beginnings, Moonstone can be applied to your life in many forms.

Here are a few Moonstone forms that you can use to help glide you through the new years:

3 Silver Moonstone Crystal Balls - Satin Crystals Shop

Moonstone Crystal Balls

Meditate with Moonstone crystal balls to help you focus on your desired goals in the new year. Allow the energies of this soothing stone to calm your nerves and make space for new beginnings. Hold smooth Moonstone spheres in your hands, close your eyes and imagine yourself glowing. Imagine yourself like the Moon, emanating powerful vibrations with your radiant energies. 

Satin Crystals jewelry designer with 3 strands of white Rainbow Moonstone necklaces in front of her face.

Moonstone Necklaces

Wear Moonstone in necklace form for both fashion and crystal healing energies. Whether you are a chunky statement necklace or a delicate chain necklace person, Moonstone will keep you calm and collected through your new year. Wear Moonstone necklaces during your times of transition to activate feminine yin energies and thus balance the aggressive yang energies.

 Stacking white, black, peach Moonstone stretch bracelets on an outstretched hand.

Moonstone Bracelets

Stack up the Moonstone bracelets and ground yourself to the fact that you are protected through times of change. Especially if you are always on the computer, Moonstone bracelets will be a visual cue to take a deep breath and enjoy the excitement of your new beginnings. Moonstone bracelets are a constant reminder that you can get through your period of renewal with a calm demeanor.

Polished chunk of black Moonstone crystal.

Moonstone Polished Stones

If you could hold a hefty chunk of Moon energy, it would feel like a solid piece of Moonstone crystal. Moonstone in its chunky polished form can be held like a stress-relieving stone anytime you are feeling overwhelmed. Although exciting, new beginnings can be a scary time, and with Moonstone in your palms, you can get through the changes with peace. 

Tumbled Moonstone and Jasper crystal mandala

Moonstone Tumbled Stones

Tumbled into smooth, small stones, Moonstone tumbles are easy to transport in your pocket. They can also be used to grid your home or body. To make a crystal grid around your body, lie on the floor or bed surrounded by Moonstone tumbled stones. Allow the healing energies to lift you up into a new world of possibilities. Alternately, place Moonstone tumbled stones on your chakras and visually manifest yourself floating through new beginnings with grace and ease. 

New Beginnings Start Constantly 

Moonstone is known to wax and wane with the energies of the moon, therefore it's an excellent stone to charge during the Full Moon. Before working with healing crystals, we always recommend to clean, charge and program them energetically.

Whether your resolution is initiated on the first of January or on the middle of July, Moonstone can help you through the changes in a positive light. After all, every second we are alive is a brand new moment, a miraculous wonder and a new beginning. May the marvelous energies of Moonstone see you successfully through each of these moments. 

Author: Sheila Satin

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