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Moonstone Medley Bracelet for the New Year

moonstone medley braceletsDo you want to be showered in good fortune and positive changes this new year? If you answered yes, we invite you to celebrate with Moonstone- the crystal of New Beginnings.

The Moonstone Medley Bracelet may be the exact, correct crystal to assist you with a smooth transition into the new decade. That's why it's Satin Crystal's featured pick to kick-off 2020.

Get your Moonstone Bracelets today

Changes can be hard and scary. Your safety zone might crumble before your eyes. Are you picking the best path or headed into catastrophe?

Moonstone guides you into the next chapter of life with comfort and ease. It lights the way through nerve-wracking uncertainty and points you to great success.

Is this the right stone for me?

Moonstone is the right crystal for you if:

  • You are seeking a calming crystal, a gemstone for new beginnings or a stone of feminine energy. These are three of Moonstone's most popular healing attributes. 
  • You have a tendency to be hot-tempered, a worrywart, or are riddled with fears.
  • You have a gentle soul which needs protection from aggressive energies.
  • You are mesmerized by the radiant mysteries of the moon, energized by the peaceful silence of the night.

Learn more about Moonstone and how its crystal healing properties can benefit you.

featured moonstone braceletWhy Moonstone Medley, you ask?

This Medley Bracelet has a mix of natural Moonstone colors. Depending on destiny, you may receive pieces that boast shades of whites, blacks, silvers, peaches, pinks, and browns on your new jewel.

Each bracelet is unique in its natural glory and shows a lunar surface sheen that is distinct to the Moonstone family. 

Strung on sturdy stretch cord, your Moonstone Medley bracelet slips on and off your wrist in a breeze. It also comes in two different bead sizes for your convenience. 

How Many Bracelets Do I Need?

Why settle for one bracelet? These smooth Moonstone gems are perfect for stacking. They come in a variety of sizes and are ready to adorn your arms with radiant wonder. 

Plus, the unisex design is attractive to both men and women. Match up your Moonstone vibrations with your partner, spouse, parent, best friend, sibling, co-worker. 

Wear them at a group outing so you all know that you belong in the same metaphysical team!

How do I care for my Moonstone bracelet?

Moonstone, as the name suggests, is connected with the cycles of the Moon. It is beneficial to energetically cleanse and charge your crystal's energies under moonlight. Bonus: see how to super-charge your Moonstone in a Lunar Eclipse

Physically, you want to wear your bracelet with care. Natural gemstones are subject to dings, scratches, and fractures upon hard impacts. Keep the bracelet separate from your other jewelry and always slip it on and off mindfully.

The bracelet's elastic stretch cord is sturdy, but unfortunately, it is not ever-lasting. Make sure that you are a part of the Satin Crystals VIP Club for free restringing of your precious gemstone jewelry. 

Do you have my perfect size?

Don't fear, we have bracelets for all wrist sizes at Satin Crystals. We don't believe in one-size-fits-all. 

If your size is temporarily sold out, contact us immediately and we'll put you on top of the priority list. Sheila Satin will personally string up your new Moonstone jewelry to custom fit you perfectly. 

More Moonstone for Me

Shop the Full Moonstone Collection at Satin Crystals, or conveniently get a bracelet now by choosing your favorite color and perfect size:

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Sheila Satin - March 31, 2020

Hi Debora, thank you for your email and for being part of the VIP!

So glad to hear that you are surrounding yourself with the energy of Moonstone 😊

We are keeping well and positive! We hope you and your family are safe and happy.

Your next order will be in the mail tomorrow morning!

Sheila Satin

Debora - March 31, 2020

Hi Sheila & Lisa

I just wanted to say thank you for the beautiful moonstone bracelet. Moonstone is one of my favorite crystals, and these stones are so lovely that I ordered another bracelet!

Also, thank you for the discount I received today! What a sweet thing to do!

I hope you are all well, and keeping safe, and I will keep you in my thoughts 🙏🏻

Thanks again


Sheila Satin - January 8, 2020

Hi Rita, it’s great to hear from you. We recognize your name throughout the years and thank you for your continued support. We are here if you need anything! Happy New Year, Sheila :)

Rita - January 8, 2020

Thank you so much sheila! Ive been your customer for over 10yrs and Ever healing bracelet i have has been purchased from I dig Crystals / Sheila Satin crystals , the quality and beauty

Sheila Satin - January 8, 2020

Happy New Year, Marcela! Thanks for letting us know about the lost Amazonite Pendant.

We actually do not make these pendants ourselves, but get them made from our friends in Hungary (that’s where Lisa used to live).

We do have two more Amazonite drop pendants left on our site directly:

Let us know if you need anything else!

Sheila :)

Marcela - January 8, 2020

Hello lovely Ladies and Happy 2020 to you both!

Big fan of your amazing pieces💜.

Unfortunately the beautiful amazonite pendant I purchased through amazon has been lost in transit – I have had confirmation from that there is no information on the package since 7th December and they will be refunding.

Will you be remaking similar pieces any time soon so that I can purchase directly from you guys when available ? I refer to “amazonite pendant O3 green sheen teardrop crystal ocean energy 1.8inch stone”.

I understand these things happen – please let me know if it is located and returned to you so that I can repurchase or if you plan to make a similar size/shape piece.


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