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FREE SHIPPING for US orders $55+

Chakra Jewelry Showcase

sheila of satin crystals showcasing chakra jewelryBalance your energy while showing off your colorful personality with chakra jewelry. Watch as your aura glows like a rainbow. Spread your healing light wherever you go when you choose to wear these vivid jewels. 

The gemstone treasures in this showcase were chosen to correspond to each of your 7 major chakras, from your physical balance to your spiritual awakening. 

Right now in the Satin Crystals VIP Club, we are having an in-depth conversation about chakras. Not a member of the club yet? It's easy to join the Satin Crystals VIP Club

Watch the Chakra Jewelry Video

Watch the video for a showcase of all the latest chakra jewelry pieces.

Then, shop for your rainbow treasures below. 

Shop Chakra Jewelry

Here are 5 unique chakra jewels to add to your collection: 

#1 Chakra Luxury Set

Don’t settle for less, your chakras deserve the best. This is the deluxe gemstone bracelet set that you have been waiting for. Stack them up all at once for super chakra healing, or wear them according to your mood and outfit. Your aura will glow like a rainbow and your chakras will dance in colorful harmony. 

#2 Chakra Stacked Pendant

Start from the bottom and make your way up; that's the way to balance your chakras. Stacked with crystals representing the seven major chakras, this gemstone pendant reminds you to live a life of complete health, happiness, and success. Wear it on your favorite necklace chain to vibrate with the colors of the rainbow. 

#3 Obsidian Chakra Bracelet

You need the ultimate protection stone to keep you safe out there. You desire the beauty of color to keep your creative soul inspired. Rainbow Obsidian meets 7 stunning chakra stones to form the gemstone bracelet of your dreams. When you slip on this crystal healing bracelet, you attract the abundance and attention you desire, while staying safe and protected all the while. 

#4 Quartz Chakra Bracelet

Let time stand still for a minute. Imagine yourself gazing into a perfect rainbow that kisses the freshly fallen snow below. White, surreal Snow Quartz soothes your soul. Seven chakra beads add life and pop to this gemstone bracelet, bringing you total energy healing. When you slip on this stylish jewel, you feel cool, confident, and colorful.

#5 Chakra Tree of Life Necklace

Experience rainbow power with your new Fluorite necklace. Wear this magnificent 'Tree of Life' statement piece and watch your chakras grow. You will flourish with revitalizing force, rediscover your identity, and gain inner strength. This colorful crystal healing masterpiece will guide you every step of the way. 

Your Chakra Look

How do you feel wearing chakra jewelry? Do you have any of these pieces in your collection? Which ones will you wear to balance your energies?

We'd love to hear from you, whether you have personal stories to share or questions about crystal healing jewelry. You can email us directly or comment on the blog below. 

Additional chakra resources for you

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Sheila Satin - July 15, 2020

Hi Molly! Thanks for your email. I am happy to help you find your perfect jewelry size.

For bracelets, we have an ultimate guide on how to measure for the perfect fit. It includes a video as well:

For rings, we have a guide with tips for measuring your fingers here:

We can exchange your jewelry for your preferred sizing.

However, since you said you don’t wear jewelry that often, you may be a stone person. Either carrying them with you or displaying them at home or office, you may prefer crystals in shapes that you don’t have to wear:

Let me know what you would like instead from our shop and we’ll do a trade! Considering it’s just me and Lisa, we don’t need any forms and have no redtape, so it will be an easy transaction every time.

Sheila Satin

Molly - July 15, 2020

Good morning,

I love your site and your crystals! I’m just getting into crystals and have learned a lot already!

I bought a beautiful ring and bracelet from you online (I am not an avid jewelry wearer). I bought the wrong sizes and want to know how to return them. I saved the boxes that they came in.

Do you have a return label or address that I can send them to? Is there something to fill out for a refund?

Thank you!!

Sheila Satin - July 9, 2020

That is wonderful, Aparajitha! I know we don’t really know each other in person but for some reason the other day in my dream I astral traveled to you while you were opening your crystals.


Aparajitha - July 9, 2020

Hi Sheila,
I received all my Crystals which I order, just by opening package I can feel good energy and happy vibrations.

Thank you,

Lisa Satin - July 9, 2020

Hello Shivani,

Thanks for writing to us. Yes, you most certainly can still wear Opal. Opal has many healing qualities, such as assisting with dreamwork and enhancing spiritual development.

Our recommendation is to clean, charge, and program your stone before use. That way you could infuse it with the exact intention you want. Visit:

Opal can help with relationships, but if that’s not the purpose you want to use it for, program it for another healing property.

Here is our current Opal selection:

Let us know if you have any other questions. Best wishes,

Lisa Satin

Shivani - July 9, 2020

I am a medical student.not in a hurry to get can I wear opal which is a marriage stone.

Sheila Satin - July 9, 2020

Hi E, thank you for your order. I look forward to your feedback on the larger gemstone bead bracelets! ~Sheila Satin

E - July 9, 2020

Looking forward to my new Bracelet. Not easy to find quality larger beats. Will by more once I received it. Blessings. E

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